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Nude Skincare Advance Renewal Review

nude skincare eye complex

I discovered Nude Skincare by accident while looking up a different skincare line. I was surprised to see this brand already had a very loyal following and I had somehow missed them. When the Advanced Renewal Overnight Mask and Eye Cream landed on my doorstep I couldn’t wait to find out what all of the fuss was about. Nude Skincare made a great first impression. The packaging is sleek and minimalistic. The logo is cool. Nude Skincare with its natural ingredients and paraben and chemical free isn’t here to be fancy, but make a subtle statement that you won’t forget.

nude skincare advanced renewal

I started with the overnight mask. This cream is smooth with a faint smell, but nothing overpowering. That is important for me with a night cream. I hate going to bed smelling strong creams on my skin. It keeps me up all night.

The cream also gets absorbed into your skin quickly, so you don’t have to wait for it to dry. Since it is called an Overnight Mask, which was impressive to me. I expected to have to wait before letting my head hit the pillow.

When I woke up though, I looked in the mirror and didn’t see anything. My skin felt the same. It looked the same. I didn’t appear to be glowing or more radiant or look younger.

I moved on to the Advanced Renewal Eye Complex. This little cream on the other hand gives me instant results. Apply this baby sparingly under your eyes to see your circle get lighter and less noticeable before your eyes. Your skin looks so refreshed. I apply a little foundation or bb cream over top and no one would ever know about my dark circles. My only complaint is that unlike its companion, the under eye cream does take some time to dry, so you need to let it sit for a few minutes.

Because of the amazing results I got from the Eye Complex, I am going to go back and give the Advanced Renewal Overnight Repair Mask a second chance. Maybe it takes longer to get results, but if my experience with Nude Skincare is what I can expect in the future. You will be hearing a lot more about them here.

Lush Summer 2014

Lush Summer 2014
Lush is known for bringing out new products seasonally but usually they disappear pretty quickly. Luckily this summer’s new products are rumoured to be part of the permanent line.
African Paradise Body Conditioner
Lush African Paradise
I already use Lush’s Ro’s Argan body conditioner pretty religiously and I’m so happy they brought out a new scent. African Paradise has a slightly spicy floral scent that isn’t nearly as overpowering as Ro’s Argan but you still get the same super soft skin.
D’Fluff Shaving Soap
Lush D'Fluff
D’Fluff is sold out online as I write this and that speaks volumes about how Lush fans really wanted a shaving soap that was just a little more girly (althought I’m sure guys will steal it). It smells like strawberries and goes on really nicely for a smooth shave.
Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb
Lush Granny Takes A Dip
This is really more like a Bubble Bar in that you could absolutely break it up and get more than one bath out of it. The colours the water turns is gorgeous and it smells like candy.
Parsley Porridge Soap
Lush Parsley Porridge
This soap is perfect for the kitchen with it’s slightly herbal scent. It has oatmeal for scrubbiness and it’s pretty moisturizing. Not my favourite scent but it’s growing on me.
The summer line also has Mangnificent soap which I’m definitely going to try at some point and Zeste hair styling gel. There’s a little something for everyone and I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Masque Bar By Look Beauty Review

Masque Bar

Sometimes you need to splurge on skin treatments, and other times you find a great product that does wonders for your skin for under $20. This is the case with the Masque Bar line from Look Beauty.

These little masks are formulated to for a range of different skin types. It’s easy to figure out which one you want to use. Over a few months, I tried the Pore Reducing Crème Mask, the Brightening Sheet Mask and the Anti-Blemish Mud Mask. It would have been easy for Look Beauty to cheap out and just make a similar mask and call it different things. They didn’t! Each of the masks had their own properties. They all felt different and dried different. It gave me confidence that each was made different.

There was one common theme though. After I rinsed off these masks, my skin always felt amazing. My face felt deeply moisturized without feeling sticky or wet. Most of all they left my face feeling really clean without getting dry. It’s all a delicate balance and the Masque Bar line has done it all.

It’s going to be my new skin care secret!

J.R. Watkins Pomegranate & Acai

JR Watkins Pomegranate & Acai Collection
There are so few companies that have been around for 100 years, let alone still use natural products with ingredients that are actually recognizable. J.R. Watkins has been making all natural products since 1868. When we got the Pomegranate & Acai collection, the first thing I noticed was how delicious the scent was. Fruity but not overpowering and perfect for summer.
Sugar and Shea Body Scrub
JR Watkins Sugar and Shea Body Scrub
Some sugar scrubs can also double as a body wash but I wouldn’t recommend it for this one. However, the sugar is really find and mixed with shea butter and coconut oil, it’s the perfect blend of exfoliating and hydrating.
Bath and Body Oil
JR Watkins Bath And Body Oil
This oil has so many uses. You can use it in a bath, as a massage oil or after shaving. I use it right after a shower before I dry off. I wish the scent was a little more obvious but it moisturizes like crazy.
Shea Butter Hand Cream
JR Watkins Shea Butter Hand Cream
This is my favourite thing in the collection and by far one of the best hand creams I’ve ever used. It absorbs literally in seconds, leaving your hands completely smooth but not even remotely greasy. It passes the ‘put on hand cream and do something right away’ test. I’ll definitely be hoarding these in winter and probably trying every scent available.
The Pomegranate & Acai collection also has a Hand & Body Lotion that I want to try but I’m probably going to make my way through all the other J.R. Watkins collections first, they all sound amazing.

Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal Collection


Yves Rocher has added a skin care line for summer that takes care of the woes of oily skin. If you have oily skin, you know that summer is the worst! All of the heat and humidity mean that you are more prone to oil and breakouts, but the Yves Rocher Sebo Vegetal collection helps to mattify.

The line uses a new Baikal powder from the Scutellaria Root and you can tell it’s a plant based, organic line by the smell. The smell leaves something to be desired, but fortunately it works so it’s worth the smell.

For the complete spa treatment, start with the Purifying Cleansing Gel. It’s a light face wash that is great for summer, because it doesn’t leave any of that weird residue on your face.

Follow that up with the Purifying Micellar Water 2-In-1 Toner. To be honest, I don’t usually use toner, but this one makes my skin feel matte and dry after use. When I use to all over my clean face, my face feels super clean and fresh. My face is actually ready for moisturizer, whereas sometimes I don’t want to pile on more product on oily face.

I have been finishing my daily routine with the Zero Blemish Gel Cream. I usually hate gel cream, but this one is totally different. It’s more like a regular moisturizer, but it absorbs the oil and leaves your skin dry, but moisturized. Since I started using this cream, I have visibly noticed that my once troublesome areas are clearing up and my skin looks less oily throughout the day. The line also includes a Mattifying Cream Gel, but this one is more like the regular gels and I don’t like the texture, so I am sticking with the other one.

If you are sick of summer breakouts, try Yves Rocher’s line. It’s line your other acne collections all grown up and ready for your skin.

Rodial Super Acids Collection Review

rodial super acids

Some people might have sensitive skin, but others want to get extreme clean. Just the name Rodial Super Acids made my tired, dull, uneven skin shudder. With names like X-treme After-Party Scrub and X-treme Acid Rush Peel, I knew this was serious skin care.

I waited for the right day to try the Hangover Mask and After-Party Scrub. I wanted to give these products a chance befitting of their name. I was surprised when I started to apply. I was surprised that while they might be called Super Acid X-treme, but they didn’t feel intense on my skin. The mask actually felt very soft and moisturizing without that tingle you get from some masks.

While I may have not felt any better in my head after applying, I did look better. My skin was dewy, moisturized and fresh. I could have gone to work without anyone knowing the difference.

Next up was the Pore Shrinking Pads. These pads are supposed to shrink your pores for smoother looking skin. I love the tingly feeling they leave on my cheeks after using them. So far, I think my pores look the same, but my face feels great after using them.

I saved the best for last: The Acid Rush Peel!  I was understandably cautious and nervous. The word peel frightens me just a little. I applied it one night though. This instantly started tingling on my skin. My face felt like it was humming in some small pinprick sections. It didn’t stay tingly though. It would come and go in different areas. I assume it was as it worked its magic. It is strange because the peel is clear, so you can’t see it on your face. It doesn’t tighten or anything. It’s just the little tingles reminding you it’s there.

I washed it off about 13 minutes later anxiously. I was surprised at how moisturized my face felt. I thought the peel wouldn’t rinse off and then I realized that was the feeling of my soft skin. My face wasn’t red or irritated like I had planned. I looked almost the same, but just a bit better. My pores looked a little smaller and my face was a little brighter. I can see how with regular usage of twice a week, you would have amazing skin in no time. My boyfriend told me that I looked more beautiful after using it, which is a sure way to tell if you have a winner.

If you could only get one product from the line, I would definitely recommend the peel, but only if you have strong skin.

Garnier Clean+ Cleansers For Combination Skin Review

GarnierClean+Combination Garnier recently released a new skin care line called Clean+ that’s made for specific skin types. My skin is a little more than textbook combination, it goes to extremes. One day it can be dry and flaky and the next it’s completely oily. And did I mention it’s pretty sensitive. Combination skin has a tendency to be overlooked in favour of oily, dry or normal in skin care lines so I was really excited to try cleansers made for combination skin. What was even better was that I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Clean+ Purifying Cleansing Foam is a typical foaming cleanser. You squeeze the bottle, you get foam, you wash and so on. The difference came in the results. My skin wasn’t tight or dry in the usual spots and it didn’t feel greasy anywhere. I was pretty much sold at this point and then I got to the exfoliator.

The Clean+ Balancing Gel Exfoliator is something I’ve needed forever. I love scrubs but my skin doesn’t always get along with them. This gel exfoliator was gentle enough for the sensitive side of my skin but got the job done. Whatever scrubby bits are in there are small enough to not irritate my skin but also left it balanced and feeling really clean.

I really hope more companies hop on the combination bandwagon but if they don’t at least I’ve found something that works.

Soap & Glory Sit Tight Review


When I read descriptions of Soap & Glory’s new Sit Tight Intense XS Body Firming Serum, I was excited to try it. Clearly I wasn’t alone because the skin firmer has sold out online in some stores. When you have a desk job, you don’t usually think of your behind, even though you are on it all day long. This serum is there to take care of your backside and give you firmer and tighter skin. It looks a little silly in the package and when you first go to try it you will probably feel a bit silly, but luckily you are alone so no one is going to see you working your way to smoother skin on your booty.

Regardless of looking silly, I was excited to see if all of the claims on the back of the box were true. I pulled out the silver bottle and inspected the massage balls on the end curiously. I twisted the top into the on position and squeezed it to see what I would be putting on my skin. I wanted to inspect the smell and consistency before I put it on. Nothing came out, so I squeezed harder. It took almost all my strength to get some of the white cream out. It didn’t have a particularly strong smell or weird feel, so I applied it. It went on smooth. I had to wait a few minutes before getting dressed, but otherwise things seemed fine. I felt a slightly tingling on my skin, but as described on the box. When it dried, it got sticky and my skin felt tacky. My clothes stuck to me all the day. I could always feel it on my skin.


The next morning I soldiered on and picked up the bottle again. I squeezed hard, but nothing came out. I touched the little silver roller balls and could feel that they were stuck. I thought maybe they had dried out and gotten jammed. I squeezed a bit more. This time when I squeezed the bottle, I heard a pop and the back of the bottle exploded open shoot Sit Tight Serum right across my bedroom all over my laundry, my carpet, even my cat. So that ended my skin tightening experiment fairly quickly.

I wish I knew if my skin was going to be tighter, but a giant hole in the end of the bottle made it practically impossible to keep using. I don’t know if this was unique to my bottle or if all of the Sit Tight bottles had this strange flaw.

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Review

I hate when nighttime skincare routines end up having 10 different steps and take forever. If you’re wearing a lot of makeup (especially eye makeup) it can take a couple cleansing cloths to get it all off and then you’re supposed to wash your face afterwards. And if you have sensitive skin it becomes so much more difficult.

Enter Bioderma’s Sensibio H20. This micelle solution took your multi step routine to get your makeup off and clean your skin into 1 step. It only took 1 cotton pad soaked in this stuff to get off all my makeup, even the stubborn mascara that never completely comes off was gone. And my eyes didn’t burn. All you have to do is pat down your face after and you’re onto the next thing in your regime.

The fact that my super sensitive skin didn’t sting or turn red is getting this product a permanent place in my skincare collection.

4 Products To Fight Annoying Adult Acne

I always dreamed of the day when I would grow up and grow out of those inconvenient breakouts. Then I got older and realized that acne never ends! Adult acne is the worst! When you see a break out you are instantly embarrassed and transported back to the horrible days of high school. You are always worried that people will think you don’t wash your face, or eat too much junk food, or are totally stressed. Just because you suffer from adult acne doesn’t mean you want to feel like a kid using the same products on your face to get rid of a zit. Luckily, as an adult there are a whole new group of adult friendly acne fighters that you won’t be embarrassed about using.

garnier pure active

Garnier Pure Control

It probably sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Garnier really does make an affordable and effective acne line that is so simple and foolproof. I got addicted to the Deep Pore Exfoliating Cream Scrub pretty quickly for giving my face a deep clean. They also have this amazing duo that is perfect for on the go. There is the Targeted Gel Treatment and Anti-Pimple Tinted Roller that are discreet treatment and concealer to cover up the redness.


Vichy Normaderm Hyaluspot

This targeted blemish control makes fighting acne feel good. The gel is powerful, but is doesn’t dry out your skin or get sticky. It feels like the mature version of your teenage acne fighters.

smashbox primer

Smashbox Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control

When I found out that Smashbox was making a primer to help me fight acne and keep my skin clean, I knew there was finally a brand who really understood me. This is really is so much more than a primer for under my foundation. It’s a protecting layer and a salicylic acid acne treatment. It doesn’t even feel like you are fighting acne, just going about your normal makeup routine.

glamglow mud

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment

If your skin needs some serious repair this face mask is your secret weapon. The white version of GlamGlow is a super strong skin cleaning system that will get in your pores and clear out all of those acne causing bacteria. Warning though, this puppy is strong, so girls with sensitive skin need not apply.