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Rimmel BB Cream Quick Review

Rimmel is one of my favourite drug store brands, but this BB Cream is a miss for them. I’m surprised because they have made some great foundations lately. The biggest issue with this makeup is that it’s too watery. I don’t mind light products necessarily, but this one feels thin. It applies to my face really thin, not giving any proper coverage. I suppose it might last a long time, but I end up applying layers of concealer and powder over it to get the look I want, so I don’t know.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water

Since it first starting hitting stores, I have been a huge fan of BB Creams. Smashbox surprised me when they reinvented the idea with their new BB Water.

As you can gather from the name this face makeup is thin, very thin. The makeup in the dropper really does have a water-like consistency. When you rub it into your face it’s impossible to notice just how thin and light it is. You will also notice how moisturizing it is.

This Smashbox BB Water is more like a moisturizer or primer than it is a foundation. It rubs into your face easily and is absorbed right away, but it doesn’t cover blemishes, or redness, or any other skin issues. It doesn’t give the proper coverage that you would expect from a BB cream.

If this product was positioned as a primer, I might have fallen in love with it. As a BB Cream though, I’m not entirely sold. After applying this product, I felt like I needed to apply my regular BB cream over top. If you don’t usually wear foundation, this could be the product for you. It is the perfect middle ground for something to bridge the gap between makeup, primer and moisturizer.

Anna Sui Loose Face Powder

Anna Sui Loose Face Powder

If you keep your makeup table looking beautiful this Anna Sui Loose Face Powder is a must own! I have never been so amazed by packaging before.

This powder is stunning! The container makes me feel like a lady out of the 20’s. There is just something about lifting the ornate top off and using the fluffy pad that transports you to another time. It’s not easy to move or to take on the go, but it is great for sitting down to pamper yourself. The purple hue of the powder is the icing on the cake.

I have been using the Anna Sui Illuminating BB Cream a lot lately. It’s this great little cream that makes my skin glow. The problem is it also made me feel a bit shiny. Enter this
powder… the purple powder is perfect for getting rid of any shine or redness. It helps to make my face matte and beautiful. I also found that it was great for lightening any accidental heavy handed bronzer or blush. Last, but not least, it helps to act as a primer holding your makeup in place for some extra time.

If you need to glam up your makeup routine, this is the product to buy. You are going to feel like a princess just having it on your counter.

Vichy Normaderm Cleanser & BB Cream

Normaderm-Cleansing Mattifying Foam

I’ve tried Vichy’s whole Normaderm line before, but these two new additions really take this line to the next level.

I love this line because it doesn’t make me feel crazy for still having acne in my 30’s. So many other products are targeted just for teens. I feel silly using them now. Vichy’s Normaderm line makes dealing with adult acne seem like any other skin care issue anyone might have. That’s why I initially fell in love with the line. It’s products like the new Cleansing Mattifying Foam and BB Clear Beauty Balm that keep me coming back for more.

vichy BB Cream

This cleaner makes my skin feel clean and dry. All of those oily parts are back to normal again. Meanwhile the Vichy BB Cream has great coverage, while also fighting acne.

I always worry that this type of BB cream will be too light or too heavy. I worry that it’s not made with both medicinal and makeup purposes in mind. Vichy has it all covered! Honestly my skin looked amazing after just a week of using this line. I stopped using it for a while and it was like you could hear my face crying out wanting it back.

L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream


L’Oreal has added something new to the BB Cream landscape with their Magic Skin Beautifier. These BB creams are targeted to specific skin care needs. The cream comes in anti-fatigue and anti-redness versions of the makeup.

As if that wasn’t good enough, these BB creams come in a universal shade that is supposed to transform to your skin tone. They come in green and orange hues that change on your face.

I love these BB creams. They are so light and airy. They never feel heavy on my face. I don’t often need the anti-fatigue cream, but the anti-redness one is perfect for making my skin perfectly even.

There is one slight problem with the creams. They aren’t completely universal in hue. If you have light skin, skip these creams. L’Oreal has made a fair bb cream just for you, because these are not going to get light enough. These bb creams are fairly dark with a bronzed hue. If it wasn’t summer and I didn’t have a tan, these creams might even be the wrong shade for me. Test it out before you buy to make sure that it blends into the right shade for you.

If you are lucky enough to have it work for your skin, enjoy because you are in for a treat!

Dr. Jart BB Cream Review


Dr. Jart is a master at skin care, so the next reasonable step is for us to start trusting them with our face makeup. Their line of BB Cream is promising to have something for everyone. There is the Black Label Detox (Age defense and hide blemishes), Water Fuse (Moisturizing), Radiance (Brightening and protecting), and Renewalist (Brightening and anti-aging). We were lucky enough to try them all to see the differences.

All of Dr. Jart’s BB Cream wear very nicely. The smooth consistency spreads on your skin easily. It is light coverage. It doesn’t feel heavy on your face. It doesn’t provide perfect coverage. I still needed my everyday concealer and powder to finish the job.

Overall, I didn’t notice much of a difference between each of the bb cream. The Water Fuse moisturizing BB Cream feels most different. It is thicker than the others. It felt tacky on my skin and dried slowly. You can feel that this is the moisturizing cream. The other creams all feel relatively similar. Even though they are the same, they are still worth a try if you need something that will protect your skin.

RoC Retin-OX Correction BB Cream Review

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It’s summer, so you are probably looking for something light on your skin. I hate the feeling of my skin being weighed down by makeup on a humid day. RoC’s new BB Cream has been a great treat for these last few summer months.

This BB Cream is light and creamy. I barely feel it on my face just seconds after applying. It’s perfect for a warm day when you don’t want to be wearing a lot of makeup. Since it has an SPF of 25, it’s been my new weekend go-to product. It gives me enough coverage to hang out with the girls or spend the morning at the market.

If you need full coverage, you will need to have a backup plan. RoC’s BB Cream doesn’t give you a perfect face. I find myself applying a stronger BB Cream or foundation come evening for hitting the town.

Since I know a lot of ladies who hate wearing foundation though, so this RoC is perfect for them 24-7.