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Bioderma Travel Essentials

Bioderma Summer Travel Sizes
Finding travel sizes of some of our favourite products can be a hassle or really expensive. Luckily, Bioderma now has travel sizes of all their most loved products. If you love Bioderma’s Micellar Water (and who doesn’t?) you get three choices in the minis. Sensibio (sensitive skin), Hydrabio (dehydrated skin) and Sébium (combination to oily). I almost want to take all three on my trip with me but I’ll settle for Hydrabio.

If a Micellar water isn’t enough for your skin, you can also get the Sébium Foaming Gel to ward off blemishes and keep your skin super clean. And to top it all off you can also get the Atoderm Shower Gel, which is soap free and great for sensitive skin.

Bioderma has truly made it easy for us to get our skin clean and take off all our makeup on the go.

How To Fix A Streaky Fake Tan

Bioderma-Photoderm-Autobronzant-Moisturising-Tanning-SprayI’ve used bronzer and spray tans and tanning oils on myself many times at home without issue. This year for the first time, I had a bad experience. I’m not here to insult the product that gave me the horrible streaky tan. I don’t blame that product or hold ill will. Instead, I want to talk about the product that saved me from an embarrassing time: Bioderma Photoderm Autobronzant Moisturizing Tanning Spray!

It was the day after I applied my bad tanning cream when I first noticed how weird I looked. My self tan was streaky and splotchy. There were weird lines on my legs, patches of not tanned skin on my arms and a big dark spot on my neck. I quickly rifled through my drawers looking for anything promising a great tan. My biggest problem was that I didn’t want something that would enhance the problem and make it more obvious. It needed to be subtle. That was when I found the Bioderma Tanning Spray in the bottom of my drawer. I had owned this moisturizing tanning spray for a while, and only tried it once. Since I remembered that it didn’t make my skin really dark, so I thought this could be it.

The Bioderma Tanning Spray is an aerosol spray. Most tanning products are oils, mousses or other products, so this was very different. The spray is very wide, almost like hair spray. Because of this when you apply it, the spray can sometimes get everywhere. I wouldn’t recommend applying this on or near a white floor or sheets. It tends to get everywhere.

It’s really easy to apply otherwise. You can just spray the tanner on clean, dry and moisturized skin. There is no trick to this tanning spray unlike so many others.You just have to spray it over your skin and leave it. This spray is very light on your skin and dries really fast, so you don’t need to worry about a lot of time to dry off.

I used this spray every day for three days, and by the third day my skin looked normal again. Bioderma had saved me! I could wear shorts again. I didn’t have to flip my hair in any weird way.

Now, I keep a bottle of Bioderma handy. This aerosol is perfect for enhancing a light tan, filling in gaps that your tan didn’t reach or extending your vacation tan. I can’t wait for the end of summer so I can put it to the test.

Bioderma Summer Most Wanted

By now most beauty enthusiasts have fallen in love with Bioderma’s Micellar Water but we love a lot more of their products as well. Here’s our list of our Most Wanted Bioderma Summer Essentials.
Photoderm Spray SPF 40
This spray sunscreen is a little thicker and more liquid than all the dry sprays out right now and I love that I can see how much I’m applying while I’m rubbing it in. It has a light, fresh scent and the UVA/UVB protection works really well. This one isn’t waterproof, so you really have to make sure you reapply.
Photoderm Refreshing After-Sun Milk
photoderm-refreshing after-sun milk
This light milk is really refreshing on hot skin and while I’m not the greatest fan of the scent, it makes my skin feel great after a long day outside. It keeps your skin really hydrated, which is perfect for summer time when the sun can really dry you out.
Cicabio Soothing Repairing Cream
Bioderma Cicabio Soothing repairing cream
If you’re peeling, have a slight sunburn or are scratched up from camping, Cicabio Cream is a fantastic healer for irritated skin. What makes this scent-free formula different is that it leaves a slight film over the area you’re putting it on, which gives it a better chance to heal.
Sensibio 3-in-1 Cleansing Milk
bioderma Sensibio Lait 3-In-1 One Step Cleansing Milk
While most people love the Micellar Water, I much prefer this one step cleansing milk. It gets all my makeup off without irritation, soothes my skin and helps with redness. It doesn’t leave my combination skin dried out or oily which is a bonus.
Hydrabio Light
Hydrabio Light cream for dehydrated sensitive skin
When I want moisturizer but want it really light I reach for the Hydrabio Light cream. It’s made for dehydrated, sensitive skin, which pretty much defines my skin but you barely feel it. It works just as well as heavier creams but the lightness is perfect for summer.

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Review

I hate when nighttime skincare routines end up having 10 different steps and take forever. If you’re wearing a lot of makeup (especially eye makeup) it can take a couple cleansing cloths to get it all off and then you’re supposed to wash your face afterwards. And if you have sensitive skin it becomes so much more difficult.

Enter Bioderma’s Sensibio H20. This micelle solution took your multi step routine to get your makeup off and clean your skin into 1 step. It only took 1 cotton pad soaked in this stuff to get off all my makeup, even the stubborn mascara that never completely comes off was gone. And my eyes didn’t burn. All you have to do is pat down your face after and you’re onto the next thing in your regime.

The fact that my super sensitive skin didn’t sting or turn red is getting this product a permanent place in my skincare collection.