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PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Trio

Parlor By Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Trio
Birchbox Canada has really been upping their game lately and we’re getting a little closer to what the American Birchbox subscribers get. Including the Birchbox exclusive brands like PARLOR by Jeff Chastain. The first PARLOR product I tried was the Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray that was in my June box and I’ve been hooked on the scent of the products ever since.
Parlor By Jeff Chastain Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo
I’m the kind of person that appreciates when something smells good and will be more inclined to use it on a regular basis. PARLOR’s signature scent of ripe peach, cut grass and white woods might be the most addicting scent I’ve ever smelled in a hair product. Luckily, the products are just as great as they smell.
Parlor By Jeff Chastain Moisturizing & Repairing Conditioner
The Moisturizing Trio consists of the Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner and the Detangling Leave-In Conditioner. The shampoo lathers really well and gets my hair really clean without stripping it (I usually only lather once) and the conditioner isn’t too thick but makes my hair feel really moisturized. I’ve also noticed a lot less frizz since I’ve been using this trio.
Parlor By Jeff Chastain Detangling Leave-In Conditioner
The Detangling Leave-In Conditioner is one my staple hair products. I used my Birchbox points to get this before the trio was sent to us and I use it constantly. On damp hair, it makes it easier for me to style without worrying about breakage and I’ve been known to use it on dry hair to reduce frizz. Either way it leaves my hair feeling like there’s nothing in it and it smells fantastic. Someone should really suggest a PARLOR hair fragrance spray but this is great in a pinch.

The combination of all three products leaves my hair feeling a lot more hydrated and with the dryness of winter coming up, I’m going to be reaching for these a lot.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain products are only available through Birchbox and if you’re a subscriber you know that you can use your points. If you haven’t signed up yet, this line might be the incentive you need.

Birchbox Canada October 2015

Birchbox October 2015 Box
I really look forward to my Birchboxes every month. I didn’t get a chance to post my box last month because I had hand surgery but it was one of my favourite boxes from them. This month the theme is ‘Positive Force’ and the boxes are full of fun for fall products. We’re still not even close to having boxes as great as the American ones but we’re slowly getting there. It sounds like we’re going to have Sample Choice coming our way and that makes me happy because I wasn’t thrilled with this month’s box. If you haven’t tried Birchbox yet, for $14.95 CDN/Month you get five deluxe beauty samples. You can find more information here. Here’s what was in my box this month.
Birchbox October 2015 Insert Card
I got shampoo, without a matching conditioner and considering I pretty much got a complete hair line last month, this really wasn’t a great start.
Birchbox October 2015 Contents
English Laundry Eau de Parfum No. 7 For Her (Full size $20-90)
I love perfume and hoard fragrance samples but I do not enjoy this scent. I couldn’t get it off my wrist fast enough. I did like that the sample was a spray though.
Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (Full size $32)
I love Eyeko and I love mascara so this is a win for me. The size of the sample is great and the brush is super curvy. I can’t wait to try it.
Harvey Prince Hello Shampoo (Full size $22)
I’ve liked a lot of the Harvey Prince products I’ve tried before, but I haven’t tried any of the Hello line and just from sniffing the shampoo I don’t think it’s my thing. I also hate getting a shampoo sample without the conditioner because I want to know how the line works and I can’t really do that if I’m covering it up with a different product completely.
Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive (Full size $39)
I love Juice Beauty and I’ve gotten a ton of samples from various places from them over the past year or so. But I love this peel and I’m happy to have another.
Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge in Sydney (Full size $29)
I haven’t tried this one yet but I can’t wait to. It’s a matte liquid lipstick that’s also a stain and supposedly stays put. Sydney is a pretty bright magenta shade.

I honestly can’t wait until we start getting some of the American Birchbox perks. I don’t mind repeated brands but I’d love more control over not getting samples I don’t want, like shampoo every month. I do still love Birchbox Canada over most Canadian subscription boxes though.

Birchbox Canada August 2015

Birchbox August 2015 Box
I’m starting to really look forward to my Birchbox arrival every month. They keep adding brands and the point system is fantastic (I already redeemed 300 points and got a $27 product for free. August’s theme was Soak It Up and the box itself was adorable. If you haven’t tried Birchbox yet, for $14.95 CDN/Month you get five deluxe beauty samples. You can find more information here. Here’s what was in my box this month.
Birchbox August 2015 Insert Card
with my first glance at the insert card I got really excited, no shampoo this month! Plus the only repeat brand is LAQA & Co. and this is a completely different product from the Lip Lube I’d gotten before.
Birchbox August 2015 Contents
amika Un.Done Texture Spray
I’m so happy I received this spray instead of the mask. This is supposed to give you volume and shine and I can definitely use that with the craziness this humidity is doing to my hair.
Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Therapy in Gardeners
I’m always down for a hand cream and this one is really rich but absorbs almost instantly and didn’t leave me greasy. It has a nice, herbal scent. I’m going to be hoarding this for winter.
LAQA & Co. Cheeky Lip in Humble Brag
Part of the Charm School Kit, these new creamy, matte lip balms are much more to my liking than their Lip Lubes. They go on pretty dry but are creamy and comfortable. I was hoping to get this pink shade from the trio and I wasn’t disappointed with the pigmentation or wear time. I wish I could buy these individually but hopefully that’s coming.
Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum with Retinol
At first I was thrown off by how long that name is and figured I had enough skin care that I could throw this in my give away drawer but then I read the insert card. This is for acne and aging at the time plus it shrinks pores? Sold.
Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask
If there’s one fail with Birchbox’s beauty profile, it’s that there isn’t anything about tanners or bronzers. I don’t tan or self tan and I’m almost exactly as pale in August as I was in March. Luckily Stephanie loves stuff like this so she can have it but I wish there was a way to never get a tanner or bronzer again.

For the most part I love this box. It has a nice variety of skin care, makeup and hair products and with the exception of the mask, I’ll use them all. It seems like Birchbox Canada keeps adding new things so if you haven’t signed up yet,now might be a good time.

Birchbox Canada July 2015

Birchbox July 2015 Box
Another month, another Birchbox. It seems like they’re coming closer together but I’m not complaining. July’s box teamed up with Best Health magazine and to be honest other than a subscription discount card in the box I really would’ve had no idea. That aside, I was pretty happy with my box this month, although I do wish Birchbox Canada would start adding more new brands. I see the American boxes and get really jealous but since I haven’t gotten anything close to a duplicate yet I can be patient. If you haven’t tried Birchbox yet, for $14.95 CDN/Month you get five deluxe beauty samples. You can find more information here. Here’s what was in my box this month.
Birchbox July 2015 Insert Card
I love that the contents insert tells you exactly how much the full size product is, I don’t really care how much the samples are worth but I want to know how much I have to spend on a full size product if I love it.
Birchbox July 2015 Contents

Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion
I did get a Gilchrist & Soames lotion in my May Birchbox but I like this one a lot better. It’s got a really light texture and is perfect for summer when you don’t want to over moisturize. The scent is fresh and kind of reminds me of cucumber.

Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo
Another brand I received in my May box (I got hairspray), this shampoo retails for $36-82! That seems pretty expensive for shampoo but it smells amazing so I’ll definitely be trying it. I wish they would automatically send the matching conditioner but at this rate I’m pretty sure I’ll end up with an entire Number 4 sample collection.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
Steph adores these but I haven’t tried them yet. Summer is probably the best time to try them out so I’ll be using these really soon.

theBalm Balm Desert Blush and Bronzer
I’m so fair that I don’t use bronzer at all but I love the Balm so I tried it out and it’s actually not too dark for me. I would use it as an eyeshadow instead though. theBalm has the best sample packaging ever, it’s just a smaller version of their full size products and they’re adorable.

Vasanti Cosmetics Detox Nutrient-Rich Purifying Facial Cleanser
I haven’t used a ton of products from Vasanti but I’ve liked what I have tried so this cleanser will get used.

This box was pretty good but not my favourite and I still don’t really get the association with Best Health but I’ll use everything I received and that’s a win for a subscription box. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next month.

Birchbox Canada June 2015

Birchbox June 2015
I’ve started really looking forward to receiving my Birchboxes every month. Partly because I’ve been pretty impressed with the contents and partly because the actual boxes they come in are so pretty lately. June’s Birchbox was curated by Meghan Markle from The Tig and each box contained a Say Yes giveaweay code (I won 10% off the Birchbox site). If you haven’t tried Birchbox yet, for $14.95 CDN/Month you get five deluxe beauty samples. You can find more information here. Here’s what was in my box this month.
Birchbox June 2015 Insert Card
Once again, the content card is so thorough I barely had to look in my box.
Birchbox June 2015 Contents
Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser
I love receiving shower gels in my subscription boxes and I’ve been really interested in trying Beauty Protector since you can only get them on the Birchbox site. But at first sniff, this scent isn’t for me.

Cynthia Rowley Brightening Illuminator
I don’t use a lot of highlighter or illuminators but I’ve liked everything I’ve tried from Cynthia Rowley (another Birchbox exclusive) so I’ll probably give it a shot.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray
I love a sea salt spray and I’ve heard a lot of good things about PARLOR. This spray smells amazing and does a good job of making my hair all beachy without being crunchy.

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer
I appreciate that this cream is 98% natural and made with avocado and olive oils but it made my combination skin really sticky.

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel
Anything with the word peel on it scares me a little but I’m trying to get past that, so I’ll probably give this a try. Though the idea of massaging my face for two minutes doesn’t sound great to me.

Emi-Jay Hair Tie
I appreciate bonus products but I hate ribbon hair ties, don’t use them and don’t actually know anyone who does. I’m trying to think of other uses for all the ones I have because they just sit there.

Overall this isn’t my favourite Birchbox but I do love that I haven’t previously tried all but one of these brands and they did an amazing job with the variety of products.

Birchbox Canada May 2015

Birchbox May 2015
Birchbox is one of the first beauty subscription boxes and while they’re pretty new to Canada, the boxes I’ve been receiving have gotten better and better each month. Birchbox gives you five deluxe beauty samples a month for $14.95CDN a month including shipping. While the American Birchbox has way more perks than ours does so far, I’m loving the points system that gives you a point for every dollar you spend. Considering you can use your points to grab full size products of the samples you get on the Birchbox site, that’s a huge win. May’s Birchbox was curated by Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere. I’ve never heard of Cupcakes and Cashmere before but she’s promoting a new book and the box is pretty cute.
Birchbox May 2015 Insert Card
I love the content card insert. It tells you everything about what’s in your box including how to use it and how much a full size version costs. This month I got a pretty good mix of products.
Birchbox May 2015 Contents

Benefit Cosmetics It’s Potent! Eye Cream
I’ve used tons of Benefit products but not this one, so I’m really happy to give it a try. And it’s a huge sample size for an eye cream.

Gilchrist And Soames Essential Elements Wake Up Rosemary Body Lotion
I love body lotions but I’m not a fan of Rosemary. That said, this lotion smells a lot better than I expected.

Not Soap, Radio Joy Inducing Body Wash
I’ve never heard of this soap company before and I’m definitely going to be looking into more of their products. This Birchbox exclusive lemon scented body wash is pretty much the best one I’ve gotten in a subscription box. Definitely my favourite thing in the box.

LAQA & Co. Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour
I’ve gotten quite a few LAQA & Co. products in various boxes but never in a bright purple  shade like this one. I’ve been branching out in my lip shades lately, so this one doesn’t scare me.

Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray
I don’t use a lot of hairspray but this one is earth-friendly and is supposed to have a flexible hold so I’ll probably end up giving it a try.

I’m pretty impressed with my box this month and can’t wait to see what Birchbox has in store for me next month. If you want to give Birchbox Canada a try or just want more information you can sign up here.

Birchbox Canada March 2015 + Beauty Blender

Ever since the launch of Birchbox in Canada I’ve been super impressed by the boxes. So much so that I’ve cancelled other subscription boxes and focused on Birchbox because it’s been so much better than the others. For $10 (+$4.95 shipping) you get five beauty samples a month and most of the samples I’ve gotten are pretty fantastic.
beauty blender
For March, every box will receive the cult favourite Beauty Blender. While most fans of this sponge use it strictly for putting on foundation, there really are endless options for it’s use. Here are a couple (all of these use a wet sponge that has been squeezed out):

Ombre Nails
Apply your base coat and two coats of your base colour. Paint a line of the other two or three shades you want to use on the smaller point of your Beauty Blender. Roll from the middle left side of your nail and do any cleanup necessary with nail polish remover and finish with a top coat. Repeat with every nail.

Matte Lip
Add a tiny bit of foundation to a damp Beauty Blender and stipple all over your lips. Tap Beauty Blender into a translucent setting powder and add to lips. Outline and fill in your lips with your lipstick and you’re good to go.

If you want a Beauty Blender in your Birchbox you have to sign up by March 17th but if you haven’t tried Birchbox, I strongly recommend it, even if you can’t sign up in time for the March box. You can find more information here.