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Marcelle DD Cream

Marcelle DD creamI already have my favourite BB cream and CC cream, so now I’m moving on up! DD Cream stands for Daily Defense, which is a good thing for anyone’s skin in my books. I wasn’t sure if this new product from Marcelle was meant to be a moisturizer or foundation. It says it can be worn alone or under makeup. I figured that I would be able to tell once I put it on.

It looks like an extremely thick foundation. It’s so thick that you have to be careful how much you apply.  It doesn’t spread well, but don’t use that as a reason to apply extra. A little goes a long way.

This DD Cream leaves your skin with great moisture. My skin feels cool, moist and refreshed. My face has a nice glow. It is tinted, but not enough that it could double for foundation per se. It also doesn’t seem to be covering any blemishes.

While I wouldn’t want to leave the house wearing just this DD cream, you also don’t need to wear a full face of makeup on top. I found that when I wore Marcelle’s DD cream, all I needed was a bit of bronzer and some powder and I was ready to roll. It’s great for a weekend when you don’t need to cover up pesky blemishes.

I feel like this first DD cream to the market is really innovative and it’s going to be just the start of a new trend. I can’t wait to see where Marcelle take it!

Winter’s New BB Creams & CC Creams

With winter coming, it’s time to pull out the thick, skin loving moisturizers. There are a new gang of BB creams and CC creams that are thick and creamy and perfect for dry winter skin. See which ones we want on our team:
Olay Total Effects CC Cream
Olay Total Effects CC Cream – If you want a CC cream that you can trust with your face then Olay’s Total Effects CC Cream is your best bet. This cream smells like your favourite Olay moisturizer with a light perfume smell. Olay’s CC Cream is thick, but not so thick that is it clumpy. It easily spreads over your skin in a thin layer that you can barely feel. It absorbs into your skin quickly leaving you with a dewy glow. It’s perfect for those no makeup days.
Aveeno Clear Complextion BB Cream
Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream – Aveeno newest BB cream does double duty. First it is a powerful moisturizer. With it’s light floral scent, it doesn’t even really feel like makeup. This BB Cream is surprisingly thick. It doesn’t spread as easily as some other BB creams, but it feels great on your face. It almost seems to illuminate your face. Aveeno’s BB cream has hidden powers though. It is also made to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, marks from past acne and help prevent future breakouts. I thought my skin was just getting better naturally, but when I realized it was Aveeno’s BB cream helping out, I was sold.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin CC Cream
Neutrogena Healthy Skin CC Cream – This CC Cream is the least like makeup and the most like an everyday moisturizer. Of all of the new winter makeup, this one was the most fragrant. If that kind of thing is a problem for you, steer clear of this cream. When it comes out of the tube, it doesn’t look thick at first glance. When you go to spread it, then you realize how thick it is. It leaves a protective layer on your skin that you can feel, but not in a bad heavy way. You need to give it a minute to dry and then it leaves your skin feeling moisturized and healthy. It doesn’t give much in the way of makeup coverage. It’s perfect for weekend days when you want moisturizing without something too heavy.
Marcelle BB Cream
Marcelle BB Cream – This BB Cream actually feels like a balm. If you have sensitive skin, especially in winter, this is an essential product. It’s a moisturizer, a primer and it gives you an even skintone all in one step. In typical Marcelle fashion it’s hypo-allergenic and recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association. It also comes in six shades which is pretty much unheard of for BB Creams, so they’ve got almost everyone covered. And it feels amazing on your skin.

May’s Makeup Most Wanted – Steph’s Picks

Spring is about starting fresh, so here are my most wanted makeup and beauty products for this month that will give you a fresh start whether it’s clean skin, pampering yourself or looking hot.

philosophy vanilla coconut

1. philosophy Vanilla Coconut set – This little three product set has me totally transported to a tropical island. The body lotion, shower gel and lip gloss trio has an intoxicated scent that I can’t get enough of. It’s perfect for summer’s coming long days and makes me feel a bit of the summer when it’s cold out.


2. Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm – Every girl should have a perfectly pink lip balm in their purse at all times. One that gives you a hint of colour and softens your lips. My new go to is Pixi Beauty’s Ripe Raspberry lip balm. It makes my lips feel so kissably soft.


3. Smashbox Santigolden Age Collection – This Smashbox collection is only for the real cool girls. Even the packaging screams super cool. The eyeshadow palette is full of dramatic blue and orange shades, while the eyeliner is shocking blue and glam gold. Of course the nail polish strips are the icing on the cake with those super funky wraps that no one will ever forget.

dermalogica clear start

4. Dermalogica Clear Start – I wish I had this acne skin care collection when I was a teen. It’s like getting a Dermalogica spa facial in your home. The face wash smells light and fresh, while the Daytime Treatment is easy to use and really effective on nasty breakouts.

avon cc corrector

5. Avon Ideal Flawless CC Color Corrector Pencil – I have a love/hate relationship with concealer, but this corrector pencil made all of my hate go away. This little pencil is the perfect on the go concealer for any issues. It is easy for breakouts, dark spots or under eyes to make you feel confident in seconds.


6. Sanctuary Spa Me Time Spa Treats – I wish I could head to the spa every week, but unfortunately I can’t. I love this little set to save until you have a night alone to take over the bathroom for serious pampering. It has a body wash, scrub, butter and hand cream that have the smell of your favourite spa. Perfect for you or for a gift if you can part with it.

CC Cream Most Wanted

While not as popular as BB Creams, CC Creams are one of the first steps to a well-rounded makeup routine. Not all CC Creams are created equal though. From thick to sheer to moisturizing, every company has created a CC cream with its own personality. Here are our three Most Wanted CC Creams:

stila cc cream

Stila CC Color Correcting Cream

Stila has created a CC cream that is unlike any other one on the market. Stila developed a green based cream. Anyone who knows makeup will know that this means the makeup is colour correcting to remove all redness. It isn’t sheer though, which is the best part! The pigments in the makeup adapt to your skin tone to create a shade that matches you perfectly. It feels like having your own custom makeup colour in a bottle. It’s not the best coverage, but it is one of the most moisturizing creams I’ve used.

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Sephora Skin Perfect CC Cream

For full coverage this is the CC cream you need to reach for. Sephora’s skin perfect cream offers more coverage for my skin than most of my regular foundations. It is also so moisturizing that I don’t feel guilty if I forget to moisturize. It hydrates and corrects my skin tone so I feel beautiful all day. I am in love!

annabelle cc cream

Annabelle CC Colour Control Instant Perfecting Base Natural Finish

As we move into summer, this is the cream I will be reaching for. This is one of the lightest cc creams I’ve ever tried. It’s perfect for a warm day because it stays on my skin and don’t clog up my pores. It makes my face feel velvety smooth. I can even finish my look with the CC powder for added skin perfection.