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Biolage R.A.W. Color Care

Biolage has developed a more natural formula to protect your coloured hair, so when I got summer highlights I figured that I would give it a shot. Let’s be totally clearly though, it’s not totally all natural. It is vegan with no silicones, sufates and parabens.

I was surprised by how perfumed it is for something using the word natural and described as using coconut milk and meadowfoam. It smells more like faux flowers. I wish there was more coconut milk in the scent.

When I was using the Biolage shampoo and conditioner, I was really happy. It was great in the shower. I was excited for the added shine of my new highlights.

Unfortunately, this Biolage R.A.W. Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner was not right for my hair. This product stayed on my locks and made them feel heavy and greasy. That’s even more surprising since usually my hair is dry. Greasy hair isn’t something I’m used to dealing with or enjoy. I don’t think this would happen with everyone, but I had to share because this is a rare occurrence with my hair.

Coloured Hair Most Wanted

Want to protect your coloured hair in the summer? It seems like everything in the summer from the sun to pools to smog is attacking your hair and making my new colour look dull. Here is what I have been using on my coloured hair to keep it looking great.

framesi shampoo

Framesi Color Lover Shampoo & Conditioner

I had never heard of this salon brand of shampoo and conditioner either, but Framesi gives you a more natural way to care for coloured hair. I’ve been using the Smooth Shine collection and it’s actually making my colour look better than before. I didn’t even know that was possible. I love the list of ingredients that includes quinoa, aloe vera and coconut oil. I wouldn’t eat weird ingredients, so why would I put it on my hair.

precious oils

L’Oreal Paris Precious Oils Color Radiance

You probably already use some kind of oil on your hair either before you wash, after or during styling, but none of them takes care of your colour like this one. L’Oreal’s Color Radiance Oil does the same things as all of those other hair oils, while protecting your colour and making it really pop too. Use it with care to handle frizz without greasy summer locks. Use it with a light hand though because it can go greasy in the summer, so less is more.

marc anthony conditioner

Marc Anthony Miracle Frizz-Smoother Leave-In Conditioner

As a part of the Color Care collection, this spray conditioner gives you amazingly smooth hair. I don’t often blow dry my hair at home, because it’s a pain. If you are like me, use this before you do blow dry because it will ensure that you get sexy smooth hair just like in the salon.


Kevin Murphy Angel Masque

When it’s finally time to pamper your hair, get this deep conditioner. Again, it is very natural with lotus flower, quinoa and bamboo extracts to strengthen your coloured hair. I liked it because it was no fuss and it left my hair feeling soft and strong.