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Most Wanted Summer Mascara

If I could wear one makeup product for the rest of my life, it would be mascara. A bunch of new ones for summer? Yes please! I constantly change my mascara based on my mood or look I want to go for. These four have been in a pretty heavy rotation lately.

Cover Girl Total Tease Mascara

I’m personally not a fan of Cover Girl mascara in general. I like a big fibre brush and theirs are usually hard plastic which hurts my eyes. Total Tease does have a hard, plastic brush but it doesn’t bother me as much. That said, there’s a serious learning curve to using this interesting wand. Once I got the hang of it, I was rewarded with a ton of length and nicely separated lashes. The little comb helped me get every tiny lash. I found Total Tease way a lot easier to remove than other Cover Girl mascaras.

Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

Again, my issue with Revlon mascaras was similar to my Cover Girl problem. But Mega Multiplier completely blew me away. Mega is actually a good word for the results I got. The brush gave me massive volume and length and the formula forms little tubes around each lash so there’s no flaking to worry about. Seriously, I feel asleep with this one and woke up to perfect mascara. I have a feeling I’ll be replacing this one when I run out.

MAC Bold & Bad Lash Mascara

If you’ve used MAC’s Haute & Naughty mascara in the past, you know they love to shove brushes in other brushes and give you a ton of lash options. Bad & Bold is a little different in that there’s not only two brushes but also two formulas. The big brush gives you major volume (no clumps!) and the smaller brush is supposed to give you smudge-proof definition to your bottom lashes. I don’t put mascara on my bottom lashes so I use the smaller brush to get all the little lashes on top and to comb through. The results I get are pretty close to fake lashes.

L’Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara

Of all the mascaras I’ve tried recently, Lash Paradise is hands down my ideal brush. It’s big, it’s fluffy and it gets my lashes huge. It also fills in the little eyelash gaps on my left eye without looking like I have an eyeliner smudge. I don’t have a ton of experience with L’Oreal mascaras but if Lash Paradise is any indication, I can see why they’re so popular.

Cover Girl Outlast Longwear + Moisture Lipstick

Cover Girl Outlast Moisture Lipstick Open
Cover Girl has quite a few new products out for fall and we’ve already reviewed the Jumbo Gloss Balms and we have a couple more posts coming but right now we’re focusing on one of our favourite new Outlast products, the Outlast Longwear + Moisture Lipstick. At one point or another, most of us have used Cover Girl’s original Outlast lipstick with the colour on one end and the gloss on the other. And most of us hated how dry and cakey it gets. Cover Girl got the message and went back to the drawing board and gave us this one step longwearing lipstick that also gives us moisture.
Cover Girl Outlast Moisture Lipstick Swatches
These lipsticks are so creamy that you really have to be careful when you apply because it might end up all over your face. But that’s a good sign of moisture right? The two shades we tried, Vixen Violet and Pink Shock did a pretty good job lasting through meals, though touch-ups were necessary. I love how pigmented these are but the shades aren’t as in your face as they look in the container. The moisture level wasn’t quite lip balm material but it was close. Just don’t expect the staying power of a traditional, lip drying longwear lipstick. These do a good job but we can’t expect miracles.

Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams

Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams
I love a lip crayon, it’s my favourite way to put on lipstick but most of them are matte and can be a little drying and when you add a lip balm the results aren’t necessarily the ones you want. Cover Girls new Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams (there are sheer ones too) are the perfect combination of lip crayon, lip balm and colour.
Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams Open
I love how easy they are to use and how creamy they are. We tried shades Caramel Cream (a medium nude) and Strawberry Frappe (bright pink) and while I liked both of them, Strawberry Frappe is by far my favourite. They feel like a balm while you’re applying them but the pigmentation is pretty great. You get a pop of colour while your lips are being moisturized.

Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm Creams Swatch
Caramel Cream, Strawberry Frappe

Since these are balms, the wear time is pretty minimal but actually longer than I expected. Since they’re so creamy though, reapplying isn’t an issue.

If you need a change from matte lip crayons, you should probably try these.

Mani Monday: Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Summer ’15

Cover Girl has a bunch of new products coming out and we’ll slowly make our way through them but when we received two of the four new Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss shades we had to try them first. I previously had only tried one Cover Girl nail polish and I was so impressed I needed to try more. The formulas on these polishes are fantastic and the brush is one of my favourites. It’s long, really thin and flexible so it lets you get to every part of your nail with minimal mess to clean up on the sides.
Cover Girl Fury Swatch
Fury is a dark orange-red that leans more toward the orange side. Two coats went on perfectly and I wore it for days with barely any tip wear. These dry on the glossy side but I added coat of Seche Vite as well.
Cover Girl Mutant Swatch - No Staining
Mutant is a bright cobalt blue and it’s stunning in person. Not only did two coats last for over a week with zero chipping but it didn’t stain my nail a bit and I was expecting staining with this kind of blue.

Once again I’m loving Cover Girl’s Outlast Nail Gloss and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite drugstore nail polishes.

Cover Girl Spring ’15 Most Wanted

Cover Girl Spring '15 Most Wanted
Cover Girl has a whole lot of new products out just in time for spring. So much in fact, we could hardly fit it all into one post, so these are our Most Wanted picks for Spring.
Full Lash Bloom Mascara in Very Black
Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara
It’s rare that a mascara lives up to its hype but this one does. You get length, volume and it feels like you’re not wearing mascara. I’ve rubbed my eyes a few times while wearing it and there was no stiffness whatsoever, but it also stayed on. And the shade is exactly as black as I want it.
Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish in Fuchsia Flame
Cover Girl Fuchsia Flame Swatch
I haven’t used a lot of Cover Girl nail polish in the past but it was so easy to work with that I’m sure I’ll be using a lot more in the future. Two coats of Fuchsia Flame gave me full coverage and the colour is gorgeous! I wore it for three days with no tip wear or chips.
Eyeshadow Quads in Blooming Blushes, Va-Va Violets and Notice Me Nudes
Cover Girl Bloom Shadow Quads
Honestly, all these eyeshadow quads are gorgeous. They go on really nicely and blend well and last a pretty good amount of time but these three really screamed spring to me.
Colorlicious Lipstick in Enchantress Blush, Champagne and Euphoria
Cover Girl Colorlicious Lipstick Swatches
These lipsticks are extremely creamy and might not last 24 hours but at least a couple. They’re also really comfortable to wear. Enchantress Blush and Champagne are great daytime shades, while Euphoria is perfect for a night out.

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies Review

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies
I used Cover Girl’s Lipslicks all through high school but it’s been years since I’ve even looked at them. They’ve recently added Smoochies to the Lipslicks line and I was happy to try them. I love tinted lip balm but I hate when they’re in a pot that you have to stick your fingers in, so the idea of a stick is great.

Cover Girl Lipslicks Smoochies Open
#Sweet Tweet, #text me, #c u l8r

We tried #Sweet Tweet, the lightest of the three we tried, it’s a pale, pale pink that just leaves a hint of colour. #c u l8r is a darker pink with a shimmer and my personal favourite is #text me a red tint that has more pigmentation than I was expecting.

Smoochies are great on their own if you just want a lip balm with a hint of colour but they’re also great over other lipsticks. And did I mention they taste like candy?

Mascara Most Wanted

If there’s one makeup product I won’t leave the house without, it’s mascara. Although my eyelashes are a pretty decent length, on their own their basically white. These are my most wanted mascaras (and a primer) right now.

Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara
Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara
This is my go to for daytime when I don’t want to up the drama too much but still want great lashes. It really separates and defines my lashes without going volume crazy. I’m not sure anything feathers but as long as it works I don’t care what it’s called.

Cargo HD Picture Perfect Mascara
This is the most recent addition to my mascara collection and it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites. I get volume and length and it looks like I have way more lashes than I actually do. It has a little ball on the end of the brush meant for bottom lashes but I use it to catch all my tiny lashes on top instead. Since my previous favourite mascara has been discontinued, it seems like this is going to be the one replacing it.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara
Benefit They're Real! Mascara
This mascara is a classic for a reason. It really gives you great definition and length. I don’t get as much volume as I would necessarily like but with the tiny ball on the end that you use vertically my lashes look amazing when I use it.

Maybelline Volume Express Pumped Up! Mascara
Maybelline Pumped Up Mascara
If I’m buying mascara at a drugstore it’s almost always going to be Maybelline. Their mascara seems to always make my lashes look fantastic. The newest part of their Volume Express Line, Pumped Up! is no exception. One coat and I have crazy length and volume. Two coats and it looks like I’m wearing falsies without the work.

Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus
Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus
Although it’s not technically a mascara, if I’m going to be wearing more than a basic coat then I’m definitely using this primer first. It helps my lashes from getting dried out and clumpy and it’s definitely made some not so great mascaras work a lot better. If you wear a lot of mascara you definitely need this.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list constantly as I’m always on the hunt for my new favourite mascara but let us know what your fave is!