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March Makeup Most Wanted

Spring into a new season with these March makeup products that I have been obsessed with this month.

Covergirl Outlast All-Day Custom Reds Lip Color – I have tried a lot of lipsticks that said they were going to last a long time, but Covergirl has finally done it. This two-step lip color is the longest lasting lipstick that I’ve ever tried. It’s really simple, you just apply the colour first, wait a minute and then apply the clear coat over top. Boom! You have lipstick that will last all day. I even had a hard time getting it off of my lips. I fell asleep with lipstick on one night and it was still on the next morning! This lipstick is UNREAL! The red shades that I tried were quiet bold, but really beautiful.

Rodial Baking Powder – I’m not going to lie, I don’t really get the idea of baking. I also don’t have time to bake my makeup before leaving the house. That doesn’t make my love of this powder any less. Instead of baking my makeup and dusting it off later, I have been using it as a finishing powder. I just dust a light layer over my foundation before I leave the house for a minor bake. Forget the long lasting powder of the bake, I love the matte finish that my skin gets when I use it. Clearly this powder is super versatile, making it key in my makeup bag.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream – Finally, a super moisturizing gel cream for extra dry skin that doesn’t feel heavy on my face. I fell in love with gel moisturizers because it is perfect for my skin. I get dry skin, but I also have acne. I need all the same anti-aging and boosting properties, but my skin can’t handle heavy thick moisturizers. I get greasy very easily. Neutrogena lets me get a major moisture boost without that issue. It absorbs into my skin leaving it feeling dry and matte, but also soft. This one is for anyone who is sick of fighting with moisturizers and their skin. Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost is the saving grace this winter.

Sebastian Volupt Spray High Impact Volume – I used to love spray gel in high school. It was probably the only product that I used, and I used it every day. Since then I’ve moved on to other products, but getting this newer product was like meeting an old friend. I love this product because it gives you hold without making my hair stiff. It’s really nice on curls or beach waves to get a hold without the crunch of mousse.

Herbal Essences Bio:Renew Shampoo & Conditioner – Herbal Essences new hair care collection Bio:Renew sounds very fancy in the description. It’s made with a special blend of antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp. It’s supposed to bring your hair back to life in 21 days (although it doesn’t say how many washes that is). I love it because, while it has all of those great properties, it still feels like classic Herbal Essences. The Coconut Milk scent smells amazing. My hair looks great, it’s shiny and easy to manage. I can’t ask for anything else!

CoverGirl Outlast Foundation Head To Head

covergirl foundation reviewCoverGirl recently released two new outlast foundations, Stay Fabulous and Stay Luminous foundation. On the outside they look fairly similar, so I tried both of them to see how they compare:

The packages of these two foundations look so similar that you would be hard pressed to know the difference from afar. The only obvious difference is that the Stay Fabulous foundation has blue highlights, while the Stay Luminous foundation is red and white. Otherwise they look the same, but it’s what inside that counts… right?


Both CoverGirl foundations smell the same and appear to be the same consistency when you pump it out of the bottle. It’s only once you start to blend it in that you start to see the difference.


Stay Fabulous is more of a dry and matte formula. This foundation doesn’t spread as much because of the finish. It goes onto your face a bit thicker. It’s not heavy at all, but it doesn’t blend into your skin seamlessly. This foundation covers all of those little blemishes leaving you with the perfect complexion. It also leaves your skin feeling really soft and powdery.

On the other hand, the Stay Luminous foundation is a bit lighter and more watery. It spreads well and is a bit runny, but not so much that it is bothersome. Unlike the other foundation, this one blends into my skin really well. It’s not even visible on my face at. It looks like it has a bit of sparkle in it, because it really does give my skin a glow. It’s not a sparkly glow, but something that looks very natural and dewy. It doesn’t give you as much of a perfect complexion though.


Overall these two foundations are very evenly matched, now it’s up to you. I personally like the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation better because I love the matte finish. If your skin is dull though, I would recommend the other foundation. The choice is up to you!