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Tarte Hair Goals Dry Shampoo

Until this arrived I didn’t know that Tarte made hair products, but I was excited to be introduced to their hair care with a dry shampoo. I feel like you can really learn something about the line through a dry shampoo. You can’t hide anything. It’s when I need help the most!

Tarte’s Dry Shampoo has a great smell. It’s a bit perfumed, but not in an obnoxious way, just subtle enough. Like most other dry shampoos, the aerosol sprays out a bit aggressively, and you need to really tousle your hair and mix it up good. I found that if I left it for too long, it was hard to brush through and left a little residue in my hair.

It DID really help to boost the volume and dry up any oil in my roots. I would avoid the ends of my hair moving forward. It dried those out a little too much.

From writing this I am thinking that maybe less is more with the Tarte Dry Shampoo. Once you have learned the tricks to it, you are ready!

Cake Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo Review

cake dry shampoo

I’m a big fan and promoter of Cake Beauty. They are Canadian. They create wonderfully smelling bath products. Their products have a touch of fun and whimsy. Some of their products are on my all-time favourites list. So I was disappointed when their Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo didn’t wow me.

Before reading any further, I have to admit that unlike some I’m not a big fan of Dry Shampoo. I think if I didn’t have thick, curly hair I might be more of a fan. I love the idea, but I find the application itself faulty.

Cake’s dry shampoo smells amazing. Like other Cake products, it’s got that sugary sweet smell that brings out my inner teenage girl.

Cake Dry Shampoo feels really light when you spray it on your hair. Most dry shampoos are light, but this one is even lighter than others. The thing is, I feel like it is too light. Unlike other dry shampoo it doesn’t feel like it is absorbing the oil. After spraying, my hair looks almost the same. With the “brilliance boosting prism-shine technology” part of me feels that my hair looks even shinier than before.

So while I want to love Cake’s dry shampoo, I will stick to my tried and true favourites!