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Revlon Spring Makeup

I’ve been experimenting with some of Revlon’s latest and greatest makeup this spring to get a look that is perfect for the office. Work makeup is one of those weird things that no ever thinks they are good at. We all look at someone else who looks more put together every day.

I am starting with the Revlon Photoready Insta-Filter Foundation. I like this foundation in theory. It’s light and thin. My only issue is that you need to use the attached sponge on top to apply it, like a beauty blender. After a few uses, the sponge gets dirty and I’m not sure I can clean it without getting water in the makeup. I wish that Revlon had just provided a separate sponge. The foundation itself gives good light, natural coverage.

I really like the Revlon Color Charge Liquid Illuminator. The Halo colour gives a great highlighting shine. It’s not sparkly or glossy, it is just highlighted. It also lasts for a long time, so my face stays looking highlighted.

The Revlon Colorstay Exactify Liquid Liner is one of the most interesting and innovative eyeliners that I have seen in a long time. It’s a regular liquid liner, but there is no regular brush applicator. Instead Revlon has made a little wheel. You roll this wheel across your eye lid to apply the colour. It’s actually very easy. My only issue is that it’s difficult to get thick, full lines. The makeup doesn’t always stick to the wheel, so you have to go over it three or four times. The black was fine, but the Mulberry shade was very light.

Finally, there was the for when I wanted to ramp things up. The sheer Holographic colour allowed me to wear it to work without being inappropriate. It has high shine. At night it would be great to add sparkle to any eye shadow.

Shades Of Grey Eyeshadow

When I am talking about eye shadow it’s usually bold colours, but there is something so beautiful and classic about a grey eyeshadow palette. From a subtle look that you can wear to the office all the way to the smoky eye, grey eye shadow palettes are the best for going from day to night. Christian Grey doesn’t have anything on these 50 shades.

essence smokey eyes set

Essence Smokey Eyes Set – If you want a small little grey set that suits the casual makeup lover, try this little set build for helping you create a smoky eye without too many overwhelming shades. With four pretty shades of grey, you can get everything you need to highlight those eyes.

Quo Summer Shades of Grey

Quo Shades Of Grey Eye Palette  – Quo’s new palette is perfect for creating a wide range of looks. This palette has eight shades in total. It’s great because it’s not just eight shades of grey. It’s got everything that you need to create a beautiful look with those greys. While half of the palette is varying shade of grey, there are also white, pink, taupe, and smoky purple eyeshadows. It ensures that you can create a look for any time of day with just one palette.

clinique eye shadow palette

Clinique Wear Everywhere Neutrals All About Shadow Palette – Who doesn’t love a palette full of eye shadows that can give you a look from day to night. With white, black and every shade of grey shadow in between, this palette is perfect for mastering the art of subtle shadow and the smoky eye. Thanks to all of the different hues, this grey palette is great for making a variety of different looks and any skin tone.

Maybelline Color Molten Eye Shadow

Maybelline Color Molten Eye Shadow Closed
I’ve always been a huge fan of all things Maybelline, they’re actually my favourite drugstore makeup brand. And while I may not love cream eye shadow in general, I do love their Color Tattoo shadows. Color Molten is in a similar vein as Color Tattoo, only much easier to use.

Maybelline Color Molten Eye Shadow Open
These cream to powder shadows are best applied with your fingers. I tried a few different brushes and kept going back to fingers. They’re extremely creamy and go on really smoothly. But you need a lot to get good pigmentation and while they blend really well before they dry, you have to work really fast.

Maybe Color Molten Eye Shadow Swatches
Color Molten shadows last for hours and hours without budging and I love Nude Rush for a quick daytime look. I don’t suggest using a primer with these because you’ll never be able to blend them and if you’re going for a more complicated shadow look, you might have to play around with brushes and techniques until you find one that works for you.

I love Color Molten because of the blendability and their serious staying power. I just wish there was a less messy way to use them.

October 2014 Makeup Most Wanted – Alyssa’s Picks

October 2014 Most Wanted
I can’t believe October is almost over and that it’s time for another monthly Most Wanted. Here are my Most Wanted products this month.
L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in Midnight Black
I’m always searching for the blackest mascara possible and this one is one of the darkest I’ve used. The butterfly brush takes a little getting used to (I poked myself in the eye for the first time since high school) but once you get the hang of it, you get amazing volume, length and super black eyelashes.
Sephora Kiss Me Balm in Melon Sorbet
I usually don’t like melon scented products but I actually don’t mind the scent of this one. It leaves the slightest hint of colour but the highlight is the actual balm. It leaves my lips really moisturized for hours at a time and it’s really cute to carry around.
Lise Watier Feline Eyeliner HD in Brun
I have been wearing this pretty much non stop since I got it. The shade of brown isn’t too dark or too light, making it a nice alternative to black. The pen itself is reasonably flexible, but it’s the easiest eyeliner pen I’ve ever used, it creates a great line on the first try.
Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Peacock
I’m definitely an eyeshadow person and I love using colour. This crayon shadow makes it so easy to apply and blend on the run. You can throw it in your purse for touch ups and the Peacock shade is a gorgeous teal that you can use as a light wash of colour or a bright eyeliner.
Smashbox Be Legendary Long-Wear Lip Lacquer in Coral
I love everything about this lacquer. The shade is the perfect dark coral, it goes on so smoothly, isn’t sticky and lasts a really long time. It’s everything you want in a gloss and lipstick combined.

Those are my picks for the month, what have you been loving?

Gorgeous Cosmetics Review

gorgeous cosmetics

When Gorgeous Cosmetics makeup first landed in my lap, I had never heard of them. After spending some time on their website, I was pumped to see what they could offer. This Aussie brand gained cult-following for their makeup artist quality at affordable prices. I am a huge advocate of these types of brands, so I was glad to have an array of products at my fingertips.

I was instantly drawn to sparkling red hue of the Liquid Lips Lip Lacquer. It applies smooth with a slightly sticky and gloss finish. I was delighted to see that this lip lacquer went on in a red hue that isn’t too outrageous. I love red, but sometimes you need a red lip that is suitable for work. This red is glossy and gorgeous. It doesn’t last forever, but long enough to make an impact. I didn’t mind hitting the mirror to reapply a few hours later.

Next up, I applied the Ink Liquid Eye Pencil. I’m usually terrified of liquid liner. Does anyone have a steady enough hand for black liquid eyeliner? Don’t worry, liquid is just in the name. This pencil liner is easy to use. It’s so smooth. It doesn’t tug on your lid at all. The best part is that this liner doesn’t smudge. Get your heavy duty eye makeup remover out for this eyeliner, because Gorgeous Cosmetics never comes off!

Finally, I tried the Glitz Fix and Shimmer Dust Shadow. The Glitz Fix is one of the most innovative products I’ve tried in some time. If you wear eye shadow often, you should invest in this product. It is a eye shadow primer that is sticky to allows glitter polish to adhere to your lids better. It’s designed for glitter, but it would work for any type of shadow that flakes off. Just one swipe of the brush on your lids and you are ready to apply shadow over top. Work quickly because the adhesive dries fast.

Choose a dedicated eye shadow brush to use for shadows if you have applied the Glitz Fix, because it does make the bristles sticky. You don’t want to use your expensive brushes with this. Once you have a brush, it’s easy to apply the Shimmer Dust over top. This pretty shimmery eye shadow sticks to your lid right away and isn’t going anywhere.

Overall, I’m impressed with Gorgeous Cosmetics. They deliver exactly what they promise.

Coming Soon: Smashbox Promising 24 Hour Shadow Primer

smashbox 24 hour primer

One of my biggest pet peeves about makeup is how long it lasts. You spend an hour getting every inch of your face looking perfect, leave the house and then when you hit the bathroom, your eye shadow seems to have magically disappeared or been absorbed into your skin. Now you can get the new Smashbox 24 Hour Shadow Primer to stop all that.

The new Smashbox Primer promises to keep your eye shadow smudge prof, crease proof and fade proof for a full day. It’s even sweat resistant, so it will totally work in the club or at a wedding where you can put your makeup to the test.

The new Smashbox 24 Hour Shadow Primer hits stores in April and we can’t wait to try it.

In the meantime check out our review of the amazing Smashbox Full Exposure Palette.