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SST Quintessential Collection Review

SST Quintessential Collection Box
We’re always looking for new Canadian makeup companies and if the makeup happens to be free of harsh chemicals like SST’s, it’s a bonus. The Quintessential collection consists of two eyeshadow duos, an eyeshadow single, a lipstick and a lip polish (lip gloss). Even though this is SST’s spring line, the shades are also perfect for summer.
SST Quintessential Collection
We tried half of the collection starting with the Mild Eyeshadow Combo. At first glance the neutral beige and gold shimmer shades weren’t all that exciting to me but the shadows are so great to work with and easy to blend that I started using them quite a bit during the day. These shadows last a really long time.

SST Quintessential Collection Swatches
Vital, Stripped, Mild Combo

Next up was the Stripped Hydrating Lipstick. I love this shade and it has so many great things in it like grape seed oil and cocoa butter that I was really expecting a super creamy lipstick. What I got was a grainy lipstick too uncomfortable to wear for longer than an hour which is too bad because this pink-nude is probably a great shade for a ton of skin tones. It’s a little better if you add the lip polish over it so I’ve been doing that.

High Shine Lip Polish in Vital is pretty aptly named because it’s definitely the most need product in the Quintessential collection. This soft plum lip gloss is really creamy and doesn’t get sticky, it even passed the hair in wind test. It lasts for a pretty decent amount of time but since it’s not sticky or gloopy I don’t mind reapplying.

I was really impressed with SST cosmetics for the most part and I can’t wait to try more products from them.

Essence Cosmetics Summer Makeup

essence cosmetics makeup

With all of the expensive makeup on the market, sometimes it’s nice to play with colours that are affordable. I played with some of the new hues and products in the essence summer makeup collection:

3D Eyeshadow – If you’re anything like me, you are going to love these eyeshadows at first glance. What’s not to love? Each little container has two complimentary colours of eye shadow in a pretty wavy design. All of the colours have a hint of a metallic sheen to them. You will notice that when you apply them, it’s best to either use a wet brush or be prepared to layer. This shadow is so light. It makes it easy for playing around, but frustrating if you know what you are looking for and just want the colour to appear.

Lash Princess Volume Mascara – This pretty and curvy mascara is a great affordable option. The curvy brush is reminiscent of many other expensive mascaras, but for a fraction of the cost. The curves in the wand help you to get at smaller lashes.

Long Lasting Lipstick – Brighten up your lips for under $5 with this lipstick. I got hooked on the matte red to bring the glam!

2 In 1 Eyeliner Pen – This eyeliner is great because of how versatile it is. Take two of your favourite eyeliner pens and put them together to get this one product. The 2-In-1 Eyeliner Pen from essence has a marker at both ends in the same rich black. One is thin for getting a close tight line around your lids. The other end is XXL with a thick pen to get sexy cat’s eyes for a night on the town.

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer ’15 Collection

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Box
I love a good summer makeup collection because they usually have shades I would never think to wear. Clarins’ Aquatic Treasures collection definitely falls into that. Most of new colours are shades of green and while I wear green eyeshadow and maybe a dark green eyeliner, I’ve never worn green mascara. We received the Ombre Iridescente Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadow in Aquatic Rose, Waterproof Eye Pencil in Aquatic Green and Truly Waterproof Mascara in Aquatic Green.
Clarins Aquatic Treasures Open
If nothing else, these shades look fantastic together and it’s a great summer look that doesn’t take a ton of product. The shadow is a lot more pigmented than I was expecting and is extremely creamy but lasts forever. I usually don’t like using my fingers for eyeshadow but with this one, it’s the only way I’ll apply it. The eye pencil is smooth and doesn’t drag and the pop of colour really brightens up my eyes.
Clarins Aquatic Treasures Swatches
The mascara is the star though. I don’t know what I was expecting but I’m completely in love with this mascara. It gives me great definition and volume but isn’t clumpy and while it’s green, you can’t really tell because it’s pretty dark but not quite black. The added green just makes my eyes really stand out.

There are so many things I love about these products together but the biggest thing is that all together they’re completely waterproof, which for summer is a necessity. And with only three steps I can get my eyes done in under a minute and it’ll last me all day.

Rodial Makeup Collection

rodial-makeup-collection copy

I’ve loved Rodial skincare since the first time I tried it. You cannot imagine the joy within me when I heard they were developing a full makeup line. The Rodial line is no nonsense. It’s been edited and paired down to only offer you the sensible colours and products that you actually need. It’s not fancy with lots of sparkle and flash. Here are some of the most exciting products in the line:


Eye Sculpt – This is their eye shadow. It only comes in one colour. That’s right, just one colour. That colour is brown. It’s a shadow that is perfect for layering. Start with just a tint of this mousse eye shadow for a day look. Layer it on for a look that is much more dramatic. While big palettes are fun, I love how simple they have made this!


Glamolash Mascara XXL – Drama! Drama! Drama! This mascara is all about drama! This is Rodial’s night time mascara. The have a skinny mascara that is for the day, but I love super long bold lashes. I have to say though, the first time I put this on, I wondered if this mascara was too much for work. I’ve never thought of that before. This is what mascara should be all about!

rodial glamstick

Glamstick – This is the one place where Rodial does offer a lot of colour options. Their glamsticks offer light colour with maximum moisturizer. Everyone who has ever worried about dry lips should get a glamstick because they are perfect for repairing the moisture.


Instaglam Highlighter – This season is all about contouring and highlighting and this is one of our favourites. This highlighter is very light, so that you can get just a touch of reflective shimmer in the light. You can start light and then add more and more. You can even use it on new places, like on top of your shadow to get that wet eye shadow look.

MAC Is Beautiful Collection

MAC Is Beauty
I both love and hate when MAC releases a limited edition collection. Love, because I always find something new to fall in love with. And hate, because I know it’s going away after a seriously limited run. MAC’s Is Beautiful collection is a perfect example. It’s already online and in stores but gone as of May 15. This collection is massive and has way too many things to list so here’s what we got.
MAC Is Beauty SwatchesSmall Eye Shadow in Wow Factor: This is called a medium lavender (satin) but even on my fair skin it’s more of a light. It’s really pretty though and perfect for spring.

Pro Longwear Fluidline in Siahi: I’ve been wearing a lot of dark blue eyeliner lately and this deep ocean blue is the perfect addition. It goes on so smoothly and lasts forever. I’m going to have to be stingy with this pot, but I know I’m going to use it a lot.

Lipstick in Pure Vanity: I didn’t think I would like this pale peach nude (lustre) as much as I do. It’s perfect for my fair skin tone and feels amazing and so comfortable.

Cremesheen Glass in Star Quality: I love the Cremesheen Glass way more than regular Lip Glass ever since I tried the holiday collection. Star Quality is called bright pink but it has a little coral tinge to it that’s so flattering on me and I love the lack of stickiness.

I wish Siahi and Star Quality were permanent members of the MAC collection but while I’m wearing them this spring, I can’t wait to see what MAC has coming for us next.

MAC Eyes On MAC – Navy Times Nine

Eyes On MAC Navy Times Nine Closed
If I had to pick a favourite thing from MAC it would be their eyeshadows, or more specifically their palettes. Unfortunately most of their palettes are limited edition and when they run out it becomes an issue. But now we have Eyes On MAC. These new palettes are part of the permanent line and come in colour families: Navy Times Nine, Amber Times Nine, Burgundy Times Nine, Purple Times Nine, Cool Neutral x 15 and Warm Neutral x 15.
Eyes On MAC Navy Times Nine Open
While I’m dying to get my hands on the amber palette, we had a chance to try the Navy and it’s gorgeous. There are subtle shades for daytime and dramatic shades for night and countless combinations in between.

These palettes are so well put together and the quality is exactly what you’d expect from a MAC shadow palette. Great shades, multiple finishes (everything from matte to shimmer) and the pigmentation is fantastic. I had trouble doing swatches because a couple of the shades blended in to my skin a little too well but trust me when I say you want this palette in your life.

Cover Girl Spring ’15 Most Wanted

Cover Girl Spring '15 Most Wanted
Cover Girl has a whole lot of new products out just in time for spring. So much in fact, we could hardly fit it all into one post, so these are our Most Wanted picks for Spring.
Full Lash Bloom Mascara in Very Black
Cover Girl Full Lash Bloom Mascara
It’s rare that a mascara lives up to its hype but this one does. You get length, volume and it feels like you’re not wearing mascara. I’ve rubbed my eyes a few times while wearing it and there was no stiffness whatsoever, but it also stayed on. And the shade is exactly as black as I want it.
Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polish in Fuchsia Flame
Cover Girl Fuchsia Flame Swatch
I haven’t used a lot of Cover Girl nail polish in the past but it was so easy to work with that I’m sure I’ll be using a lot more in the future. Two coats of Fuchsia Flame gave me full coverage and the colour is gorgeous! I wore it for three days with no tip wear or chips.
Eyeshadow Quads in Blooming Blushes, Va-Va Violets and Notice Me Nudes
Cover Girl Bloom Shadow Quads
Honestly, all these eyeshadow quads are gorgeous. They go on really nicely and blend well and last a pretty good amount of time but these three really screamed spring to me.
Colorlicious Lipstick in Enchantress Blush, Champagne and Euphoria
Cover Girl Colorlicious Lipstick Swatches
These lipsticks are extremely creamy and might not last 24 hours but at least a couple. They’re also really comfortable to wear. Enchantress Blush and Champagne are great daytime shades, while Euphoria is perfect for a night out.

MAC Heirloom Mix Holiday 2014 Collection

MAC Heirloom Colour Collection
I can’t count how many MAC holiday sets I’ve bought over the years. My first good set of brushes came from one of those sets and this years Keepsake kits are just as amazing as ever. I’ve never really paid much attention to the individual products you can get though and this year that changes. The Heirloom Mix Colour Collection has everything you want in a makeup collection; shadows, lip products, liners, nail polishes, etc… All in gorgeous, pigmented shades.
Heirloom Mix Pressed Pigment
MAC Heirloom Mix Pressed Pigment Open
l-r Noblesse Oblige, Modern Majesty, Enchantment
Until you see these in person you can’t really get a good grasp of how insanely gorgeous these shadows are. They’re super shimmery, really buildable and just perfect for the holiday season. Modern Majesty is a personal favourite with it’s green pearl in a dark brown base.
Heirloom Mix Glitter in Amethyst
MAC Heirloom Mix Glitter Amethyst Open
MAC’s glitters are everything you want in a sparkle for the holiday. Amethyst is a really pretty purple that, well, glitters.It’s really loose and you can apply it anywhere you want to sparkle or add it on top of your shadow for extra shine. It works particularly well with the Enchantment Pressed Pigment.
Heirloom Cremesheen Glass in Courting Chic
MAC Heirloom Mix Cremesheen Glass Courting Chic Open
I’ve never tried Cremesheen Glass before so I was expecting the stickiness of Lipglass. I was so far off base and this might be my new favourite gloss. It’s creamy, non-sticky and you still get that glassy shine that you want. Courting Chic might be the most flattering red gloss I’ve ever tried. It’s more like a sheer red gloss tint with gold shimmer. The second I opened the box, I was blown away by the shade. Putting it on made it even better.

If these are any indication of what I’ve been missing each year by focusing on MAC’s kits, I guess I need to start taking a better look because these are some of my favourite holiday shades all season.

Guerlain Holiday 2014 A Night At The Opera Collection

The only experience I’ve had with Guerlain’s makeup is when I reviewed the Kiss Kiss lipstick. I love that lipstick so when I saw the A Night At The Opera Holiday collection, I knew I had to try a few things.
Ecrin 2 Couleurs in Cygne Noir
Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Cygne Noir
This eyeshadow duo is perfect for a holiday night out. With a shimmering silver black and a deep plum, it’s super dramatic and really pigmented.
Petrouchka Palette For Eyes And Cheeks
Guerlain Petrouchka Palette For Eyes and Cheeks
This palette has everything you need for your eyes and cheeks. Literally. It comes with a mini set of eye and cheek applicators, 5 shimmery sheer neutral eyeshadows and 4 blushes. All wrapped in a bow. The shadows and blushes definitely play well together and are really easy to apply and build up.
La Petite Robe Noire
Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire
La Petite Robe Noire isn’t technically part of the holiday collection but this limited edition bottle looks like an ornament so I’m including it. With notes of rose, jasmine and orange blossom, this scent is subtle. It has a powdery feel to me but not in an old lady way. It’s classy and elegant and will make your fragrance match your makeup.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Wet Quad Eyeshadow

L'Oreal Colour Riche Wet Eyeshadow Quad
I love when eyeshadow shades are sold together, whether it’s a duo, quad or palette. It makes the work of picking shades that go together that much easier. L’Oreal’s new Colour Riche Quads are a little different than the typical drugstore quad. These ones work better when the brush is a little wet, giving you gel eyeshadow feel with the blendability of a powder. It’s really the best of both worlds and they go on gorgeously. They blend really well and if you apply with a wet brush, once they’re dry they last a really long time without fading.
Absolute Taupe
L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad Absolute Taupe Swatch
Absolute Taupe is a perfect neutral brown quad. The swatch is wet but you can lower the intensity of the shades by applying them dry.
Rose Nude
L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad Rose Nude Swatch
Rose Nude is by far my favourite, I’ve been using it constantly both wet and dry and the colours are just so pretty.
Incredible Grey
L'Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow Quad Incredible Grey Swatch
Incredible Grey is the perfect quad for a traditional smoky eye and once we’re back into fall this is the one I’m going to be reaching for often.
There are eight quads to pick from and L’Oreal has done a great job picking shades that work for everyone. I love the versatility of these and they’ve quickly become a staple in my makeup routine.