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Tarte Shape Tape Foundation

They call it foundation for a reason, right? It’s the base for your makeup look. It needs to be sturdy and up to handle everything in your day. Tarte Shape Tape Foundation is the ultimate base. Whether you chose the Matte Foundation or the Hydrating Foundation, you can trust that it will stand up to the whole day.

For thick coverage, I love the matte Tarte foundation. This foundation covers every blemish. I loved the all over colour that it provides. It couldn’t be beat. On my light makeup days, I even used it as a cover up for smaller blemishes.

Other days, I was drawn to the thinner Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation. This version of the foundation is much lighter. I imagine that most people will be drawn to this one more. The finish is a bit more natural. It corrects your colour, but it has a natural glow in it. Instead of a matte finish, you have a healthy fresh faced look.

I love the matte foundation, but you really can’t go wrong with Tarte’s Shape Tape Foundation. The matte version feel like a special event makeup or set makeup, while the hydrating version is more of your everyday “natural” look.

Foundation Most Wanted

I really want to be the girl who wears nothing on her skin, but I will admit that I love foundation. I love the way the perfect foundation makes your skin feel. I love the way my face looks after I have applied foundation, but before adding blush or bronzer. I love the magic that the right foundation can do for the way I feel. Here are 3 foundations that have been putting a little pep in my step for the past few months.

It Cosmetics CC+ Cream – Forget applying moisturizer and serum and foundation every morning. This CC Cream is all of those things in one. This cream is really thick, but don’t worry it doesn’t feel heavy. Plus you can skip a few steps, so you aren’t adding on layers. When you get a product that makes multiple promises, usually coverage takes a backseat. It Cosmetics seems to have thought of everything. This cream also provides full colour coverage. It almost makes my skin look too good.  How often can you say that?

Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation – There is nothing bad to saying about this foundation. It goes on a bit thick, but unlike some others it never feels heavy. It’s matte, so as soon as it’s dry you don’t even feel it on your skin. It can cover any discolouration, while blending into your skin, so it doesn’t look like you are wearing a lot of makeup. It lasts all day long, and even into the night, meaning I don’t have to worry about my skin.

Tarte Clay Stick Foundation – I’ve used a lot of stick foundations in the past, but this one felt different. This felt like any other luxury liquid foundation, but in stick format. When you swipe this stick on your skin, it’s that same soft feel. I definitely recommend investing in a good brush with this for serious blending. You are going to need it! I got the buffer brush from Tarte and it made a world of different. This thick formula will give you an amazing airbrush, magazine worthy finish, but it’s not a quick fix. You need to spend the time. The best part is that it’s also thick enough to be used as a concealer or even a contouring stick if you get the right shades. Bonus!

Benefit The Pore-fessional Pore Minimizing Makeup

Benefit Cosmetics is taking away pores forever with their new face makeup. Instead of having to buy a makeup, pore concealer and beauty blender all in one.

Follow the instructions carefully though because there are a few steps that take this makeup from lame to amazing. First of all, shake this makeup up good. It’s really thin and watery, so you will want to make sure that it’s shaken up. If you don’t shake it, you could end up with just a weird clear liquid.

Next remove the sponge from the bottom and apply a few drops of makeup to the sponge. Don’t be tempted to apply it right to your face. I tried it, it doesn’t work as well. I don’t know why it works that way, but it does.

Finally just blot away! Blot this face makeup all over your face the same way that you would your normal makeup. Benefit’s Pore-fessional gives you that beautifully airbrushed look without having to spend a lot on different tools and layers of makeup. This makeup is really simple to use. Anyone can get a flawless look. This is coming from someone who loves makeup, but has minimal skill in actually applying it. It you can dab your face, you can get a great look. I love that it has a really matte finish without “shine” or “glow.” It really does help to eliminate some of those pores. It even dries into a nice smooth feel on your face so your skin looks and feels great!

June Makeup Most Wanted

Summer is in full swing and with it comes some fun new products that I have been enjoying. Check them out:

Tarte Glow With The Faux – I already love Tarte makeup, so it didn’t surprise me when I fell in love with their tanner as well. I have been trying to be really smart and good with my sunscreen this year, but I miss my tan. Just carefully apply this foam with the glove and you will have a beautiful dark tan. While it promises streak free colour, that doesn’t mean you can be too relaxed about applying. I almost ended up with streaks because I was being careless. So apply it as if you are very concerned.  My only issue with this tarte tanner is that my skin smelled like fake tanner for longer than usual. Most of the time the smell fades after you wash it off, but this lingered for a while. So stock up on body lotion that smells great and tan away!

Nuxe Nuxellence Eye Contour – Don’t judge a product by its size. This slim little eye cream is one of the best that I’ve ever used. This cream helps you get instant results for tired looking eyes. My under eyes instantly felt softer and more moisturized. The dark circles look less prominent and blend into my skin more. My eyes really seem to pop more in all the right ways.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss – Soap & Glory makeup is not common in Canada, but if you can get your hands on it, jump at the chance. This Pillow Plump lip gloss is one of my new faves that goes with me everywhere. It leaves a glossy clear (maybe slightly pink) finish on the outside, but what everyone can’t see is what’s happening on the inside. It has a “3XL Peptide Plump” ingredient that gives your lips a serious tingle. With that comes lips that look fuller than ever. It’s a look, and a feeling, that you are going to want to try for yourself!

Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation – Sometimes you just need a good, trustworthy foundation without all of the tricks. This new Covergirl foundation is exactly that. It just gives you a great finish on your skin that looks natural. It’s nice to know that sometimes there are brands that you can just trust to make reliable products.

Quo Makeup Most Wanted

Quo has been releasing some really great products lately that I super impressed by. It’s even better because all of Quo’s makeup is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart for a really reasonable price. If you want to update your makeup for Spring at any budget, make sure to include some of these products:

Quo Matte Revolution Foundation – This thick full coverage foundation is impressive. I love matte foundations and this one is top notch. It feels and wears like a product that is much more expensive. It does go on quite thick, so you have to want that. It felt like wearing a moisturizer, foundation and concealer all in one. This is more of a heavy duty foundation, so it doesn’t really disappear on the skin. It’s like a second layer – One that makes your skin look perfect.

Quo Bronzer Duo – Quo released a line of bronzing powders recently, including these Bronzing Duo powders. The powder is a bronzer with a highlighter in the center. You can get the bronzing and highlighting all in one. Depending on the shade that you get, the center might be a shimmering gold or matte pink. Warning, these bronzers are pretty dark. If you are light skinned, you might want to skip them. Everyone else can enjoy.

Quo Concealer Palette – By some coincidence, I tried many new concealers this month, but Quo’s palette is by far the best. It has four different shades, meaning that you don’t have to worry about finding the right hue. It also means that you can still use it if you have a tan or some darker or lighter parts. It is quite a thick concealer, but I like that. It ensures that I get complete coverage on the first application. It makes me almost want to give up foundation altogether.

MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation in NC15

MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation NC15
I’ve been using MAC since I was a teenager but it’s been quite a few years since I’ve used one of their foundations. When we got an opportunity to try the new Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation, I jumped on it, hoping I was still NC15.
MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation Bottle
The first thing I loved about this foundation was the bottle and the dropper. I use my fingers to apply foundation but hate touching the bottle or the applicator. But with one drop of this foundation I get enough foundation to cover my whole face without getting the applicator all germy. This foundation is a little on the sheer side which I’m fine with, but if you want heavier coverage, you can layer it without getting cakey.
MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation NC15 Swatch
Studio Waterweight is the perfect foundation for me for colder seasons. It’s a gel-serum formula that’s super hydrating. It lasts all day and doesn’t settle into dry spots and keeps my skin pretty moisturized. The fact that it’s also SPF 30 is a bonus, though I probably don’t use enough foundation to get the full benefits so I still use a separate sunscreen underneath. Also, you can’t really tell from the photo but I’m still NC15.

CoverGirl Outlast Foundation Head To Head

covergirl foundation reviewCoverGirl recently released two new outlast foundations, Stay Fabulous and Stay Luminous foundation. On the outside they look fairly similar, so I tried both of them to see how they compare:

The packages of these two foundations look so similar that you would be hard pressed to know the difference from afar. The only obvious difference is that the Stay Fabulous foundation has blue highlights, while the Stay Luminous foundation is red and white. Otherwise they look the same, but it’s what inside that counts… right?


Both CoverGirl foundations smell the same and appear to be the same consistency when you pump it out of the bottle. It’s only once you start to blend it in that you start to see the difference.


Stay Fabulous is more of a dry and matte formula. This foundation doesn’t spread as much because of the finish. It goes onto your face a bit thicker. It’s not heavy at all, but it doesn’t blend into your skin seamlessly. This foundation covers all of those little blemishes leaving you with the perfect complexion. It also leaves your skin feeling really soft and powdery.

On the other hand, the Stay Luminous foundation is a bit lighter and more watery. It spreads well and is a bit runny, but not so much that it is bothersome. Unlike the other foundation, this one blends into my skin really well. It’s not even visible on my face at. It looks like it has a bit of sparkle in it, because it really does give my skin a glow. It’s not a sparkly glow, but something that looks very natural and dewy. It doesn’t give you as much of a perfect complexion though.


Overall these two foundations are very evenly matched, now it’s up to you. I personally like the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous foundation better because I love the matte finish. If your skin is dull though, I would recommend the other foundation. The choice is up to you!

Clarins Everlasting Foundation+

clarins everylasting foundation

If you are ever looking for a foundation that feels like a second skin, you should pick up the new Clarins Everlasting Foundation+. This foundation applies so silkily that you will totally forget that you are wearing it. It feels so natural.

I really loved wearing this foundation because it blended in to my skin so easily. I felt like my skin could breathe through it.

While I loved it, my oily skin didn’t love it so much. A few days after I started wearing it, I noticed that I started breaking out. While I do have fairly oily skin, it’s rare that a makeup can cause me to have a breakout. I had to stop wearing it altogether in hopes of clearing up the breakout. I can’t be positive that it was the Clarins Everlasting Foundation that cause the acne, but if you have very oily skin I might not risk it.

If you don’t have acne prone skin though, you could be in for a treat!

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation And Concealer


Very few makeup brands can change the way that you think of makeup. Clinique’s new foundation is doing that for me. It’s changing everything, because it’s not just a foundation. This is a foundation and concealer from Clinique.

What does that mean you might ask? It means that this foundation is incredibly thick. It’s not heavy on your skin, just thick. For how thick it is, it actually feels very natural on your skin. A little goes a long way, we are talking a very little!

I have been so used to thin foundations. I have been so used to layering on thin foundation all over my face praying that eventually I will have an even skin tone. With Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation I have stopped doing that. I’m not long applying makeup all over my face. I am only applying this foundation where I need it. You can blend it in in such a way that your face comes away looking, well, perfect.

It has been making me feel all glamourous and camera ready just lately. I even looked good under the harsh light of a change room at the mall (which we all know is the worst!). I don’t know how I’m going to go back to my old ways and other foundations again.

Yves Rocher Zero Defaut Makeup


I’ve tried Yves Rocher’s skin care and makeup before, but somehow I’ve never had a chance to try their foundations. This Zero Defaut collection promises flawless skin and 14 hour coverage.

The Zero Defaut Flawless Skin Foundation is my favourite product in the line. It’s a bit thick, but not so thick that it feels heavy on my face. It’s actually surprisingly light. I can barely even feel it on my face once it dries. It also has amazingly natural coverage. It covers all of my flaws and doesn’t feel like it’s clogging up my skin. It promises 14 hour coverage and at the end of a long day, my face still looks great!

yves rocher concealer

My second favourite is the Yves Rocher Zero Defaut Flawless Skin Concealer. A little goes a long way with this concealer. It’s great to cover any flaws that the foundation isn’t going to get.

The Flawless Skin Powder is my least favourite in the line. It could be the best, but my biggest problem is that the powder is too heavy for my makeup brushes. I wanted to love it, but I could never get enough coverage to make an impact.

If you are like me and haven’t tried Yves Rocher’s foundation before, give it a shot. With natural ingredients in this foundation, your skin might thank you like mine does.