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Fragrance Gift Guide 2017

Give them the gift of unforgettable scents with this 2017 fragrance gift guide:

Katy Perry’s Indi – Katy Perry fans are going to love the next generation in the pop stars fragrances. Unlike her old scents, this perfume feels a bit more mature and grown up.  This perfume has a strong musk scent that makes it feel like the female version of your boyfriend’s best cologne. It’s not quite masculine, but there isn’t that girly flirty feel to it. It’s really rich, but does fade. The black and white bottle are striking making it a great gift idea.

Clean Skin Eau de Parfum – Clean has redesign their bottles making it the perfect time to share this amazing fragrance line for the holidays. The new bottles are colourful and sleek. They are, pardon the pun, clean. The fragrances themselves still have that same rich, inviting scent that makes you want to wrap yourself up in a fluffy bathrobe.

Maison Martin Margiela Beach Walk Fragrance – If you really want to splurge on someone extra special, this fragrance, or anything from the Replica collection, is where to turn. The line is made of scents meant to replicate scenarios to evoke memories. Beach Walk was the sweetness and saltiness of a day on the beach in the sand. I love that fresh ocean air feel when your spray it. You can’t go wrong with this collection!

Viktor And Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume – Does it get anymore iconic than Flowerbomb? Just the look of this pink box with that black stamp gets me excited. Any lover of floral scents will adore this perfume. It’s also a great scent to transition from girly throwaway scents to classy and elegant designer fragrance.

Biotherm Eau Soleil Perfume

Biotherm Eau Soleil Perfume

Biotherm is a go-to for skin care products, but I would never have thought of them for perfume. Actually, I didn’t even know that they made perfumes too until I got this one. In my mind, they are the moisturizer and face wash company.

From the name to the colourful bottle, there was never any question that this was going to be a very summery scent. It even contains non-photosensitive ingredients, so that it doesn’t react with the sun and cause burns. See, they are always thinking about how to protect your skin. It’s really amazing actually.

The scent is all about citrus. It’s a summery, fresh citrus explosion in a bottle. It’s a really refreshing smell to wear. It’s the best on rainy days to brighten your mood. Something about the smell just makes you feel a bit better.

I wouldn’t want to wear this perfume every day. It’s never going to be my signature scent. But it’s a fun different smell and pick-me-up when I have the blues.

Yves Rocher Spring Fragrances Head To Head

While looking for a new light spring fragrance, we found two new fragrances from Yves Rocher. Inspired by very different natural scents, Yves Rocher is lightening up the season. See what we thought about each:

green tea perfume

I started with the Green Tea Eau De Toilette. This light green fragrance is inspired by the fresh growing tea leaves of Asia. I’m not sure what I expected from this scent, but this definitely wasn’t it. It has an outdoorsy and natural smell. It has a bit of a plant smell. It kind of reminds me of grass, real fresh cut grass. The plant smell fades slightly after a few minutes. It becomes much more subtle and airy. It is the kind of smell that you won’t instantly notice. It lingers softly. It also comes in a shower gel and body lotion, but I prefer the smell in fragrance form, it’s lighter.

bleu vegetal fragrance

Next, I tried the new Bleu Vegetal Eau de Toilette. This summer 2015 fragrance has a summer floral scent. It starts off a bit alcohol heavy when you spray it. I was quite surprised at the alcohol tinge and how long it took to reveal it’s true scent underneath. It’s an exotic floral smell that is unlike most other floral fragrances. It’s bright and light all at the same time. It’s floral and interesting and honestly, extremely hard to put into words. It’s so unique.

Both of these fragrances are very unique, but if I had to chose just one it would likely be the Bleu Vegetal perfume. It’s got that something different that you will never find in another fragrance.

Harvey Prince Ageless Fragrance Review + Giveaway

harvey prince ageless_mini_edp
I really like a lighter scent for spring and summer, so I was really happy to try Ageless from Harvey Prince since it’s a really fresh and fruity perfume. The notes read almost like like a fruit salad (pink grapefruit, pomegranate, mango) but with jasmine and musk mixed in. It’s a super light and refreshing fragrance. I love the size of the roller because it’s so easy to throw in my purse for touch ups. It’s not the longest lasting fragrance but since it’s so easy to reapply, I don’t mind.

The tagline for Ageless is ‘now you smell as young as you feel’ and while I don’t know if it makes me feel any younger, this definitely not an old lady perfume but it’s also not something that reminds me of high school. I honestly can’t wait to try more scents from Harvey Prince.

Now Harvey Prince is giving our readers a chance to win an Ageless Roller EDP of their own!  And just in case you don’t win, they also gave us a code so that everyone that wants one can get one for free on their site, pick the Ageless roller, enter code agelessxoxo and pay for shipping. Let us know if you love it as much as we do!

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Three Sweet Spring Scents

Spring perfume is all about lightening up. It’s time to put away those musky fragrances and shake off the winter blues with three of the sweetest scents of the season.

demeter baby head

Demeter Baby’s Head

Ok, we know it has a weird name, but everyone will know what this scent is going to smell like. It has that fresh powdery smell of every sweet little baby. We are sure this perfume is going to evoke some strong memories for some people. For me, it’s just a nice clean powdery smell to keep this season light.

LOccitane Arlesienne

L’Occitane Arlesienne

If spring flowers are more your style than this perfume is for you. This is a floral extravaganza. The top note and most prevalent flower is the rose notes that hit your right away. There is also the soft smell of violet and saffron. It’s like taking a flower garden with you wherever you go.

clean warm cotton

Clean Warm Cotton

Feel all warm and cozy inside with this perfume that lives up to all of the hype. This perfume says it will feel like a warm towel fresh out of the dryer. Boy does it ever! You are going to want to spray this perfume on all of your clothes to give it that fresh and clean scent. It’s perfect for clearing out the cobwebs of a cold and musky winter.

February Makeup Most Wanted

makeup most wanted february

It’s been a cold, cold month here in Toronto! See what has been getting me through this month:

The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil Nail Polish Remover

I heard that this nail polish remover smelled really, really bad. It does. It’s true! Don’t blow it off because of that. This nail polish remover does so much more good than just smelling bad in the bottle. Yes, it removes nail polish. It also moisturizes my cuticles and makes my nails and skin feel so soft. Also, once it dries it smells really nice. You just need to get past that first bad smell.

Estee Lauder Little Black Primer

You know how sometimes you are heading out to the grocery store and you don’t want to look like you are wearing makeup, but at the same time you don’t want to leave the house without mascara? This is the mascara for those times. It gives your lashes a nice natural dark coat. I am kind of addicted to wearing it on the weekends when I’m running errands. You can also wear it as a primer to help thicken your other mascara.

Demeter First Love Fragrance

Want to know what your first love smells like? This sweet fragrance smells like jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, lotus and lemon zest. It’s refreshing and light and sweet. It really is the sweet smell of childhood love and romance.

Guerlain Baby Glow Makeup

I’m usually all about heavy foundation that gives me flawless covered skin, but this light makeup makes my skin feel so pretty I can’t help but fall in love. This makeup is soft and lets my skin’s own beauty shine though. It helps my face look fresh even in the morning. It must be that baby glow that has me feeling and looking so good.

NYC Expert Last Lipstick

I’ve been getting ready for warm weather with these bright spring colours of NYC’s lipstick. The colour is even bolder than you will see in the tube. It’s opaque and gives a rich hue on my lips. I love that I can wear just a bit for a light colour or layer it on for something strong. It’s thick, so it takes a bit to spread it out, but it looks great for hours. For a note, Creamy Mauve has been my favourite colour.

L’Occitane Arlésienne Collection Review

L'Occitane Arlesienne Set
Now that we’re almost at the end of January I think we can all agree that we’re ready for spring. Unfortunately it’s not going to be here that quickly but luckily L’Occitane’s Arlésienne collection will give you a little hint of spring in the middle of winter. We got to try the Eau de Toilette and the Velvet Hand Cream and the scent is a gorgeous spring floral.
L'Occitane Arlesienne Eau De Toilette
There are three main notes in Arlésienne; Rose, Violet and Saffron and they really work so well together. This isn’t as delicate a fragrance as I would’ve imagined it to be, that said it’s not overpowering either. The Eau de Toilette lasts for hours and I tend to like it more the longer I wear it.
L'Occitane Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream
The hand cream is on the thicker end of the L’Occitane hand cream spectrum, perfect for winter. And the scent is identical to the Eau de Toilette, something which doesn’t happen very often with fragranced creams. There are thirteen items in this collection, so you’re literally covered head to toe if you want to layer.

It may not be spring yet, but Arlésienne definitely has me dreaming of it.

Caudalie Parfum Divin Review

Caudalie Parfum Divin
If you’re already a fan of Caudalie’s Divine Oil, you’ve probably wanted a matching perfume to do with it. And you’re in luck because Parfum Divin is basically the same scent. With a blend of rose, musk and vanilla it’s a much more delicate scent than you might expect but it also stands up for every day wear.

This is the perfect perfume if you want to smell good but not ‘perfumey.’ It has a clean and fresh scent that doesn’t necessarily scream, “I’m wearing perfume” right away. Layered with Divine Oil the scent is a little stronger and lasts a really long time. I was still catching whiffs of it after wearing it almost 12 hours.

If you love scent but hate when they’re too strong or you just want to smell amazing, Parfum Divin is definitely the way to go.

July Makeup Most Wanted – Steph’s Picks

july makeup beauty

Summer is in full swing and here are some of the new makeup and beauty products I have been in love with this month:

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation – This new foundation is perfect for summer. Somehow they have made a makeup that is even lighter than their last foundation. It’s even lighter than most of the whipped foundations I have tried in the past. This light formula blends quickly and has a nice matte finish that reduces summer shine. If that’s not enough, it includes a SPF 20 sunscreen in the foundation. As an added bonus, it makes my skin feel as soft as velvet. I couldn’t ask for more.

Youngblood Mineral Illuminating Tint – Have you ever wanted the perfect even summer tan? If you are like me, you want it, but can never quite get there. I’ve tried lots of different tanning products, but hate the upkeep. This body tint is amazing. It’s a miracle. It goes on your skin evenly leaving you with a really natural looking tan. Since it’s more of a tinted moisturizer it doesn’t leave streaks. No one will ever doubt that you have been out in the sun. The smell seems to have captured the feel of being on the beach all day long. Most importantly, it doesn’t stain your hands with a weird orange hue after applying. Youngblood has made my favourite tinted moisturizer because it can be applied in your morning routine quickly without fuss to define your tan in a hurry.

Clean Warm Cotton & Cool Cotton Perfume – In case you missed my last post, I’m obsessed with natural and clean smelling perfumes. I love those fresh smells that aren’t all floral and sweet. These two complimentary scents promise just that. Cool Cotton has more of a perfume scent. It’s brighter with a fresh citrus burst. It’s still simple. On the flip side, Warm Cotton is really natural with that fresh out of the dryer smell. You can help but feel like you are being wrapped up in clean laundry. I am loving these perfumes for a subtle summer scent and they come together in a rollerball, so you don’t have to choose just one.

Ceramic Glaze Nail Lacquer – While everyone else searches for a matte top coat for their nail polish, I am addicted to this polish that is already matte. Ceramic Glaze’s summer nail polish collection comes in bright bold colours, dries quickly and has an amazing matte finish. This is possibly my favourite obsession of the year!

Monteil Perfect Lip Contour Treatment – So this little lip treatment cream isn’t out yet, but I’m already getting hooked on it. There is no right or wrong time of the year for smoother, plumper lips and this cream is promising all of that. Apply this cream on your lips several times throughout the day to give your lips an instantly smoother feel and long term effects.

Demeter Clean & Fresh Fragrance Review

Demeter has captured the smell of stepping out of the shower in their new Clean & Fresh fragrance collection. The collection has three scents: Baby Powder, Pure Soap and Clean Skin.

demeter baby powder

The Baby Powder scent smells exactly like you imagine. The powdery smell is strong and it almost feels like you just sprinkled powder onto your skin when you sprayed it. It’s so sweet and lovely it takes me back to my childhood.


Pure Soap has the smell of a new bar of soap. It’s almost an unscented smell. It’s hard to describe the smell of clean, but that is what this fragrance reminds me of.

demeter clean skin

Clean Skin is a pure smell like that of your skin after getting out of the shower. It smells like a bathroom full of the steam of floral soaps and the smell that lingers on your skin.

If you can handle the balance you can spray them all on your skin in the right combination to really get the smell of walking out of the shower. They are fun and fresh smelling. Most of my favourite perfumes remind me of clean soapy smells, so these fit right into my collection.

If there is one problem with the Demeter fragrances, it’s that they don’t last long enough. Less than an hour after you spray them on, you will barely be able to smell them on your skin. I wish that they lasted longer, because the scents are so nice I want to enjoy them all day.