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Spring Face Makeup

Spring is coming to an end, and it’s time to get a few last makeup products before you are in full summer mode. Try one of these new products before the heat gets turned up!

Gosh Brow Sculpting Fibre Gel

Unlike a lot of girls I know, I just can’t get excited about my brows. I’ve tried. I was blessed with brows that don’t need to be filled in and also don’t need to be trimmed, other than the occasional stray. The Gosh Brow Sculpting Gel helped me turn my lucky natural brows into a face defining feature. It held those strays in place while making my brows look more defined and put the focus there. It does it’s just well, I’m just not sure this is the look that I personally want. We will put this in the maybe pile.

Quo Cushion Concealer

What more can be said about the Quo Cushion Concealer that hasn’t been said about any other concealer.  This isn’t a bad product, but it does it’s job without making much of a scene or really being exceptional. I like the twist up cushion applicator, even though sometimes I find these types of applicators a bit gross. They tend to get dirty fast from touching your face every day. The makeup is tricky. It has a bit of a light reflecting shine, so I found it was most effective under the eyes. When I applied it on other blemishes, it covered up the colour, but made the spot more noticeable. It was obvious that I was trying to conceal something. It I applied it under foundation it was great, but then I didn’t really need it, did I?

Lise Watier CC Crème

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a new CC crème to the market. Lise Watier released this one to the market recently to do double duty as a colour correcting cream and moisturizer. It definitely does both. It’s like your most trusted moisturizer turned into a foundation. It has some of the best properties of both. People who are loyal to heavy coloured foundations won’t be able to stick with just this, but I like it as a happy medium that allows me to apply just one layer or product to my face. Otherwise it’s pretty no fuss.

Wander Beauty Carryon Lip and Cheek Gel

If you haven’t discovered Wander Beauty yet, it’s a really interested brand that makes travel makeup. The lip and cheek gel is the perfect refresher to give you colour without taking up any space in your bag. The crayon is a shimmery pink that is perfect to highlight your lips and cheeks after a day in the sun. It gave me just the right hue that matched bronzed colour.

Gosh Cosmetics Fall 2014 Review

We tried a few products from Gosh Cosmetics latest makeup collection. Find out which ones made it into our most wanted list.

gosh mineral powder

Mineral Powder – I have honestly used this powder almost every single day since I received it. The colour is so natural looking and perfect. It stays on all day. It leaves my face with a beautiful matte finish. Gosh Mineral Powder is official one of my most wanted makeup!

gosh brow gel

Defining Brow Gel – This is like mascara for your brows that helps to darken and define the hairs, while keeping them in place. I found this a little tricky to use. It wasn’t shaped the right way to allow me to use it properly. I would rather just use a brow pencil and a clear gel, so I have more control.

gosh mascara

Double Precision Mascara – I am so over double ended mascara. This one is made with the same thin brush for lower lashes and thick brush for longer lashes. The problem is I find them very hard to hold. The balance on the brush is all wrong. The mascara itself works great, but it’s the brush I don’t like.