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Conair Hot Ionic Straightening Brush

Everyone needs the Conair Hot Ionic Straightening Brush at home! If you listen to anything that I say this year, this should be it. This is without a doubt one of the best hair products that I have ever used.

My thick wavy hair is hard to tame on the best of days. When this brush landed on my doorstep, I’d been growing out a haircut that meant my hair was a variety of different lengths. I couldn’t rely on a ponytail. I was frustrated all of the time.

Enter this The Conair Hot Ionic Straightening Brush. It looks generally like a regular brush, only you have to plug it in and the bristles are thick and different lengths. I strongly recommend reading the instructions before using, even though it is fairly easy to use. You do have to brush your hair thoroughly with a regular brush before you start with the Conair brush.

All you have to do to use this hair straightener is brush it through your hair like regular. Be careful to not press too tightly into your scalp. The bristles get hot, so you can easily burn yourself if you aren’t careful.

You will see results by just brushing through your hair like normal. A light brushing will help to smooth and tame frizz and flyaways.

If you want straighter hair, just hold your hair at the end and brush through slower. You don’t have to go very slow, just more carefully. Even with my thick hair, it took less than a minute to straighten my hair. This is straight with body too. I didn’t lose the thickness or volume of my hair, just the waves. I even had people asking if I had been to the salon.

I used to straighten my hair maybe once every two weeks. It was something that I did when I had some extra time. Now that I have this brush, I can go from curly to straight whenever I want.

This is by far my favourite tool that I have ever used! Buy one for yourself, buy one for a friend, everyone needs one!

Kiss InstaWave Review

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Kiss InstaWave
Ever since I first saw a curling device that sucked your hair in and did all the work I’ve wanted to try one. When Kiss offered to send us one for a review I was so excited, until my hair dresser mentioned she’d be terrified of burning her hair off. So with that in mind, we decided to try it together just in case.
Kiss Instawave instructions
The InstaWave directions make it sound so easy. Hold it vertical to the hair you want to curl, push a button, hold it and let it go. Done? Not quite. There’s a definite learning curve to using the InstaWave. First, this thing packs some serious heat and it gets there in seconds. Make sure you have somewhere safe you can put it down if you need to. Second, you have to make sure to put your hair in the slot on the iron. This wasn’t in the instructions and it took a couple minutes before we could figure it out properly.

Kiss instawave curling
In the middle of curling

Then you have to decide what kind of curl you want. The InstaWave rotates in two directions and gives you completely different curls depending on what button you push. And finally, you need to know that doing the back of your hair is going to be almost impossible on your own. There’s no way that I can see where you can hold it vertical at the back of your head and push a button.

Kiss InstaWave Alyssa done
Alyssa’s finished curls

Between the two of us we got some pretty decent curls. And we definitely learned a few tricks, the first being that whatever hair is even remotely the iron, it’ll suck in and you’re better off just letting it and separating the curls after. I also loved the curls a lot more when I started in the middle of my hair and just let it suck the bottom part up. It was more beachy wave that way and less Shirley Temple.

Kiss instawave Steph done
Stephanie’s finished curls

Was the Kiss InstaWave as amazing as I was hoping? No. But I would definitely use it again to curl my hair. Once you get the hang of it, it seems to be easier than a regular curling iron.

For more information on Kiss InstaWave you can go to their website, www.KISSInstaWave.com.