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Winter Hair Most Wanted

These winter hair most wanted products will help you say goodbye to frizz, get smoother hair and manage those locks this winter.


L’Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil Hair Collection – You’ve probably already tried, or at least heard of, the original Mythic Oil for hair. I didn’t know that there was a whole line of Mythic Oil products just waiting for my hair. I tried the Shampoo, Masque and Oil Detangling Spray all with the same Mythic Oil care for my locks. I found the whole collection very soft and moisturizing on my hair. After using the collection my hair looked because and was really easy to manage.


Pureology Style & Care Smooth Perfection Infusion – Lately I haven’t had great luck with pre-blow dry frizz products. It took my a long time to dare to use this product. I love that it’s a gel and cream combo – a styler and a leave-in conditioner. I think it’s that combination that helped it work to keep my hair looking great for longer. I did find that it made me have to wash my hair sooner than usual, because it got greasy faster. But that said it was great from wash to wash.


Redken Pillow Proof Blow-Dry Collection – Redken wants to help keep your blow out for a few days longer with their new Pillow Proof collection. I tried the combo of the Express Treatment Primer and the Two Day Extender Dry Shampoo. The primer was supposed to help your hair blow dry faster than usual. I’m not entirely sure that it worked, because I don’t blow dry my hair enough to know the regular amount of time. But my hair did feel and look great afterwards, so I will call that a win. The dry shampoo is your average dry shampoo. It left my hair looking good for at least two more days. It’s also nice and cool and smells good! Bonus!


Pantene Pro-V Intense Repair Collection – I don’t really think that my hair is damaged, but you can never protect your hair too much can you? It smells and feels like something that you would get in a salon. It’s luxurious feeling and leaves your hair very soft. I don’t know about the damage, but I definitely have less frizz and more silky hair that i don’t have to throw in a ponytail to hide. It will be perfect for protecting my hair from those sub-zero temperatures.


Invisibobble Hair Ring – These little spiral hair ties have an interesting back story. They were inspired by phone cords, back in the day when people had home phones. They are meant to give you less headaches, stop that annoying hair crimp and be simple to use. I find them a bit clunky, but they are definitely softer on my hair. They don’t feel like they are hold my hair so tight it hurts. I kept thinking that they were falling out. It’s a weird feeling to get used to, but you just have to trust the Invisibobble. It could change your ponytails forever.

Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Hair Oils

Herbal Essences has gone wild with their new Wild Naturals hair care collections. The collections all include an interesting and new ingredient to help your hair feel fresher, look more radiant and shiny. While the shampoos and conditioners are on par with all of Herbal Essences other products, it’s the treatments that accompany them that make them interesting. I tried their two new hair oils to see how they made my locks feel.

oil elixir

Rejuvenating Oil Elixir – I would definitely recommend using this oil on damp hair before drying or styling to add some lasting moisture. It helps to strengthen damaged hair and add serious moisture with the new addition of Turkish figs and cassia flowers. At first I didn’t think much of this oil. My hair looked fine. It was only when I stopped using it and let the humidity at my hair that I saw the difference. All week my hair had been frizz free, smooth and manageable. Seriously, when does that ever happen?


Illuminating Dry Oil – Like your other favourite oils this hair oil gives you great shine, but in a spray version. I actually love having an oil in a spray. Sometimes I hate having to pour the oil out in my hand and spread it through my hair. It can be hard to spread and messy. This eliminates all of that. I wish there was more to it than just great shine though, because sometimes shine is not enough. If you want a power duo, use it with the elixir because then you will have the best of both worlds.

Nisim Fast Shampoo & Conditioner

nisim fast shampoo and conditioner

I have never had long hair until now. Growing up I always had short hair. In high school and college, I kept my hair in a bob. Only now have I wanted to know what it’s like to have hair long enough for a cute top bun or even a braid.

It’s pretty timely that this is the time when I get the Nisim F.A.S.T. Shampoo and Conditioner. F.A.S.T. stands for Fortified Amino Scalp Therapy. If you are anything like me, those big words mean nothing to you. When you learn more you find out that this collection is for people with longer hair. It contains the natural ingredients for healthy hair growth. It helps to strengthen your hair to help it grow longer and stronger faster. This means I can be at my long flowing hair goal even quicker.

I don’t know if this shampoo and conditioner is making my hair grow faster or stronger. I feel like this is something that would take a long time to judge and I only have one bottle.

I can tell you that my scalp feels great. I had been suffering with a dry winter scalp. When I started using the Nisim F.A.S.T. Shampoo and Conditioner my scalp started feeling so much better. The herbal smell of the shampoo and conditioner helped me know that it was the more natural products in this line calming my skin.

I will have to let you know if my hair starts growing longer faster any time soon!

Live Clean Hair Care Review


If you are anything like me, you probably haven’t ever considered the Live Clean line of hair care products. It’s nothing against the brand, but they aren’t a line that I think of when I consider high quality hair care. They’re an affordable, eco-friendly line. I had their hair care products lingering around for a while before I gave them a try.

Finally one day, I pulled them out of the bag and decided to give them a shot. First, I applied the Live Clean Professional Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil. I applied the Live Clean pre-shampoo treatment to my hair about 5 minutes before my shower. This light oil felt like it was getting instantly absorbed into my hair. I was worried that I used too much, but I have thick hair so it can handle it.


I hopped in the shower and rinsed it out. I then washed my hair like normal using the Age Resist Shampoo and Conditioner. These hair care products are supposed to nourish, strengthen and hydrate hair with natural ingredients like rosehip oil and berries. Honestly, I didn’t notice a difference from my normal shampoo and conditioner.

After the shower, I applied the Keratin Oil Leave-In Treatment and threw my hair up in a bun. I fell asleep with my wet hair still up in a bun a little while later. At some point during the night, I woke up and pulled the bun out of my hair because it was annoying me.

When I woke up I stumbled around getting dressed without looking in the mirror. I eventually dragged myself into the bathroom to deal with my mane. I looked in the mirror and my hair looked amazing. I didn’t even have to brush it. I ran my fingers through it a bit, but it was perfect.

My hair is big, wavy and has crazy volume. Usually all of the products in my arsenal can’t tame my hair. If I fall asleep with my hair still wet… forget about it. This had to be a fluke. But it wasn’t, it happened again and again. This wasn’t a fluke. Live Clean is the real deal! I don’t even know how to express my joy after using Live Clean. My hair has never looked so good all on its own.

O&M Hair Care Review


The first time I visited O&M’s website, I was hooked. O&M stands for Original Mineral. This Australian hair care brand believes that your hair is better being free from stress. They started with clean hair colour, but their product range is so much more than that now.

Since I couldn’t choose just one or even two products, O&M’s brilliant publicist sent me their Mini Minerals collection that has five travel size products from the range. The set includes the Original Detox Shampoo, Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo, Hydrate & Conquer Conditioner, The Power Base Protein Masque and Seven Day Miracle Moisture Masque.

I started with the Detox shampoo to refresh my hair. The shampoo is minty and refreshing in the shower. It smells strong and made my scalp tingly. My hair felt clean, but not dry and stripped.

The Hydrate & Conquer line is more of your everyday shampoo & conditioner. It has a mellow scent and is packed full of vitamins. My hair loved the conditioner. I was surprised by how runny the O&M products were. They were almost watery in their consistency.

The masques were my final test. I loved these and so did my hair. They were thick and sweet smelling. They absorbed right into my hair when I applied them. I could almost feel my hair sucking in all of the nutrients. My hair felt silky smooth once it was all rinsed. I will be seriously disappointed when I run out of these minis.

Murdoch Mysteries Georgina Reilly Talks Makeup


British actress Georgina Reilly has gained the hearts of Canadians as Dr. Emily Grace on Murdoch Mysteries. While we wait for the new season to return to television, you can meet Georgina and her cast mates at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto on August 28 – 31. We caught up with the Murdoch Mysteries star to talk about her makeup most wanted.

What is your everyday morning beauty routine like?

I wake up and drink a big glass of water, I wash my face with Oil of Olay foaming wash, it’s simple and not drying. If any makeup is left from the night before I use pure coconut oil to remove it. Then I moisturize with Skin Drink from Pure+Simple. If it is a sunny day I will put on sunscreen before applying my makeup!

pure and simple skin drink

What is your budget friendly beauty secret?

Coconut Oil – I found most eye makeup removers made my eyes sore, but coconut oil takes off anything and gives your eyes moisture too. You can buy a huge jar of it in most health food stores and it lasts forever.

How do you keep your hair looking gorgeous?

A good hair cut. I rarely blow dry my hair. With all the hot rollers and curling irons that are used on the show I try to give my hair a break on my days off. I love MoroccanOil hair treatments every once in a while, but other than that I let it do its thing.

Do you have any products or treatments that you splurge on?

I love to splurge on a good facial and my favourite so far is Pure+Simple’s Super Hydrating Facial, so good for dry skin and they give you an amazing scalp massage and that other type of massage I can never say properly…decolletage!?


What is your latest beauty obsession?

LIPSTICKS. I can’t buy enough of them. I love bright colours. I just bought Heroine by MAC, its a beautiful bright purple.

What are 5 products that are always in your makeup bag and you can’t live without and why?

Lip Balm – my lips tend to get dry/I’m addicted to the taste.
Blush – it always gives you a little brightness when you are running around all day.
Concealer – in case I am a little tired looking that day.
Lipstick I have on that day – bright colours fade easily after eating and drinking so it’s always nice to be able to touch up the colour after.
Sunscreen – stay protected!

Coloured Hair Most Wanted

Want to protect your coloured hair in the summer? It seems like everything in the summer from the sun to pools to smog is attacking your hair and making my new colour look dull. Here is what I have been using on my coloured hair to keep it looking great.

framesi shampoo

Framesi Color Lover Shampoo & Conditioner

I had never heard of this salon brand of shampoo and conditioner either, but Framesi gives you a more natural way to care for coloured hair. I’ve been using the Smooth Shine collection and it’s actually making my colour look better than before. I didn’t even know that was possible. I love the list of ingredients that includes quinoa, aloe vera and coconut oil. I wouldn’t eat weird ingredients, so why would I put it on my hair.

precious oils

L’Oreal Paris Precious Oils Color Radiance

You probably already use some kind of oil on your hair either before you wash, after or during styling, but none of them takes care of your colour like this one. L’Oreal’s Color Radiance Oil does the same things as all of those other hair oils, while protecting your colour and making it really pop too. Use it with care to handle frizz without greasy summer locks. Use it with a light hand though because it can go greasy in the summer, so less is more.

marc anthony conditioner

Marc Anthony Miracle Frizz-Smoother Leave-In Conditioner

As a part of the Color Care collection, this spray conditioner gives you amazingly smooth hair. I don’t often blow dry my hair at home, because it’s a pain. If you are like me, use this before you do blow dry because it will ensure that you get sexy smooth hair just like in the salon.


Kevin Murphy Angel Masque

When it’s finally time to pamper your hair, get this deep conditioner. Again, it is very natural with lotus flower, quinoa and bamboo extracts to strengthen your coloured hair. I liked it because it was no fuss and it left my hair feeling soft and strong.

How To Make Your Blow Out Last Longer


When I visited Blo Dry Bar, I fell in love with my blow out, but it was bittersweet. You have probably had the same experience. You get a great blow out, but it doesn’t last. So instead of fretting, I asked the pros at Blo Dry Bar how to make my blow dry last longer. Since every woman suffers the same issue, I decided to share their tips with you.

How to make your blow dry last longer:

Step 1 – A great way to make your ‘do last longer is to use dry shampoo in the morning. It not only absorbs natural oils and volumizes your hair when it is weighed down with oil and product, it also smells yummy! Celebs like Kelly Ripa and Jennifer Garner use dry shampoo to maintain their blo outs, and stylists use this style secret when coifing models for the runway. Spray at root around the head, lifting hair to get in close to the roots. Work through with brush and blast with the heat of a blow dryer. Style as usual.

Step 2 – At night, twist your hair on top of your head and clip or flip your head upside down and secure in a hairnet (remember to spray and bobby pin securely!) to keep your style bouncy. Rest your head on a satin pillowcase to prevent snags. Sleep.

Step 3 – If all else fails, there is always the perfect pony!

Other tips include:

• To prevent weighed down locks, start with uber-clean hair. Use a purifying shampoo and only a dab of conditioner on the ends of your hair. Make sure you choose your products according to your hair type. For finer hair, use product sparingly, for thicker hair be more generous.

• The key to a smooth mane is to make sure your hair is blown out completely dry and finished with a blast of cold air. Any moisture left in your hair will cause instant frizz. P.S. Always use shower cap when in the shower or bath!

• A little backcombing around your crown goes a long way when it comes to extending your blo out. An extra tease will ensure that your blo out stays red carpet-ready for days.

• Once styled, set your coif with a mist of Aerogel (our fave!) and don’t touch for 10 minutes. The longer your style sets, the longer it will last.