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June Makeup Most Wanted

Summer is in full swing and with it comes some fun new products that I have been enjoying. Check them out:

Tarte Glow With The Faux – I already love Tarte makeup, so it didn’t surprise me when I fell in love with their tanner as well. I have been trying to be really smart and good with my sunscreen this year, but I miss my tan. Just carefully apply this foam with the glove and you will have a beautiful dark tan. While it promises streak free colour, that doesn’t mean you can be too relaxed about applying. I almost ended up with streaks because I was being careless. So apply it as if you are very concerned.  My only issue with this tarte tanner is that my skin smelled like fake tanner for longer than usual. Most of the time the smell fades after you wash it off, but this lingered for a while. So stock up on body lotion that smells great and tan away!

Nuxe Nuxellence Eye Contour – Don’t judge a product by its size. This slim little eye cream is one of the best that I’ve ever used. This cream helps you get instant results for tired looking eyes. My under eyes instantly felt softer and more moisturized. The dark circles look less prominent and blend into my skin more. My eyes really seem to pop more in all the right ways.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump XXL Lip Plumping Gloss – Soap & Glory makeup is not common in Canada, but if you can get your hands on it, jump at the chance. This Pillow Plump lip gloss is one of my new faves that goes with me everywhere. It leaves a glossy clear (maybe slightly pink) finish on the outside, but what everyone can’t see is what’s happening on the inside. It has a “3XL Peptide Plump” ingredient that gives your lips a serious tingle. With that comes lips that look fuller than ever. It’s a look, and a feeling, that you are going to want to try for yourself!

Covergirl Vitalist Elixir Foundation – Sometimes you just need a good, trustworthy foundation without all of the tricks. This new Covergirl foundation is exactly that. It just gives you a great finish on your skin that looks natural. It’s nice to know that sometimes there are brands that you can just trust to make reliable products.

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid 2

I’m a big supporter of The Face Shop. I’ve loved every product that I have tried since they came to Canada. That’s why I wanted to share my disappointment in the Ink Lipquid products.

Everything about this product should be great. The containers look great. The shades of this lip colour are amazing. Seriously, the shades are vibrant and bold in all of the right ways.

When you pull the wand out of the product, you will notice the first flaw. The smell is not appealing! It’s something between actual ink and paint. It smells like something you would put on the wall, not your lips.

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid

I applied it anyways, because I am brave, crazy and hopefully. The product is very runny. It doesn’t want to stay in place on my lips, but it also doesn’t want to spread easily. It is a funny conundrum.

The worst part is the taste! I know, you aren’t supposed to take your lipstick. It’s inevitable, especially because of how runny the product is. When this Face Shop lip ink gets in your mouth it is honestly, disgusting. It tastes horrible. It’s not something you can easily get over.

If the colours were bold and beautiful on my lips, I might forgive it. The colour is very pale on my lips, maybe because of how thin the formula is.

Whatever the reason, this is a skippable product in my books. It’s ok though, because there are so many other amazing products from The Face Shop that I won’t have any problem finding something wonderful.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss!

rimmel oh my glossFor the past year it’s been all about matte lips, but times are changing and things are looking glossy again. Rimmel has released 15 new shades of super shiny, high intensity lip gloss ready for fall. I tried two shades to see just how glossy they are!


I used the pink ‘Captivate Me’ and the golden nude ‘Non Stop Glamour’. I wore both of the alone and over top of my favourite lipsticks. I have to say Rimmel is winning me back over to the glossy side.

The Non Stop Glamour is so great even I want to kiss myself! My lips are irresistible! I just can’t stop looking at them. It’s the perfect shade to wear over any lipstick to give it added glam.

I do wish these lip glosses lasted a bit longer, but they are easy to bring along and reapply on the road.

I see gloss in your future!

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss

If you’ve never used the original Maybelline Baby Lips balm, stop reading this post go to your local store and buy one. Heck, buy two. Maybelline’s original Baby Lips lip balm is one of my favourite products to keep on hand for soft smooth lips. It’s affordable and effective. You can even smudge a little on your cheeks for a matching rosy glow.

Welcome back! Now that you love your new Baby Lips balm, it’s time to learn about the new expansion to the line: Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lips Gloss. In a few shimmering colours, you can now get the same soft lips in a glossy finish.

I tried three different colours, and since the gloss is fairly sheer, you will be safe with pretty much any colour you get. These lip glosses aren’t so bold that you need to worry about what colour matches your outfit.

I love the glossy shine on my lips from this version of Baby Lips. I have been stuck on matte lips for a long time, but this glossy finish could be my turning point back to shine. They are so shiny even I want to kiss them! They do stay tacky for a while, but it’s not overly sticky.

If I had one complaint about Maybelline’s new take on Baby Lips Lip Gloss, it’s that I wish it was more moisturizing. It doesn’t leave me with that soft smooth feel that the original does.

Rimmel London Fall 2014_Keep Calm and Lip Balm

For that feeling you must, I repeat MUST, try the new Baby Lips Keep Calm collection. This version of Baby Lips is even more packed full of moisturizing properties. The second I put on Keep Calm And Kiss, I was in love. This version is similar to the original in that, it’s still a lip balm. While it has a touch of tint, it doesn’t really offer any colour. It does give you that super soft lip feel. Since I got these at the same time, I have been wearing the Keep Calm And Kiss underneath my Moisturizing Lip Gloss for softness and shine. It’s a match made in Maybelline heaven.

Lancôme Lip Lover

Lancome Lip Lover
There are so few lip glosses that I’ll actually wear in the summer, I generally find them way too sticky and go for tinted lip balms or lip crayons instead. Lancôme’s Lip Lover is changing that. A new formula that combines intense colour, the feeling of a balm and the shine of a gloss but absolutely no stickiness. This is the new way to wear lip colour in the summer. It goes on like butter and even after the colour wears off you feel like you’re wearing a super hydrating lip balm. The fact that it smells delicious doesn’t hurt.

Lancome Lip Lover Swatches
Rose Des Nymphes, Abricot Tango, Bouquet Final

Rose Des Nymphes is a perfect mid tone rose shade for when you want to wear a bright lip shade but don’t want to go crazy. Abricot Tango is a great peachy shade for every day wear and Bouquet Final is a high gloss fuschia with a hint of purple that’s great for going out at night.
There are 11 other shades that means everyone will find a shade that’s perfect for them.

MAC Cosmetics PatentPolish Lip Pencil Review


MAC Cosmetics recently released their spring PatentPolish Lip Pencil that is made to have the look and feel of a lip gloss with the precision and look of a lip pencil. I started this spring thinking it would take me month to find a lip colour that I would love until the final drop; little did I know that this little lip pencil would fall into my lap.

MAC Cosmetics’ lip pencil is everything I want in a lipstick, lip gloss and lip pencil in one product. It’s really impressive.

The PatentPolish Lip Pencil comes in a twist up pencil style that is easy to apply. I’ve seen these types of lip pencil before, but they never impress me.

This time my pink PatentPolish made me smile the second I applied it. It’s not quite as dark as a regular lipstick, but it’s thicker than your average gloss. It is glossy, but it feels like a matte lipstick. It has combined all of my favourite things about different lip products and combined them in one stick.

The best part is that it also lasts a long time. It even lasted through my bike ride to work, so I didn’t have to apply before I walked in the door.

Good job MAC Cosmetics! You brought the best of all worlds of lip products into one stick!

Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss Review


Stila has come out with a lip gloss that is over the top in all of the right ways. Stila’s new Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss is ultra-glossy and ultra-shiny giving me lips that really do look vinyl. The bright pink and red lip glosses give me a bold high shine that just won’t quit.

When I first applied the Stila Lip Gloss I was surprised. Sure, the gloss colour looks bold in the bottle, but wearing it takes it to a whole new level. It’s rare that a lip gloss is just as colourful and bright as in the bottle. It’s not sheer, but a solid bright pink hue. I have to admit though, that while it’s a bit crazy, this lip gloss is hot, hot, hot!

It’s not easily removable either. My pink lips stayed for hours before I needed to reapply.

So if you want to make an impact next time you go out, this Stila lip gloss is the crucial ingredient.