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Sassy Lips Review

If you’re looking for a way to impress your friends next time you pull out your lipstick, check out Sassy Lips. Their lipstick may not look like much from the black box, but when you open the lipstick, I promise you will be shocked.


Sassy Lips Keep Em Guessing is a color changing lipstick line that is a brilliant shade in the container and on your lips. Each shade changes with your PH balance, so this lipstick could be slightly different on each person and even on different days. The green ‘My Life RN’ turns into a fuchsia, ‘So Many Feelings’ is a black lipstick that turns to a wine tone, and ‘No Chill Zone’ goes from blue to mauve.

Then you have the Sassy Lips Make The Moment lipstick collection. This one is also a colour changer, but in a different way. These clear lipsticks have dried flowers and gold flecks inside. Each of the sticks turn to a glossy pink tint that is really moisturizing.

Sassy Lips lipstick may not be the most long lasting or brightest colours, but it is the most impressive lipstick you can pull out of your bag.

Too Faced Lip Insurance Glossy Quickie Review

Too Faced Lip Insurance Glossy

Nothing is more frustrated than losing your lip colour minutes after leaving the house. Glossy lip colours seem to be more of a culprit of this than matte products. Enter Too Faced, who clearly feel my pain. For some reason, I’ve had many lipsticks lately that just won’t last. When I start with the Lip Insurance though, they double their wear time. I’m not saying it they last all day, but it gives them a serious boost. I can just imagine what will happen when I pair it with an already amazing lipstick. For now, this is my lipstick saver.

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid 2

I’m a big supporter of The Face Shop. I’ve loved every product that I have tried since they came to Canada. That’s why I wanted to share my disappointment in the Ink Lipquid products.

Everything about this product should be great. The containers look great. The shades of this lip colour are amazing. Seriously, the shades are vibrant and bold in all of the right ways.

When you pull the wand out of the product, you will notice the first flaw. The smell is not appealing! It’s something between actual ink and paint. It smells like something you would put on the wall, not your lips.

The Face Shop Ink Lipquid

I applied it anyways, because I am brave, crazy and hopefully. The product is very runny. It doesn’t want to stay in place on my lips, but it also doesn’t want to spread easily. It is a funny conundrum.

The worst part is the taste! I know, you aren’t supposed to take your lipstick. It’s inevitable, especially because of how runny the product is. When this Face Shop lip ink gets in your mouth it is honestly, disgusting. It tastes horrible. It’s not something you can easily get over.

If the colours were bold and beautiful on my lips, I might forgive it. The colour is very pale on my lips, maybe because of how thin the formula is.

Whatever the reason, this is a skippable product in my books. It’s ok though, because there are so many other amazing products from The Face Shop that I won’t have any problem finding something wonderful.

Lush Valentine’s Day Collection 2016

Lush Valentine's 2016I always look forward to any kind of holiday collection from Lush and considering how much I enjoyed their Valentine’s Day products last year, I was really happy they brought most of them back and added a few, even more pink products.
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Lush Unicorn Horn 2016
I was really happy they brought back Unicorn Horn, its super calming lavender and neroli scent is great and this one isn’t quite as sparkly as last year. It’s a really good size, so you’ll be able to break it up and get a few really bubbly baths out of it.
Prince Charming Shower Cream
Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel
Prince Charming is another returning product but instead of a shower gel, this year it’s a shower cream. From what I can tell, shower creams are pretty much the same as the gels, only a little more moisturizing. Either way, the delicious pomegranate-vanilla scent is the same and I’m going to be using this one pretty fast (and maybe stocking up on some more).
Roses All The Way Soap
Lush Roses All The Way
I love anything with rose in it, so I was thrilled to get this soap. I wish it was part of the permanent line up. It’s on the creamier side of the Lush soaps and the shape is so pretty, but a little difficult to work with. I actually cut it up into chunks to make it easier to use but other than the shape, this is basically my ideal Lush soap. Soft, creamy and smelling like roses.
The Kiss Lip Gloss
Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss
The Kiss was released last year in a tub and I still have a little left, even though it expires soon. This year’s version is almost exactly the same but in a tube. It has the same super sweet almond and tangerine scent and flavour with a hint of pink and shimmer. This one feels a little grainy going on but it smooths out and feels really moisturizing. I adore the fact that it’s in a tube and I hope this is a trend that Lush continues. One of the reasons I don’t buy their lip balms is because of the tubs.
The Kiss Lip Scrub
Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub
While I love Lush’s Lip Scrubs, the only flavour I’ve ever liked is Mint Juleps. But now that I have The Kiss, I have another one to love. It’s a pretty similar mandarin scent as The Kiss lip gloss but it also has edible red hearts in it. It’s scrubby, but not harsh and leaves your lips feeling really soft. The combination of The Kiss Lip Scrub, followed by the lip gloss, is basically perfection.

While I really liked Lush’s Valentine’s collection last year, I’m full on in love with it this year. I just wish some of these products were permanent.

Rimmel Oh My Gloss!

rimmel oh my glossFor the past year it’s been all about matte lips, but times are changing and things are looking glossy again. Rimmel has released 15 new shades of super shiny, high intensity lip gloss ready for fall. I tried two shades to see just how glossy they are!


I used the pink ‘Captivate Me’ and the golden nude ‘Non Stop Glamour’. I wore both of the alone and over top of my favourite lipsticks. I have to say Rimmel is winning me back over to the glossy side.

The Non Stop Glamour is so great even I want to kiss myself! My lips are irresistible! I just can’t stop looking at them. It’s the perfect shade to wear over any lipstick to give it added glam.

I do wish these lip glosses lasted a bit longer, but they are easy to bring along and reapply on the road.

I see gloss in your future!

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss

Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss
I’m not a huge lip gloss person because I find most of them too sticky and kind of uncomfortable when they wear off but I’ve loved every Make Up For Ever lip product I’ve tried so I was more than willing to give their new Artist Plexi-Gloss a try. Plexi-Gloss has a really different applicator than most glosses, it’s split and takes a little getting used to but I ended up loving it. I didn’t find the formula too sticky, although it did have a little stickiness to it but it ended up feeling really comfortable and lasted a good hour one me before I noticed any fading.
205P Pearly Rose (Sheer)
Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi Gloss 205P Pearly Rose Sheer
205P isn’t quite as bright as it looks in the tube and it also isn’t completely sheer but it’s a great mid tone rose that’ll probably look great on any skin tone.
501 Purple (Opaque)
Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss 501 Purple Opaque
501 is not a shade I would ever choose on my own but it actually looked pretty good on me. It’s so opaque that it’s more like a lipstick and the pigmentation is incredible. I liked it so much I’m going to try to work up the nerve to wear it out more often.
Make Up For Ever Artist Plexi-Gloss Swatches
Both the shades I tried had gorgeous colour and shine and were extremely comfortable to wear and with 35 shades to pick from, I have a feeling my biggest issue won’t be whether or not to wear Plexi-Gloss but how to pick from all the pretty colours.

SST Quintessential Collection Review

SST Quintessential Collection Box
We’re always looking for new Canadian makeup companies and if the makeup happens to be free of harsh chemicals like SST’s, it’s a bonus. The Quintessential collection consists of two eyeshadow duos, an eyeshadow single, a lipstick and a lip polish (lip gloss). Even though this is SST’s spring line, the shades are also perfect for summer.
SST Quintessential Collection
We tried half of the collection starting with the Mild Eyeshadow Combo. At first glance the neutral beige and gold shimmer shades weren’t all that exciting to me but the shadows are so great to work with and easy to blend that I started using them quite a bit during the day. These shadows last a really long time.

SST Quintessential Collection Swatches
Vital, Stripped, Mild Combo

Next up was the Stripped Hydrating Lipstick. I love this shade and it has so many great things in it like grape seed oil and cocoa butter that I was really expecting a super creamy lipstick. What I got was a grainy lipstick too uncomfortable to wear for longer than an hour which is too bad because this pink-nude is probably a great shade for a ton of skin tones. It’s a little better if you add the lip polish over it so I’ve been doing that.

High Shine Lip Polish in Vital is pretty aptly named because it’s definitely the most need product in the Quintessential collection. This soft plum lip gloss is really creamy and doesn’t get sticky, it even passed the hair in wind test. It lasts for a pretty decent amount of time but since it’s not sticky or gloopy I don’t mind reapplying.

I was really impressed with SST cosmetics for the most part and I can’t wait to try more products from them.

Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-in-Oil

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil Box
Most lip products are pretty straightforward. Lipstick, gloss, crayon, lacquer, etc.. But I’ve never come across anything quite like Yves Saint Laurent’s Volupté Tint-in-Oil.
YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil Open
These tubes pretty much do it all. They go on like a super sheer tinted lip balm but with a light oil texture that actually feels a lot more hydrating than most balms I’ve used. Once the oil wears off, you’re left with a lip stain that’s quite a bit deeper than when you first apply it. I noticed a difference in colour between swatch on my arm and wearing it on my lips and I’m thinking there’s something in it that’ll adjust the colour so it suits you better.

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil Swatches
I Rose You, Cherry My Cherie, Crush Me Orange

If you want to keep the hydration but want to change up the colour a bit, I’ve tried wearing these over lip liner and and my lips don’t dry out at all.

I’m not a fan of how sticky lip gloss can be and these don’t have any stickiness at all. Add in the tinted stain and I’m definitely going to be wearing Volupté Tint-in-Oil all summer.

MAC Is Beautiful Collection

MAC Is Beauty
I both love and hate when MAC releases a limited edition collection. Love, because I always find something new to fall in love with. And hate, because I know it’s going away after a seriously limited run. MAC’s Is Beautiful collection is a perfect example. It’s already online and in stores but gone as of May 15. This collection is massive and has way too many things to list so here’s what we got.
MAC Is Beauty SwatchesSmall Eye Shadow in Wow Factor: This is called a medium lavender (satin) but even on my fair skin it’s more of a light. It’s really pretty though and perfect for spring.

Pro Longwear Fluidline in Siahi: I’ve been wearing a lot of dark blue eyeliner lately and this deep ocean blue is the perfect addition. It goes on so smoothly and lasts forever. I’m going to have to be stingy with this pot, but I know I’m going to use it a lot.

Lipstick in Pure Vanity: I didn’t think I would like this pale peach nude (lustre) as much as I do. It’s perfect for my fair skin tone and feels amazing and so comfortable.

Cremesheen Glass in Star Quality: I love the Cremesheen Glass way more than regular Lip Glass ever since I tried the holiday collection. Star Quality is called bright pink but it has a little coral tinge to it that’s so flattering on me and I love the lack of stickiness.

I wish Siahi and Star Quality were permanent members of the MAC collection but while I’m wearing them this spring, I can’t wait to see what MAC has coming for us next.

Lush Valentine’s Day Most Wanted

Lush Valentine's 2015
I’m not really a Valentine’s person but I’ll take any excuse for Lush to release new products. Their Valentine’s Day limited edition line has over a dozen new options, everything from lip scrubs to gifts and they all smell amazing. Everything is bright and cheery and there’s a lot of sparkle going on. These are our Most Wanted from the collection.
The Kiss Lip Gloss
Lush The Kiss Lip Balm
While I’m not a huge fan of sticking my fingers in tinted gloss or balm, The Kiss just has the barest hint of shimmery pink and it doesn’t bother me. It’s super moisturizing and smells incredibly good, it almost reminds me of Lip Smackers only better for my lips. I wish this one wasn’t limited edition because I’m pretty sure I’m going to want another one when this one is gone.
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Lush Unicorn Horn
I don’t think I’ve ever associated unicorns with Valentine’s Day before, but who doesn’t want one? This Unicorn Horn is so big you definitely don’t want to use it all on one bath, there’s a good chance you can get three or four baths out of this. And with it’s calming scent and little bit of glitter you’ll want to stock up on these.
Toucan Love Gift
Lush Toucan Love Gift
I loved the Toucan Love gift before I even opened it. The paper it’s wrapped in is just so cute. Inside you get a Prince Charming shower gel which has a pomegranate/vanilla scent (if you miss Snow Fairy you might want to try it) and Cupid’s Love soap which has a really fruity passion fruit scent. This would make the perfect gift for any girl or just to keep for yourself.

It’s so hard not to get attached to Lush’s limited edition products, especially when they’re this good. But them leaving just means more room for new stuff, so stock up on these while you can!