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Fall Skincare Most Wanted

Fall is my favourite time of year but it’s also the trickiest time for my crazy combination skin. I get greasy and dry patches all at the same time. It’s also not really time for a heavy duty moisturizer but my lightweight one just doesn’t feel like enough. Here’s how I’m changing up my skin care for fall this year.

Nivea Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes

There’s nothing I like more than a facial wipe but I’ve noticed some of them are drying out my skin a little more, now that it’s slightly less oily. Enter Nivea’s Creme Care wipes. These are super soft, get every bit of my makeup off and yet don’t leave my skin dried out. I would even go so far as to say they’re comforting. I’m going to be using these all winter.

m-61 PowerGlow Peel

The word peel has always terrified me in terms of exfoliation. My skin is so sensitive that burning is always a fear in the back of my mind but at the same time, I love trying new things and I figured if I had a bad experience with these, I could always hand them off to Steph. To my absolute shock, not only did these exfoliating wipes, not burn, they barely even tingled. The glycolic and salicylic acid wipes also have vitamin K, bilberry and chamomile and are meant to help reduce pore size, reduce the appearance of fine lines, help dry patches and basically just even out your skin tone. Boy, do I love when things work as promised. My dry patches are way smaller, my skin is more even and my pores, well, they’re never going to look great, but they look a little better.

L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Overnight Perfecting Mask

On nights that my skin needs a little more, something, I use this overnight mask from L’Occitane and wake up with brighter, smoother skin. To say this mask is perfecting is kind of a perfect description. I’ve even used it mid-afternoon to get nicer looking skin for a night out. You can buy these individually or in a six pack but you really don’t need a lot. I can get three or four uses out of a pod and just tape it shut until I’m ready to use it again.

Tarte Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant

With fall comes more liquid lipsticks and my lips are pretty much a mess, thanks to certain ones I’ve been testing out. Eventually I’ll do a lip scrub post but lately the only one working for me has been Tarte’s Pout Prep. It gives me a really good sugar scrub while the maracuja and shea butter moisturize. I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to stock up on these for winter.

Olay Age Defying Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Finding a good moisturizer for fall always seems to be an issue for me. Either they’re too moisturizing in spots or not enough in others. So far, Olay’s gel moisturizer is doing the job really well. It’s lightweight and oil-free, which is great for the oily parts of my skin and the hyaluronic acid is good for the drier parts. Will I be able to use it into winter? I’m not sure yet. But considering September in Toronto still feels like summer, this refreshing gel-cream will last me a while.

Lush Valentine’s Day Collection 2016

Lush Valentine's 2016I always look forward to any kind of holiday collection from Lush and considering how much I enjoyed their Valentine’s Day products last year, I was really happy they brought most of them back and added a few, even more pink products.
Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar
Lush Unicorn Horn 2016
I was really happy they brought back Unicorn Horn, its super calming lavender and neroli scent is great and this one isn’t quite as sparkly as last year. It’s a really good size, so you’ll be able to break it up and get a few really bubbly baths out of it.
Prince Charming Shower Cream
Lush Prince Charming Shower Gel
Prince Charming is another returning product but instead of a shower gel, this year it’s a shower cream. From what I can tell, shower creams are pretty much the same as the gels, only a little more moisturizing. Either way, the delicious pomegranate-vanilla scent is the same and I’m going to be using this one pretty fast (and maybe stocking up on some more).
Roses All The Way Soap
Lush Roses All The Way
I love anything with rose in it, so I was thrilled to get this soap. I wish it was part of the permanent line up. It’s on the creamier side of the Lush soaps and the shape is so pretty, but a little difficult to work with. I actually cut it up into chunks to make it easier to use but other than the shape, this is basically my ideal Lush soap. Soft, creamy and smelling like roses.
The Kiss Lip Gloss
Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss
The Kiss was released last year in a tub and I still have a little left, even though it expires soon. This year’s version is almost exactly the same but in a tube. It has the same super sweet almond and tangerine scent and flavour with a hint of pink and shimmer. This one feels a little grainy going on but it smooths out and feels really moisturizing. I adore the fact that it’s in a tube and I hope this is a trend that Lush continues. One of the reasons I don’t buy their lip balms is because of the tubs.
The Kiss Lip Scrub
Lush The Kiss Lip Scrub
While I love Lush’s Lip Scrubs, the only flavour I’ve ever liked is Mint Juleps. But now that I have The Kiss, I have another one to love. It’s a pretty similar mandarin scent as The Kiss lip gloss but it also has edible red hearts in it. It’s scrubby, but not harsh and leaves your lips feeling really soft. The combination of The Kiss Lip Scrub, followed by the lip gloss, is basically perfection.

While I really liked Lush’s Valentine’s collection last year, I’m full on in love with it this year. I just wish some of these products were permanent.

All Natural Scrubs Most Wanted

All natural face and body scrubs are one of my favourite trends right now! I love exfoliating and scrubbing my skin with all natural products that are good for my skin and the earth. Here is a roundup of some scrubs that I am in love with that you need to try now!

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub – Sugar scrubs are nothing new, but now there are more options than ever.  Get the feeling of being in the tropics. The smell of coconut and lime hits you right when you open the container. Tree Hut has used a whole shelf of beautiful smelling natural oils and shea butter to keep this scrub soft and moisturizing. It will leave your skin moist with a hint of that tropical smell that will linger with you wherever you go.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub – While it’s not new to the market, this lip scrub is still one of our favourite products. Lips feeling dry, flaky or cracked? This sweet treat is the one that we keep in our arsenal. You apply some of the sugar scrub onto your lips and rub it all over. The minty flavour brings a freshness to your mouth. After you are done, you just lick the sugar off for a sweet finish.  Your lips will feel soft and refreshed.

Jealous Body Scrub

Jealous Body Scrub – I’ve never been so excited as I was to try this coffee and coconut scrub. When you open this package it’s like opening a fresh package of coffee. The smell of freshly ground coffee is amazing! Using this scrub is another matter. It’s a messy job applying this scrub to wet skin. I’m not sure how most people can leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes without rinsing. Do I stand there in the tub with the water off because I’m worried it’s too messy to walk around the house? I left it on for as long as I could before getting bored and scrubbing it off. My skin felt oh so soft and I could smell the fresh coffee lingering in the air.

Royal Apothic Balmies & Scrubbies

royal apothic balmie and scrubbie

Have you heard of Royal Apothic? Don’t worry if you haven’t. I hadn’t heard of them until recently either. Consider this your introduction to your next big beauty obsession: Scrubbies and Balmies. Seriously does it get any cuter than those names?

These are the lip scrubs and lip balms from indie makeup line Royal Apothic. They come in great scents like the sweet and creamy Strawberry Cream and the subtle and pretty Earl Grey that I received.

The Scrubbies are sweet sugar scrubs. You just apply a little on your lips and scrub. This Scrubbie couldn’t have come at a better time. My lips are getting pretty dry as winter comes to an end. This Scrubbie is getting me through the remainder of the season. A little goes a long way luckily because the tubes are not nearly big enough. I need a giant sized Scrubbie that will last me a lifetime.

Follow up your scrub with the Balmie lip conditioner. This isn’t your other lip balms that are thick or sticky. This conditioner is a thin layer of lovely moisture. My lips feel so smooth and soft.

Seriously try these, your lips will thank you!

Bliss Fabulips Pout-O-Matic

Bliss Pout-O-Matic Review
I’m a huge fan of lip scrubs, but I find them a little messy. Luckily the Pout-O-Matic from Bliss takes all the messiness out of smoothing your lips and does it in a super gentle way. At first glance the Pout-O-Matic seems a little complicated and more like an electric toothbrush than a lip scrubber but once you put it together it all makes sense. The kit comes with the exfoliating tool, a replacement polishing head, a Fabulips sugar lip scrub and a battery (make sure you get everything in your kit, we saw one that was missing the scrub).

You really only need to use the tiniest amount of scrub on the polishing head and I mean tiny. Whatever you’re planning on using, use less. You can always add more later. You use the Pout-O-Matic much like you would use a Clarisonic or any kind of electric face cleanser. You put the scrub on the polishing head, turn it on and go over your lips in a circular motion for 30 seconds.

I happened to use it as I was getting over a cold and my lips were completely chapped. The Pout-O-Matic didn’t completely fix my lips on the first try but it got rid of the worst of the problems. Subsequent uses totally smoothed out my lips and left them really soft. I also found I was using less lip balm after the fact. Using a machine like this to get smooth lips might seem a little extreme but it’s a really easy, non messy way to get your lips ready for all your matte lipstick.