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Weekend Getaway Makeup Most Wanted

When you are heading out of town with friends or maybe for a romantic weekend away, you don’t want to have to pack your whole arsenal of makeup. Here’s a little glimpse at some of the things I packed to hit the road for a weekend in Boston!


The Face Shop Mango Seed Cleansing Wipes – Everything about these wipes is moisturizing. I have been addicted to these wipes this summer because they are perfect no matter where the day takes you. The moisturizing wipes are perfect after a long day in the sun to dry out your face. They do leave a little bit of a residue, but it didn’t bother me most of the time. Everything feels nice and dewy.


Leonor Greyl Luxury Travel Kit – I hate going away and not being able to take my favourite shampoo and conditioner with me. This travel kit is really the next best thing. It comes with a shampoo, conditioning mask and oil. My first thought was, why do I want a hair mask while I’m on vacation? It’s nice because you can cheat and use it like a regular conditioner as well. When I was away recently I became hooked on the oil, which is perfect on wet or dry hair. You can find this luxe set for volume, dry hair or curly hair (or even just pick up the travel size oil solo), so you can get exactly what you need.


Juara Candlenut Obsession Trio – Since you are in the shower, you also have to take care of that body. I don’t know what a candlenut is, but I can tell you I really am obsessed. This trio box has a Body Polish, Hydrating Shower Gel and Body Crème with this new scent. It’s got a mix of shea butter, coconut, and something musky underneath. It smells a bit like men’s soap. I can’t even describe it properly. All I know is it made this weekend away even better!


Sephora Collection Look Color In The Eye Brush Capsule – I hate travelling with my regular brushes. I always get worried I will lose them, break them or otherwise ruin them while on the road. This little brush capsule is perfect to take instead. It has all of the eye brushes I could ever want. The pretty capsule keeps them clean and protected in my luggage.


Mac Cosmetics She’s A Model Eyeshadow Palette – Lately MAC has released some crazy, bold and beautiful colours, but that doesn’t always work for my real life. Enter this palette. While the eye shadows can be worn together in more daring ways, it’s also work appropriate. You can use the nice neutral tones for the office once you get back to reality. Then glam up your look with the sparkly silvers or better yet, the daring teal eye shadow. This collection also comes with some bright pink lipsticks and nail polishes, so there will be no shortage of colour when you enter the room.


Essence Pure Nude Highlighter – Get a little shimmer and shine with the new highlighter powder from essence. I’ve gotten really into powders this summer. The idea of wearing heavy foundation in the heat is just too much for my skin. This highlighter has been good to add back a little shine where I want. I think that highlighters are seriously under-used makeup, at least by me. I have been applying this highlighter on my cheeks above my cheek bones and nose for a little natural shine. Paired with my blush and bronzer, it gives me the natural glow you want, not the one you get on a humid summer day.

November Makeup Most Wanted

Where did December go? I know I am a few days late, but this year is going by so fast that I barely had time to blink before we were in the holiday season! If you are looking for some products to get prepped and ready for the holiday season, I’ve got you covered!

Sephora Collection Colourful Eyeshadow Filter Palette

Sephora Collection Colourful Eyeshadow Filter Palette in Sunbleached

I never know what eyeshadow colours to wear during the day at work. This palette has become my new best friend. The colours were inspired by a faded out Instagram filter, which is so much fun, but don’t buy it just because you love taking selfies. It’s the eyeshadow colours that you will really love! From the pale almost white of ‘Swan Song’ to the beige ‘Secret Boudoir’ the neutrals are my new favourite shadow base. After that you get into the pretty colours that will give you a look that is perfect for a workday. There is the shimmery rose of ‘Latergram’, the smoky purple of ‘Swell’, and the trusty brown of ‘#tbt’. I am in love with each and every one. With 10 different colours, there are enough different options for every day of the week.

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel & Night Pads

Say goodbye to bad skin with this Nip + Fab skin care collection. If you are tired of fretting over clogged pores, acne and rough skin, you NEED to try these products!!! These are some of my favourite products of the whole year! The Purifying Gel can be applied every night after you clean your face. This gel gives you an extra deep clean by unclogging pores and helping to clear up skin while you sleep. For an even tougher clean, add in the Night Pads a few nights a week for deeper clean. These products include glycolic acid (exfoliates and helps skin tone), salicylic acid (clears pores), lactic acid (removes toxins) and hyaluronic acids (hydrates). They are really amazing for making you feel proud of your skin. Put your best face forward!

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation

If you want to keep up your mission for amazing skin, after using the Nip + Fab collection, use this Maybelline foundation during the day. I haven’t had the best luck with finding the perfect Maybelline foundation until now. This foundation is meant to improve your skin by wearing it. It is supposed to reduce the look of acne, bumps, or redness. The second day that I wore it people started commenting on my skin. They were telling me that my skin looked great. I was getting compliments on my look. When I stopped using it, no other foundation gave me the same fixed and better than normal finish. I won’t be going long without it anymore.

yves rocher holiday nail polish

Yves Rocher Botanical Color Nail Polish Holiday Collection

Yves Rocher’s holiday nail polish collection is stunning. I am so bored with the average sparkly, glittery, gold and red nail polishes for the holiday season. Finally, there is something different. The Yves Rocher nail polish is full of pretty pale pastels with a hint of sparkle. There are also sleek nail polishes with a metallic finish. Frosted Pink, Frosted Green and Frosted Blue have tiny sparkles for a unique glitter finish. They also have a bit of a texture for something more diverse. Pearly Pink and Pearly Purple are smooth and rich. Now I just have to figure out how to pick just one!


The Body Shop Honey Bronze Face Gel

This bronzing gel looks intimidating, but don’t worry it’s not as dark and scary for your face as you might think. This bronzing gel is easy to apply all over your face for a quick bronze solution when the need strikes. Your complexion will determine how you apply. I’m fairly dark, so I just used a light hand to apply this gel directly to my face. If you have fair skin, you should mix it with your moisturizer to get a lighter more subtle bronze.

August Makeup Most Wanted

Summer is almost over, but instead of being sad, I am preparing. I am getting ready for fall with a whole bunch of new products that are getting my skin ready for the cold weather coming. Bring it on fall because these products are my secret weapons this month.

Lise Watier Extreme Hold CC Eye Primer

Lise Watier Extreme Hold CC Eye Primer – I’ve become a little obsessed with this Lise Watier eye primer. This tinted cream is applied on the eye lid to smooth out the skin. It instantly helps correct the colour of your lids for a great finish. It gets rid of any dark circles or redness around your eyes. You can apply eye shadow over top to help it stay all day long, but my favourite thing is just to leave it bare. You make not have noticed just how much darker your eye lids are, but the difference this primer makes is amazing. It has totally transformed my look and routine from my everyday look to getting glam. If you are lucky you can add the Lise Watier Intense Waterproof Eyeliner and EYEvolution Dramatique Intense 3D Volume Mascara for the perfect eyes!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet – This Limited Edition gel moisturizer is perfect for the dog days of summer. It’s so cooling on my skin for a refreshing start to the day. The gel formula hydrates your face without leaving it feeling too wet and greasy. My skin gets oily quickly, especially in the summer, but this moisturizer helped my skin stay more matte. Some of my favourite moisturizers are too heavy for summer, but this was the perfect replacement. I hope it comes back every summer.



Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Body Cream

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Moisturizing Body Cream – I have been getting really excited about new natural ingredients in my beauty products and sea buckthorn is starting to get a lot of buzz. This body cream has a bit of a weird smell, similar to cleaning products. Just learn to love it, because this body cream is great. It leaves your skin feeling so soft. My skin feels baby soft. Also if you have dry or irritated, the lovely little sea buckthorn is there to get rid of redness, dry patches and other skin issues. There is also a face cream (and a whole line of body care and shower products) for an added bonus if you want even more skin love.

Laboratoires Filorga Optim-Eyes

Laboratoires Filorga Optim-Eyes – I have lately been a bit addicted to trying a lot of different eye creams. It must be a result of worrying about getting old. There has been quite a few of duds, but the Laboratoires Filorga Optim-Eyes Cream really stood out from the crowd. My eyes are looking so great. Forget about dark circles, puffiness and sad looking eyes. They are a thing of the past. My eyes look younger, tighter and more alert.

September Makeup Most Wanted

Fall is here, but it’s still as warm as ever. This is making it hard for us to update our makeup to fall colours and products. Here is what we are loving this month.

butter london lipstick

Butter London Moisture Matte Lipstick

Silky, sexy and perfectly matte, Butter London lipstick gives me everything I want in fall lips. Glossy is fun for summer, but for fall I have always loved matte lips. Butter London’s lipstick is impossibly matte. It’s almost dry. I love it. You can always add a clear gloss on top if you want something shiny for a night on the town.

clinique repair serum

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum

Not everyone is sure exactly what skin type and issues are. I don’t have the time or money to go to a dermatologist. That’s why I love Clinique’s new Smart Serum. I does the work for me. It will fix the issues you have like dark spots, lines or firmness. It doesn’t matter if you don’t need all of the effects like uneven skintone or wrinkles. It helps everyone.

pupa concealer

Pupa Cover Cream Concealer

I love this Pupa Concealer because it’s no fuss. I twist up the cream, apply where I need it and forget about it. That’s exactly what you want in a concealer, something you can forget about and trust.

marcelle cleansing water

Marcelle 3 in 1 Micellar Solution

This liquid cleans, removes makeup and soothes skin easily. I love it because it doesn’t make my skin feel dry or greasy. My face just feels clean and dry. It’s great for late nights too because I don’t need to rinse.

beyonce heat rush

Beyonce Heat Rush Perfume

Ok, I know this isn’t new. I’ve had this perfume for a while. I rarely wore it. For some reason, this month I was drawn to the orange perfume. I think it was the unseasonably warm weather that made me turn to the fruity passion fruit and blood orange scent. I have never gotten so many compliments on my perfume. Everyone from my boyfriend to best friend was telling me how great I smell. Thanks Bey for making this summer end with a bang!

Makeup Remover Most Wanted

Makeup Remover Most Wanted
With all the mascara we try, it’s become a priority to find a makeup remover to get it all off without killing our eyes. These makeup removers are all extremely efficient at getting even the toughest makeup off without leaving our eyes stinging for hours, making them our Most Wanted makeup removers.
Lise Watier Solution Double
This dual phase makeup remover does a great job of getting everything off without a lot of tugging and I found it really good with sparkles and glitter. The stinging was minimal and you don’t have to rinse it off after.
Marcelle Gentle Make-Up Remover For Sensitive Eyes
When it comes to makeup removers, I have extremely sensitive eyes. Marcelle’s formula didn’t cause any issues and got the job done. It’s also recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association and is paraben, gluten, alcohol and soap free.
The Body Shop Camomile Waterproof Eye And Lip Makeup Remover
This extremely gentle makeup remover from The Body Shop is quickly becoming a necessity. It gets everything off, no matter how difficult with one cotton pad without leaving a trace of makeup behind. I find this one to be the most gentle of them all, so if you have any kind of skincare issues, this one might work for you.

With so many companies releasing makeup that doesn’t budge, it’s nice to know that they’re giving us great makeup removers to go with them.

Nail Polish Remover Most Wanted

Nail Polish Remover Most Wanted
We go through a ton of nail polish remover around here since we get a lot of nail polish and do swatches for all of them. These are our Most Wanted nail polish removers.

Quo Nail Polish Remover Pump
This is my daily polish remover. I like the ease of the pump and the acetone based remover does a good job of getting most polishes off pretty easily.

Formula X For Sephora Delete Nail Polish Remover
If you have glitter or any other hard to remove polish on, you need this remover. It gets the toughest, glittery polishes off in seconds. No tin foil needed.

CND Shellac Power Polish Nourishing Remover
Since most polish removers smell awful, this melon scented remover is great for someone whose nose is a little sensitive. It doesn’t smell like polish remover at all but still does a great job of getting polish off easily.

Butter London Scrubbers
These polish remover wipes are great for travelling. I usually use two to get all my polish off but the texture of these wipes do a great job of prepping your nails for new polish.

August Makeup Most Wanted – Alyssa’s Picks

August Most Wanted
Summer is almost over (already!) and the weather in Toronto has been super crazy. Everything from hot and humid to kind of cold, so these were my picks in August when you had no idea what to do with your makeup.
Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector
Marcelle Ideal Skin Perfector
I’ve used this lightweight cream for a moisturizer, a base for makeup and everything in between. it absorbs so fast and feels like you have nothing on your face. I love that it’s a Canadian company and since it’s both hypo-allergenic and recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association, I don’t have to worry about any adverse effects on my relatively sensitive skin.
NYC Smooth Skin BB Creme 5-In-1 in Light
NYC Smooth Skin BB Creme 5 In 1 Light
This is probably the best drugstore BB Creme I’ve ever used. It’s light enough for my fair skin, covers everything it should cover but it’s not heavy at all. Actually, it’s a little runny, which I love, so I use less and can blend more easily. Since it’s under 5 bucks I’ll definitely be buying this again when I run out.
Avon Mega Effects Liquid Eye Liner in Black
Avon Mega Effects Liquid Eyeliner Black
Avon makeup is usually pretty hit and miss with me but this is definitely a win. The chiseled tip of this liquid eyeliner is pretty different than most and makes a cat eye super easy. It stays put pretty well, even in humidity, but is a lot easier to get off than most liquid liners.
Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium
Benefit Gimme Brow Light-Medium
I was convinced this would be too dark for my almost white eyebrows but it looks so natural I almost can’t believe it. Over the past few months I’ve tried a number of eyebrow products and this is the only one I’ve stuck to. The tiny mascara brush applicator basically makes it foolproof and it lasts until you take it off.
Annabelle Big Show Waterproof Mascara
Annabelle Big Show Waterproof Mascara
I wasn’t really a fan of the non waterproof version of this mascara so I’m not sure what happened to make me love this one so much. It defines, it lengthens and it’s not clumpy. I wish it was a tiny bit darker but for running around in humidity this is the perfect mascara.
Yves Rocher Sheer Botanical Lipstick in Tangerine
Yves Rocher Sheer Botanical Lipstick Tangerine
This is the perfect orange shade for summer but it’s not too bright and is just a little bit sheer. I love how long it lasts on my lips and is almost like a stain when it starts wearing off. And it smells like cherries which is a bonus.

Summer Skincare Most Wanted

Most of our skin changes with the seasons and in the summer everything’s a little sweatier, oilier and melty. These are our Most Wanted skincare products to help fix summer skin.
Kiehl’s Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash
Kiehl's Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash
As far as I’m concerned Kiehl’s released this at the perfect time, right at the beginning of summer. If you have oily or combination skin, this cleanser is perfect for getting a super deep clean without drying you out. If foams up really thickly, so you really don’t need a lot.
Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser
Tata Harper Refreshing Cleanser
If you’re on the more sensitive or drier side, Tata Harper’s Refreshing Cleanser is more of a cream cleanser. It also doesn’t dry out your skin and leaves it feeling super silky. And it smells like oranges.
Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
This amazing mist from Jurlique can be used as a toner, a cool off spray, a spray for your sheets or all of the above. As a toner it really balances your skin and preps it for whatever you put on after. On days when you feel like you’re about to melt, a quick spray cools you off. The rose smell is so delicious you’re going to want to use it constantly.
Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream
Caudalie Vinoperfect Cell Renewal Night Cream
Some might find this Caudalie cream a little thick for summer but with all the sweating and damage our skin gets in the summer, this is a great cream to fix it all while we’re sleeping. It absorbs really easily and isn’t greasy.
fresh. Rose Hydrating Gel Cream
fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream
If you need a lighter moisturizer for summer, this gel cream from fresh. is perfect. It’s really light but keeps your skin really hydrated. It also goes really well with the Jurlique mist.

I’m sure there are a ton more products that people love for summer but these are our Most Wanted.

July Makeup Most Wanted – Steph’s Picks

july makeup beauty

Summer is in full swing and here are some of the new makeup and beauty products I have been in love with this month:

Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid-Touch Foundation – This new foundation is perfect for summer. Somehow they have made a makeup that is even lighter than their last foundation. It’s even lighter than most of the whipped foundations I have tried in the past. This light formula blends quickly and has a nice matte finish that reduces summer shine. If that’s not enough, it includes a SPF 20 sunscreen in the foundation. As an added bonus, it makes my skin feel as soft as velvet. I couldn’t ask for more.

Youngblood Mineral Illuminating Tint – Have you ever wanted the perfect even summer tan? If you are like me, you want it, but can never quite get there. I’ve tried lots of different tanning products, but hate the upkeep. This body tint is amazing. It’s a miracle. It goes on your skin evenly leaving you with a really natural looking tan. Since it’s more of a tinted moisturizer it doesn’t leave streaks. No one will ever doubt that you have been out in the sun. The smell seems to have captured the feel of being on the beach all day long. Most importantly, it doesn’t stain your hands with a weird orange hue after applying. Youngblood has made my favourite tinted moisturizer because it can be applied in your morning routine quickly without fuss to define your tan in a hurry.

Clean Warm Cotton & Cool Cotton Perfume – In case you missed my last post, I’m obsessed with natural and clean smelling perfumes. I love those fresh smells that aren’t all floral and sweet. These two complimentary scents promise just that. Cool Cotton has more of a perfume scent. It’s brighter with a fresh citrus burst. It’s still simple. On the flip side, Warm Cotton is really natural with that fresh out of the dryer smell. You can help but feel like you are being wrapped up in clean laundry. I am loving these perfumes for a subtle summer scent and they come together in a rollerball, so you don’t have to choose just one.

Ceramic Glaze Nail Lacquer – While everyone else searches for a matte top coat for their nail polish, I am addicted to this polish that is already matte. Ceramic Glaze’s summer nail polish collection comes in bright bold colours, dries quickly and has an amazing matte finish. This is possibly my favourite obsession of the year!

Monteil Perfect Lip Contour Treatment – So this little lip treatment cream isn’t out yet, but I’m already getting hooked on it. There is no right or wrong time of the year for smoother, plumper lips and this cream is promising all of that. Apply this cream on your lips several times throughout the day to give your lips an instantly smoother feel and long term effects.

Summer Makeup Most Wanted

Summer 2014 Makeup Most Wanted
When summer hits, most of us don’t want to wear a ton of makeup that’ll melt off, let alone carry around a huge makeup bag for touch ups. Here’s a list of summer makeup essentials that will make it just a little easier to look done without a ton of products.
Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer
Smashbox 24 Photo Finish Shadow Primer
This is my number 1 necessity for wearing any eye makeup during the summer. This primer seriously works. Anything you put on top of it whether it’s shadow or liner or both will stay put until you take it off, even through humidity and sweat. Put a small amount where your bottom liner goes and it won’t wear off. Also, if you want to blend work fast because once something sets, it’s not moving.
Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Colour in Golden Pink
Laura Mercier Sheer Creme Colour Golden Pink
This gorgeous pink shade can be used as a highlighter, blush or luminizer. You can use your fingers for application or touch ups on the go. It’s really creamy and blends well.
Quo Gold Rush Eye Palette
Quo Gold Rush Eye Palette
This neutral palette has everything you need to go from day to night. You can use the darkest shade as an eyeliner and the gold tones are perfect for summer.
LORAC AfterGlo Eyeshadow Palette
Lorac AfterGlo Eyeshadow Palette
I bought this on a recent trip to Ulta (my first!) and it’s not available in Canada as far as I can tell, but the colours in this palette are amazing. The pigmentation is fantastic and if you’re a fan of bright colours for summer, this is the palette you need.
Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips in Malted
Gorgeous Cosmetics Liquid Lips Malted
Everyone has hopped on the bright pink or coral lips for summer bandwagon but if you’re going with super colourful eyes, a more neutral lip is probably a better idea. Malted is the perfect ‘your lips but better’ shade and the formula is similar to MAC’s Lipglass. It feels really smooth on your lips and wears well.

What are your must haves for making summer makeup easier?