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Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink

Maybelline’s Matte Ink is literally the longest lasting lip colour that I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. There is a wide range of colours in the collection and none looks exactly like it does on the outside of the package, so be cautious. The light tones are lighter than I expected and the dark ones are darker. To get full coverage on your lips, you have to layer it on thick. Because of that the Maybelline Lip Ink does tend to be a bit sticky, sometimes very sticky. Some people hate the feel of it, because it takes a long, long time to dry. I’ve tried applying other products over top, but the stickiness remains. I think I might try a translucent powder next.

Despite all of that, the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink stays on forever. You think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. This lip colour won’t come off with drinks, with food, with a night on the town. Maybelline’s Lip Ink stayed on while I slept! And when I woke up, it was still almost impossible to take it off. You have to use a combination of water, makeup removers and soap.

It you want a lip colour that will never let you down… and let’s be honest, who doesn’t… this one is for you!

May 2017 Most Wanted – Steph’s Picks

This month has been one to remember thanks to amazing makeup from these four brands!

Strivectin Hair All Smooth Collection

This might be the best smoothing and frizz controlling hair care line I’ve ever tried. I’m not joking at all people! The shampoo and conditioner don’t foam up in the shower the same way your other favourite products do, but just believe. I think I ended up using a bit too much on my hair in every shower, but it still worked. Post-shower I have been getting even more protection power with the Strivectin Hair All Smooth Frizz Control Mist. It doesn’t matter whether I air dry or blow dry, my hair has been looking amazing afterwards no matter what. The mist does make my hair a bit stiffer than I would like, but it is worth it. It’s not just one day of frizz protection, but multiple days of amazing looking hair. I’m not done yet folks, because there is also the Overnight Frizz Serum. This is the best to apply a few days after your wash when frizz is threatening to return. You just apply it all over your hair before bed. When you wake up, you have nice smooth bed head without the morning frizz fight.  It’s hard to describe when something just works exactly like it promises and fulfills all of your dreams. Strivectin has done that.

NYX Ombre Blush

I love ombré blush. I wish all blushes were ombré. I love ombré blush because my face isn’t one colour. It has different tones and levels. It needs products with that same feel. Regular blush is good, but sometimes you have to apply it specially to get it to be different tones on the different areas of your cheek bones. Ombre blush has depth, that same way that my face has depth. This NYX blush in Mauve Me has the rich mauve tone that moves into a shimmery light pink. It’s like combining your highlighter and blush all in one. It isn’t one colour, because I’m not one colour.

The Face Shop Multi Stick Contour

In all my time using contouring makeup, I have rarely come across a contouring stick. I was worried that it would be too harsh or wouldn’t blend enough. The Face Shop’s Multi Stick is actually a really easy to use contour tool. The makeup is somewhere between a grey and beige. It should be versatile enough for many skin tones. Unlike a lot of contouring makeup, The Face Shop contour stick is quick and easy to use. Simply swipe it under your cheekbones, jaw line and nose for contouring in seconds. I used to save contouring for special occasions only, but now it’s an everyday thing. For just $15, this is an amazing investment.

Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Kit

While you are getting your skin all beautiful with blush and contouring, why not finish the job with a great concealer too. This set has 6 different creams to ensure your skin looks amazing. There are two correctors, two concealers and two highlighters. I really liked the concealers best. In all of my time using this little palette, there wasn’t a single blemish that I could find that didn’t give in to the colours. Blemishes were no match.

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss

Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss

If you’ve never used the original Maybelline Baby Lips balm, stop reading this post go to your local store and buy one. Heck, buy two. Maybelline’s original Baby Lips lip balm is one of my favourite products to keep on hand for soft smooth lips. It’s affordable and effective. You can even smudge a little on your cheeks for a matching rosy glow.

Welcome back! Now that you love your new Baby Lips balm, it’s time to learn about the new expansion to the line: Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lips Gloss. In a few shimmering colours, you can now get the same soft lips in a glossy finish.

I tried three different colours, and since the gloss is fairly sheer, you will be safe with pretty much any colour you get. These lip glosses aren’t so bold that you need to worry about what colour matches your outfit.

I love the glossy shine on my lips from this version of Baby Lips. I have been stuck on matte lips for a long time, but this glossy finish could be my turning point back to shine. They are so shiny even I want to kiss them! They do stay tacky for a while, but it’s not overly sticky.

If I had one complaint about Maybelline’s new take on Baby Lips Lip Gloss, it’s that I wish it was more moisturizing. It doesn’t leave me with that soft smooth feel that the original does.

Rimmel London Fall 2014_Keep Calm and Lip Balm

For that feeling you must, I repeat MUST, try the new Baby Lips Keep Calm collection. This version of Baby Lips is even more packed full of moisturizing properties. The second I put on Keep Calm And Kiss, I was in love. This version is similar to the original in that, it’s still a lip balm. While it has a touch of tint, it doesn’t really offer any colour. It does give you that super soft lip feel. Since I got these at the same time, I have been wearing the Keep Calm And Kiss underneath my Moisturizing Lip Gloss for softness and shine. It’s a match made in Maybelline heaven.

Maybelline Great Lash Real Impact Mascara

maybelline great lash

We are huge fans of Maybelline, especially Great Lash mascara. We’ve been using it for years. How could we say no to a new version of our favourite classic mascara?

We understand the idea of natural looking and natural feeling mascara, but Great Lash Real Impact mascara takes the idea too far. After applying one coat, my lashes look pretty much the same. They feel soft and silky, sure, but they don’t even look like I’m wearing mascara. After two and three coats it’s the same thing.

I am pretty particular about my lashes. I always want them to be as long and as black as possible. The more drama in my mascara, the better. Maybelline’s Great Lash Real Impact just doesn’t cut it.

It kills us to say this, but it’s true. We still love you Maybelline!!!

Maybelline Face Studio Master Glaze & Hi-Light Review


Maybelline is brightening up Spring with their new Face Studio Master Glaze Blush and Master Hi-Light Blush and Bronzer. I love that Maybelline is offering two different, but equally easy, ways to give my face a little colour early in the season.

I’m instantly drawn to Maybelline’s Master Glaze Blush. There is something about stick blush that gets me excited even though it can go so wrong if used badly. The stick cream blush comes in really vibrant shades that you can imagine looking either amazing or terrifying. Don’t be scared. The stick is soft and creamy, making it easy to apply. The neon shades blend into a natural hue on your cheeks. It gives a dewy pop of colour that is better than my natural blush. My personal favourite is the bright Pink Fever in the vibrant pink because the colour makes me feel young and flirty again.

Next up to get back my summer bronze, we have the Face Studio Mast Hi-Light powder. These palettes have a balance of four shades to give you a bronzed colour that isn’t shimmery. It’s more natural and balanced. There is also a blush version if you prefer a powder to a cream stick, but I like the cream and powder combination. Like most bronzers, you need to apply with a light touch. You don’t want to go from winter pale to dark bronze, because people are going to notice. If you apply a light dusting to your cheeks, forehead and nose those you look like you spent some time on the slopes in sun.

So whether you like a powder or a cream, either way, it’s going to be a rose tinted spring.