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Londontown Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil Quickie Review

It took me a long time to use this cuticle oil. I finally took out this oil to pamper myself with a home manicure. This oil was going to be the last step. I love that it comes with an eyedropper and brush so that you can choose how you want to apply. I picked the eye dropper. Less is more with the Kur Cuticle Oil. On my first nail, I applied two drops and it was way too much. For the rest of my nails I barely applied one whole drop and it was enough. It has a bit of a gel consistency that is thicker than most nail oils. At first, I wasn’t sure about it, but by the end of all of my fingers, I really liked it. It was thick enough that it felt like it was really moisturizing, but still a light oil based liquid that didn’t leave anything feeling sticky. It doesn’t even really leave my fingers feeling oily like most. I could see the difference in my cuticles almost instantly. I am excited to see what will happen after daily usage.

Kiss Nail Dress Mix It Up in Margarita Review

I love nail art but unfortunately I’m not great at doing it on myself. When I got the chance to try Kiss Nail Dress Mix It Up in Margarita, I was all over it. I’ve been a little hesitant to try nail stickers in the past because I have pretty small nail beds and I wasn’t sure any of them would come small enough for my pinky. Luckily the kit’s smallest size fit perfectly. The Mix It Up kits are great because there are two designs that work well together so you can literally mix up how you want to do your nails.

I decided to use the black based design on most of my nails and the really colourful ones as an accent but once I was done I wished I’d done it the other way around. They’re just so pretty. With the Mix It Up kits you have enough to do your nails more than once so I’ll change it up next time.

Being right handed I decided to do my right hand first in case I failed miserably using my left hand. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to apply. There are a couple of tricks I quickly picked up on to make application easier. First make sure there’s absolutely nothing on your nails. Use nail polish remover right before you use Kiss Nail Dress and make sure they’re dry. Second, when you pull the ends under your nail, pull it as tightly against the edge of your nail as you can without tearing. That’ll make the edges comes off more evenly.

I didn’t really like the file included in the kit and I found better results with my own file. I had Kiss Nail Dress on for four days without any problems. I might not use these all the time but they’re great for travelling, random accent nails or when you want to change your nail colour but don’t want to wait for nail polish to dry.