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Biotherm Eau Soleil Perfume

Biotherm Eau Soleil Perfume

Biotherm is a go-to for skin care products, but I would never have thought of them for perfume. Actually, I didn’t even know that they made perfumes too until I got this one. In my mind, they are the moisturizer and face wash company.

From the name to the colourful bottle, there was never any question that this was going to be a very summery scent. It even contains non-photosensitive ingredients, so that it doesn’t react with the sun and cause burns. See, they are always thinking about how to protect your skin. It’s really amazing actually.

The scent is all about citrus. It’s a summery, fresh citrus explosion in a bottle. It’s a really refreshing smell to wear. It’s the best on rainy days to brighten your mood. Something about the smell just makes you feel a bit better.

I wouldn’t want to wear this perfume every day. It’s never going to be my signature scent. But it’s a fun different smell and pick-me-up when I have the blues.

Fall Makeup Most Wanted – Steph’s Picks

I missed my October most wanted list because I was so excited for Blue Jays baseball and Halloween! So to make up for it, I have gathered some of my favourite new fall 2015 makeup picks of the season. Try some of these new products now!

Laura Mercier Noir Supreme Kajal Eye Liner

Laura Mercier Noir Supreme Kajal Eye Liner

I don’t usually wear eyeliner to work, but this Laura Mercier Kajal made me want to wear liner all day long. It goes on so smooth. It looks amazing. It’s really easy to use and versatile. It last all day long. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

Maybelline Colorblur Lip Crayon copy

Maybelline Colorblur Lip Crayon

Maybelline is not skimping on the colour for their new product. This new lip pencil is packed full of vibrant tones. Honestly, I don’t totally understand the idea behind the crayon. You are supposed to apply it to the middle of your lips, then use the smudging tip to blur the colour to the outside of your lips. It works fine, but I don’t think it’s necessary. It feels like an added step that can be achieved by pressing my lips together. Regardless, I love the colours on these crayons. They are such vibrant reds and pinks. They don’t tend to last as long as I would like, but they look great while they are on.

Clean Cashmere Perfume

Clean Cashmere Perfume

I’ve tried a lot of perfumes from the Clean collection, but cashmere just might be my favourite of them all. It arrived at the perfect time. Clean’s cashmere fragrance is like a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer. I want to wrap myself up in it. It’s all powdery and, well, clean. It’s perfect for winter time. I can’t wait to keep it handy.

Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Eye Cream

Aveeno Positively Radiant CC Eye Cream

Since I have been obsessed with eye creams for the past few months, I figured why not expand on that love and try some new eye products. This Aveeno product is not just an eye cream, but a CC Eye Cream. This tinted moisturizer is light enough for under the eyes. It gives a touch of coverage where you want it most on those dark circles. I don’t know if I need a separate CC cream just for under my eyes, but it’s nice for an indulgence.


Sephora Collection Blush Me

Brighten up the season with these little blushes that pack a punch of colour. When you see these compact little cream blushes, you might be a little worried. They are bright… really bright. Since I’m starting to lose my summer tan, these blushes are perfect. Use a light hand to apply, because they can be a bit dark. When you get the right amount though, your cheeks are going to look amazing.

Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Eau De Parfum

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge
I have always been aware of Estée Lauder fragrances. My mother has worn Beautiful for as long as I can remember, my friends wore Happy and Pleasures when I was in high school but I’ve never been able to find one that I really loved. I got Modern Muse Chic as a gift and I like it but I don’t reach for it that often. The second I smelled Modern Muse Le Rouge, I knew this was my Estée Lauder perfume.

Since the main notes of Modern Muse Le Rouge are rose based, I should’ve known I’d like it but the added scents of vanilla and raspberry keep it from being too ‘rosy.’ It goes on a little strong at first but mellows out pretty quickly and leaves you with a soft, warm scent perfect for fall. Because it’s an Eau De Parfum the scent lasts almost all day and even when it fades, it doesn’t go away completely but it’s not overpowering.

It might have taken me years, but I’m thrilled that I finally found an Estée Lauder fragrance that I completely love.

Flower Body Mists

flower body mist copy

Lighten up your fall with these four new Flower Body Mists that I have been obsessed with for the past few weeks. These are all based on the perfumes in Drew Barrymore’s Flower line. There is a scent for every personality and a personality for every scent.

Cherished is the soft and powdery scent of the bunch. I get a lot of soothing vanilla from this fragrance. I would want to wear it when I want something girly, but light too.

Sparkling Garden really has that light outdoorsy smell to it. It’s very fresh and airy. There’s a very light woodiness to it, without being at all musky. It has a citrus tone too that is lingering there. It is actually my least favourite of the bunch.

Radiant smells like the most classic perfume to me. It has a lively and vibrant floral smell. This is the one that almost everyone will agree upon. It doesn’t go too much in any direction and is good for any occasion.

Finally there is my favourite Sultry. This one has an exotic and mysterious scent to it that I found out was a mix of Jasmine, Patchouli and Plum. It just smells sexy. Something about it makes me always want more.

Since these are body sprays, they leave a nice lingering scent that doesn’t last forever, but is just enough. I like that it’s under $10, so you can get the scent without any commitment. These would be perfect for people who don’t wear a lot of perfume, but still want to smell nice. They are all fun and fresh and, of course, floral.

The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Body Care


The Body Shop’s White Musk has been one of my favourite scents since high school. I may have grown up and my tastes got a little more luxurious, but I still have a bottle of White Musk on my perfume table alongside all of the designer bottles. Ok, I actually have two bottles because I also have the Libertine version.

I never thought that smell would be replaced for me, but the new Smoky Poppy line is ready to over throw my old favourite.

This smell is amazing! I had no idea that I loved the smell of poppies. I didn’t even know what real poppies smelled like. I don’t know if this is what poppies smell like. This is a rich, musky, smoky and almost spicy smell. It’s so rich and warm that I want to wrap myself up in it.


I’ve been obsessed with every product in the line that I have. Obviously the Eau De Toilette is the piece de resistance.


The other product that is very cool is the Poppy Seed Body Scrub. It uses real poppy seeds to exfoliate your skin. Unlike some other scrubs from The Body Shop it doesn’t leave a weird film on my skin. It makes me feel smooth and moisturized!

After writing this review I found out that the Smoky Poppy is a limited edition collection. I am crying on the inside. If you happen to be heading to The Body Shop, pick me up a few extra bottles and send them c/o Makeup Most Wanted because I am going to need to stock up.

AERIN Rose De Grasse Perfume Review

AERIN Rose de Grasse_Bottle and Carton
It’s been established that I have a lot for all things rose scented so it’s no surprise that I was almost in love with Rose De Grasse, the first fragrance in AERIN’s new Premier Collection. Considering it’s a blend of three types of rose (Rose Centifolia, Rose Otto Bulgarian and Rose Absolute), the description alone left me pretty much dying to try it. Luckily, the scent lived up to everything I was expecting.

Rose De Grasse is the perfect fragrance for rose lovers who don’t love the grandmother type rose. It’s fresh and light but a pretty substantial scent that lasts for hours. If I put it on in the morning, I can still catch hints of scent at night.

Rose De Grasse is pretty much my dream perfume but at $185 a bottle I’m going to have to be careful with it and with my new obsession that’s not going to be easy.

Guerlain Holiday 2014 A Night At The Opera Collection

The only experience I’ve had with Guerlain’s makeup is when I reviewed the Kiss Kiss lipstick. I love that lipstick so when I saw the A Night At The Opera Holiday collection, I knew I had to try a few things.
Ecrin 2 Couleurs in Cygne Noir
Guerlain Ecrin 2 Couleurs Cygne Noir
This eyeshadow duo is perfect for a holiday night out. With a shimmering silver black and a deep plum, it’s super dramatic and really pigmented.
Petrouchka Palette For Eyes And Cheeks
Guerlain Petrouchka Palette For Eyes and Cheeks
This palette has everything you need for your eyes and cheeks. Literally. It comes with a mini set of eye and cheek applicators, 5 shimmery sheer neutral eyeshadows and 4 blushes. All wrapped in a bow. The shadows and blushes definitely play well together and are really easy to apply and build up.
La Petite Robe Noire
Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire
La Petite Robe Noire isn’t technically part of the holiday collection but this limited edition bottle looks like an ornament so I’m including it. With notes of rose, jasmine and orange blossom, this scent is subtle. It has a powdery feel to me but not in an old lady way. It’s classy and elegant and will make your fragrance match your makeup.

Avon Luck For Her

avon luck perfume

Avon has a great reputation for releasing amazing perfumes including Halle Berry’s and Fergie’s bestselling scents. The new perfume, which features Maria Sharapova in the ads, is for the woman who is already lucky in life and love.

The notes on the perfume include bergamot, red berries and mandarin with night flowers and sandalwood. It’s strange though because to my nose, all I get is a strong smell of warm vanilla. Vanilla isn’t even listed as one of the ingredients, but when I spray it all I get is enveloped in a rich vanilla scent. I have a love hate relationship with vanilla. Sometimes I find it very relaxing and comforting, but some varieties of the smell can be overwhelming to me. This perfume is pretty overwhelming when I first spray it, but it gets a little better to me as it settles into my skin.

I also used the body lotion and bath gel and the smell is much more subtle. I could get more of the other notes in the shower gel and body lotion.

When I wore Luck to work, I have to say I got many compliments about the scent. As I walked past people’s desks they would ask me what I was wearing.

If you are feeling lucky and love the smell of vanilla, maybe this is the scent for you.