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Sally Hansen x Crayola Insta-Dri Collection

I love a good nail polish collaboration but I wasn’t really expecting anything that had to do with crayons. Released in August, Sally Hansen released twelve of their Insta-Dri polishes in Crayola crayon shades. The result? Better than I expected. It’s been years since I’ve used the Insta-Dri formula but I remember loving it in college. It’s exactly what it says it is, a polish that dries almost instantly, no base or top coat needed (though depending on your personal preference, you may want a glossy or matte topper). These shades are fairly self explanatory so I’m not going to say much about them except every shade was one coat and they were all completely dry in under a minute. I may have to start looking at the rest of the Insta-Dri shades again…

Wild Strawberry, Sunset Orange, Carnation Pink, Dandelion

Wild Strawberry was one of the few that stained, but boy did it not want to come off. I really loved Carnation Pink, I would use that in the summer for sure.

Granny Smith Apple, Cerulean, Vivid Violet, White

I had a few issues with Granny Smith Apple, but that was the bottle. I adore Cerulean and White is absolutely my new go-to white. I’ve never had a one coat, no issues white before. This is my favourite group of the bunch.

Razzmatazz, Scarlet, Denim, Purple Heart

Here’s my biggest issue with Insta-Dri, the brush. It’s a massive brush and I have fairly narrow nail beds. That creates a massive problem but apparently I remembered how to angle the brush to get it to go on in one stroke with minimal cleanup. If you don’t know how, it’s a major learning curve that you might decide isn’t worth it. Have wider nail beds? You’ll love it.

These shades really took me back to my childhood and colouring and I’m amazed at how good some of these look as nail polish.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Rich Tones

Last week we started our Sally Hansen Color Therapy posts with the pink and nude shades and today we’re finishing it off with the rich tones. Most of my personal favourites of the line fall into this category. Like the other shades, these are simple to apply. You apply to clean, bare nails and choose whether you want to use the top coat or not. And like the other shades, these polishes dry shockingly fast. I don’t know if it’s just these shades or it’s just more noticeable because they’re darker but I found that all of them shrunk up a bit when they dried, leaving me with at times, pretty significant tip wear before I even had a chance to use my hands. These are super easy to touch up however but I’m wondering if there would’ve been a difference had I used my regular top coat with them.
Ohm My Magenta
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Ohm My Magenta Swatch
Say “namaste” to this magnificent reddish-purple
Right off the bat this one was a star. A one-coater, it went on flawlessly and was really gorgeous. This is the kind of shade you can wear all year round.
Haute Springs
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Haute Springs Swatch
Clear your head with a restorative red
This dark red was pretty similar to Ohm My Magenta but two coats looked better with this one. It also stained, so if I had to choose, I’d pick OMM.
Cool Cucumber
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Cool Cucumber Swatch
A deep refreshing garden green
I love dark green polish and when I can find one that gives this kind of coverage in one coat? Sold. It actually looks like the skin of a cucumber. But this one stains as well and since you don’t use a base coat with Color Therapy, it’s a little bit of a problem.
Slicks And Stones
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Slicks And Stones Swatch
A lustrous crystalized purple
This one coater is pretty in the photo but stunning in the sunlight. It’s so sparkly. It also desperately needs top coat or it’ll look a little dull when it dries. There’s a ton of microglitter in here, so it’s a little harder to take off.
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Indiglow Swatch
Shimmer with an electric metallic violet
Indiglow is one of my favourites and I wish more companies would release this kind of purple more often. The formula was a little runnier than the others, so there was some pooling. The photo is two coats. This first coat was so sheer that I was actually concerned with how many I would need but two was perfect.
Soothing Sapphire
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Soothing Sapphire Swatch
Reflect and restore in a saturated blue jewel tone
Soothing Sapphire is hands down my pick of the shades I tried. It’s almost like a sister shade to Indiglow and the deep blue is just gorgeous. Again, I used two coats with this one but it was less runny than Indiglow. There was a tiny bit of staining but nowhere near as bad as Cool Cucumber.

There are still quite a few shades of Color Therapy that I haven’t tried (I need to get my hands on Reflection Pool) but overall I’m pretty happy with this line. Do I wish the brushes were smaller? Always. I find the top coat fairly useless so I’m going to see how some others react to the polishes and the cuticle oil is fine but nothing super special.

After wearing this line pretty exclusively for about two weeks, I really didn’t notice a change in my nails. But I didn’t have a lot of issues to start with either. I’m also pretty sure that using acetone daily probably counteracted some of the oils effects. So for me all it comes down to was how much I liked the actual polish and I like it quite a bit.

Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nudes and Pinks

The latest thing in nail polish is using products that are good for your nails and Sally Hansen’s new Color Therapy line is definitely in that category. The 33 colour collection (all picked by Madeline Poole) is packed with good for your nails ingredients like argan oil, acai berry and evening primrose oil. The line also has a top coat and cuticle oil to go along with it. The shades are split up in to three categories; pinks and corals, nudes and rich tones and they all have spa inspired names.

The Color Therapy line is really easy to use. You don’t use a base coat and you can use the top coat but don’t have to. I found they all dried really quickly but they still have that massive Sally Hansen brush that’s way too big for my nail beds, so I had lots of cleanup to do. All of these come off easily with regular nail polish remover. For this post I’m showing you the shades I had in the nude and pink categories.
Pinks and Corals

Couple’s Massage
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Couple's Massage Swatch
Unwind with this shimmery pastel peach
I did 2 coats and still found Couple’s Massage too sheer for me but it’d be really pretty as a french manicure.
Rosy Quartz
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Rosy Quartz Swatch
A crystallized classic pale pink
This was three coats. Three! I really don’t love polishes this sheer but I would wear this one if I didn’t want polish on but wanted something on my nails (I hate having nothing on them).
Pampered In Pink
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Pampered In Pink Swatch
Revitalize with this punchy pink
After two coats, this bright strawberry pink still had some slight visible nail line but I really love this shade for summer. It was my favourite of the three.


Powder Room
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Powder Room Swatch
A ladylike pearlescent blushed nude
This one was a little runnier than the others and ended up pooling in my cuticles a bit but I think it’s a really nice polish.
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Therapewter Swatch
Meditate in a deep charcoal metallic
Two coats of Therapewter was stunning, especially in direct sunlight. I would never have put this in the nude category but I can see how that thought process went. Because this one has microglitter, it was a little harder to get off.
Blushed Petal
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Blushed Petal Swatch
Breathe it out in a botanical blush tone
I love this shade so much that I didn’t mind that three coats still left me with a little VNL. This was probably my favourite of the bunch.
Steely Serene
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Steely Serene Swatch
Get centered in a gorgeous greige
I had no notes on this one except that it was two coats, so I’m taking that as a sign that I liked it.
Chai On Life
Sally Hansen Color Therapy Chai On Life Swatch
A warm calming taupe
This was the closest any of these shades got to a one-coater but I went for two for more even coverage. While I loved it in person, I couldn’t get it to photograph well for the life of me. I would wear this one again though.

The rich tone shades are coming soon.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Spring 2016

It’s been a minute since I’ve used Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure so I completely forgot that you can skip base and top coats with it. By the time I remembered, I had already used both with two shades, so all of the swatches have both base and top coats. In the five shades I tried for spring, I only disliked one of them and shockingly, my favourite shade wasn’t a blue. I think I’ve gotten used to the huge brush, so there wasn’t nearly as much cleanup to do this time.
Warm Regards
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Warm Regards Swatch - VBN
Warm Regards is a bright orange-red and while the colour itself didn’t bother me, the visible nail line did. You can’t really see it in the photo but even with two coats, it was extremely sheer. I can deal with VNL with lighter shades but not one this bright and noticeable.
Red Over Heels
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Red Over Heels Swatch - 1 Coat
Red Over Heels doesn’t really scream spring to me, but this dark, classic red was perfect with just one coat. I did notice that it got a little dull as it was drying, which was probably why I forgot you don’t need to use a top coat with this line. It looked much better with one.
New Suede Shoes
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure New Suede Shoes Swatch
New Suede Shoes is a bright cobalt that’s usually going to fall somewhere in my favourites. And while I liked it a lot and got a ton of compliments on it, the formula wasn’t my favourite. The first coat looked awful but luckily the second coat made up for it.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Bluphoria Swatch - 1 Coat
Another one coater, Bluphoria is a dark navy-gray that went on perfectly. I’ve definitely worn a lot of shades like this before but I always love them. I just prefer them in the fall rather than spring.
Happy Daze
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Happy Daze Swatch - Survived scraping ice off the car
I don’t even know what’s going on with me lately but Happy Daze was my favourite shade of the bunch. It’s a bright pink that I would normally not be drawn to, but I guess Toronto’s weird March weather is making me want something definitely spring like. This shade did survive me scraping sheets of ice off my car without gloves though.

Overall, I really liked these shades and was pretty impressed that I could deal with a ton of ice without a single chip. I don’t know how it would’ve gone without the top coat but I have a feeling it would’ve held up pretty well.

Mani Monday: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Fall 2015

I’ve tried a lot of Sally Hansen polishes in the past but somehow missed their Complete Salon Manicure line completely. Complete Salon Manicure claims to have seven benefits in one bottle and lets you skip the base coat, top coat and salon. I skipped the base coat but found that I was too impatient to let these polishes dry on their own so I added my usual quick dry top coat. Again, the Sally Hansen brush was massive and I needed to do quite a bit of cleanup with each shade. All the photos are two coats and a top coat.
Talk Is Chic
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Talk Is Chic Swatch
Talk Is Chic is supposed to be a grayish purple and in the bottle it looks like it is, but on my nails I didn’t get purple at all. I really liked the shade of gray though, so I was fine with it.
Jewels Of The Trade
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Jewels Of The Trade Swatch
Jewels Of The Trade is almost a duochrome without the chrome. It shifts between magenta and fuchsia and is really pretty in the sunlight.
Bow To The Queen
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Bow To The Queen Swatch
I love this slate blue that’s really more on the gray side. It’s a great, moody shade for fall.
Stellar Style
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Stellar Style Swatch
Stellar Style is a pale pink that isn’t too nude. It had a great formula for this type of shade and had great coverage. I would actually wear this again and I’m not a huge fan of pink.
Sky’s The Limit
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Sky's The Limit Swatch - Stain
I’m obsessed with this light, sky blue. It’s just gorgeous. It’s also the only one that stained on me, which made cleanup difficult. I’ve actually never seen this kind of shade stain before, so I was surprised. I’ve worn it again since then because it’s so pretty.
Tropic Thunder
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Tropic Thunder Swatch
Tropic Thunder is my favourite of the shades I tried. A deep navy gray, this is the perfect alternative to black.

Affordable Drugstore Makeup Most Wanted

Some makeup enthusiasts might think a higher price means higher quality, but that is not at all true! Here are some drugstore makeup picks you don’t want to miss. Best of all, you won’t have to dip into your savings to afford them all.

live clean coconut shampoo

Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

If you are sick of dry winter hair that is full of static, Live Clean has a new line of shampoo and conditioner that is full of moisturizing properties. I was a little disappointed that the products didn’t smell more like coconut and less soapy. Regardless that are so creamy and soft your hair. My favourite things about the line is that it is all natural and affordable making me feel good about buying it!

Annabelle Lipsies Fruity Lip Balm

Annabelle Lipsies Fruity Lip Balm

I’ve been carrying one of these scented lip balms in my purse since I discovered them. Because they are scented like fruit, many older people might dismiss them, but they are great. These lip balm sticks help to soften your lips, while providing great colour. You will be surprised by the vibrant colour that you get from these sticks. It’s a colour and softness that I found last quite a long time. Best of all they are just $4.95! I recommend the cherry or coco-vanilla.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Powder

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder

If you are feeling a bit shiny, keep this powder handy for some last minute touch ups. The matching foundation is not too bad either, but the powder is really where it’s at! I like that I can get the rest of my makeup done and then add this final powder to stop annoying shine. I keep it handy after work too so I can get a shine touch-up without having to reapply my makeup. It’s under $10 making it a great investment.

Revlon PhotoReady Prime

Revlon PhotoReady Prime + Anti-Shine

If you need even more shine protection, try starting your makeup routine with this primer. It’s a slick balm that absorbs all of your oil and shine, so that you are ready to face the day. It makes your face feel dry, without drying it out. This primer is the best way to start your day and so much more affordable than most anti-shine primers.

mm-vt-bottlesSally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Polish

If you want a cool manicure without hitting the salon, these nail polishes can give you something really different. Sally Hansen has developed a textured matte polish. It’s supposed to give the appearance of velvet. I’m not sure if I would go that far, but it does look different than many of the other matte polishes on the market. There are some bright spring shades to get you in the mood for the new season.

Mani Monday: Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish

Sally Hansen is adding a lot of new colours to their nail polish for 2015. We tried them out!


Redflection – This red nail polish is so dark and rich and sexy. How can you not love it?


Make A Splash – I applied this metallic shiny blue polish over the ‘Redflection’. It is so sheer that I wouldn’t wear it on my own. It gives other polishes a very cool effect though. I’m glad I figured this out, because it makes my nail polish look awesome.


Peach Party – This peachy pink is bright and colourful. It’s like a pastel flower!


Seas The Day – I am obsessed with this colour. This dark, rich teal is so amazing. I love that it’s bright, but also dark. It’s colourful, but also moody. I can picture it in the summer and the fall.


Deep End – This purple nail polish is very dark and sexy. It’s perfect for late nights or making a spring statement.


Water Lily – After wearing ‘Deep End’ this nail polish seems to bright. It’s a nice enough colour, but it’s also one that I have seen before.


Shark Bait – This shade is the perfect base coat for my skin. It’s almost the same shade. I ‘m going to use it as a base under glitter polish from now on, but I can imagine it would look great on darker skin tones.


Shelling Secrets – If you need just a sheer coat, this is a great option. It has no colour and just shine. I wish it had a bit more colour, but it’s nice for days when you don’t want to wear a colour.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Rio Collection

image (9)

Since everyone has been watching Brazil this summer, it’s only fitting that Sally Hansen’s summer 2014 nail polish collection is inspired by Rio. They say that this collection will give any nail polish the colours and sparkle of Carnivale.

Instead of releasing a summer line of nail polishes in a few different colours, Sally Hansen’s Rio collection is wisely glitter top coats to wear over other nail polish. I love this because I already have so many different shades that sometimes I would rather use those up in new ways then have another blue. They come in a variety of different sparkle varieties in blues, greens, yellows and reds. You will need to be creative to find the right base coat for your sparkle. I was constantly worried that my base would clash with my top coat.

Sally_Hansen_Xtreme_Wear_Rio_in_Carnival Sally_Hansen_Xtreme_Wear_Rio_in_Fiesta[1]

While I love the idea of these nail polishes, there is something wrong with Sally Hansen’s polish formula that makes it hard to use. The gel polish is very thick and it doesn’t pick up the glitter well. This means that it is nearly impossible to get the right amount of glitter versus polish. I ended up with just a few pieces of glitter or lots of glitter, but super thick top coat gel all over my nails. There was never a good balance. I read online that it might be a good idea to pour this polish out and use a sponge or other brush to apply the glitter one at a time. While that does seem like a better idea, it also sounds like more work than most people are willing to do.

Once you have applied the polish, I also found that it took a long long time for this Sally Hansen nail polish to dry. Even once it dried, because it was so thick it stayed a bit tacky.

While I love glitter coats and I usually love Sally Hansen, this summer collection isn’t the one to stock up on.