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Fuzz Wax Bar Launches The Vajacial


Things are about to get very personal because I’m about to tell you about Fuzz Wax Bar’s new service, the Vajacial.

The Vajacial is exactly what it sounds like: a facial for your vagina. It’s for women who suffer from ingrown hairs and acne in an area that can sometimes be a little uncomfortable to talk about. There aren’t really any products to help you pamper that area. If you are a waxing regular than you know that sometimes that is the one area that needs pampering the most. You don’t want to be too embarrassed to spend the night with your loved one ever.

The Fuzz Wax Bar Vajacial is there to stop all embarrassment. You get a facial, manicure, massage and pedicure, so why not pamper your vagina a little as well.
You should schedule your vajacial about 10 days after your shaving or waxing. You want the hair to have started to grow back in when you visit. This way your technician can see what is going on down there.

The name is funny and the idea of a facial for your vagina might be weird, but the process itself isn’t either of those things. If you’ve ever had a waxing, you’ll be totally comfortable, and maybe even a little relaxed. You will have to strip down, but they cover your eyes to help you relax while they exfoliate your sensitive area. They only work on the outside area, so you aren’t getting overly personal with your vajacial technician.

The extractions can be a little painful, but no more than the wax you got 10 days earlier. This is how they get your ingrown hairs out safely, so you don’t end up with scars or infections.

Next they use a special oxygen jet to help moisturize your skin. It’s totally painless and is definitely the time when you can close your eyes and relax.

Then that is! It’s over. From start to finish, the entire process only takes about 20 to 25 minutes. You will leave feeling fresh and soft. Some people might notice some redness or irritation a few days later, but it should be minimal.

With so many wax bars popping up, I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone starts offering vajacials soon. The process is so simple and easy. Everyone who is a waxing regular should get one at least once to get the invaluable advice on how they can keep their skin looking great.

Going Au Natural With Elixir Organic Spa


With all of the chemicals I put on my face every day through product testing, I figured it was high time to strip down and clean up my act. Elixir Organic Spa is Toronto first 100% synthetic-free spa. After speaking with owner Lynn Shulman via email, I was excited to have my first all-natural facial.

Elixir Spa just moved into their new bigger location on King St. West, when I went inside the busy bustle of rush hour traffic was silenced. I was met with light smells that I couldn’t quite put my finger on and a quiet calm atmosphere. The front part of Elixir Spa is a store selling all natural, organic beauty products and while there isn’t a lot of product, I was drawn to it and wanted to pick up the beautiful bottles and smell their aromas.


I was met by owner Lynn, who then introduced me to my facialist. I was surprised to learn that Lynn doesn’t have a beauty background, but marketing. She started the spa after she had a bad experience with chemical filled beauty products. She has since worked with estheticians to perfect the spa’s treatments, while working to market and collaborate with other natural brands.


I was hurried to the back to prepare for my basic organic facial. The treatment room wasn’t quite finished yet when I visited the spa and Lynn made that very clear to me. There was just a curtain blocking my facial room from the rest of the store. This meant when people came in to shop or the phone rang, I could hear them. I felt a bit exposed having to strip down with so little protection between me and the world. Lynn told me that within the next few days they would have walls up to create two treatment rooms. The room itself was tiny, i was surprised that I could fit in there with a bed and someone to do my treatment. I felt bad for the facialist who had to maneuver around me.

I know they will work the kinks out soon though because even though it was a bit awkward my facial was softer and gentler than ever. I don’t have sensitive skin, so I’m not necessarily the key target audience for Elixir Spa. They cater to people with sensitive skin, pregnant women, people with specific ailments such as cancer survivors who need to avoid chemicals or anyone looking to go chemical free. This facial really was so gentle on my skin. All of the products smelled amazing with fresh scents of relaxing lavender and refreshing lemon. I found out later that all of the products are food grade, meaning they are safe enough to eat.

Unlike other facials there wasn’t that tingling sensitive to the harsh extractions that can sometimes hurt. Everything felt gentle. Even my arm and neck massage was light and gentle.

When I left Elixir Organic Spa, my face wasn’t red and puffy like it was after some other facials. My skin felt nice, but it didn’t feel like a deep clean. People with sensitive skin who tend to avoid harsh facials would love this soft feeling.


I also had a chance to peruse the products for sale in the store and now have a laundry list of products that I can’t wait to try. I might give them a few weeks to get everything finished, but then I will be shopping.

Pure + Simple Spa Review


There are very few things on this earth more relaxing than a great facial. You can imagine my excitement as I headed to the Pure + Simple Spa in Toronto Yorkville neighbourhood for their signature Pure + Simple Facial after a particularly stressful week.

The location is nice, but lacking in a lot of personality, since I know that Pure + Simple is all about their natural products, I expected in interior of the store to say something about that. They did have tons of products though and really friendly staff willing to help me with anything I could possibly want.

I had other plans though and headed in for my facial. I was in for a treat. I don’t have sensitive skin, and I was glad when my face got pampered, but not babied. I really felt like every step of my facial was deep cleaning my skin.

The massage portion of the facial is always the best, but Pure + Simple has the best of the best. I didn’t want the neck and scalp massage to end!

When I left my skin felt so moisturized and dewy. Anyone who has dry skin should pop into Pure + Simple because my skin has never felt so moisturized in my entire life. I was a bit red and splotchy, but that is to be expected when you have had a deep cleaning. More than clean, I felt refreshed.

This is one spa ritual you need to try for yourself.

Sugar Moon Salon: The Pain & Glory Of My First Sugaring


I had heard about Sugar Moon Salon and sugaring for a long time, but never taken the plunge. The whole idea of waxing was scary, but sugaring was supposed to be easier. The name sounds nicer at least.

Sugaring is when a trained technician uses a warm ball of sugary paste to remove your hair anywhere you want on your body. Sugar Moon Salon is the place to go in Toronto for sugaring. These ladies are supposed to be the best at getting the smoothest skin. So I made my appointment.

Walking in to Sugar Moon, I have to admit that I was nervous. I hate getting waxed more than the average woman, but not enough to stop doing it. I don’t know why I insist on putting myself through this pain. When I opened the door, I was met by the nicest spa receptionist that I have ever met. She made me feel instantly relaxed as I took of my shoes and waited surrounded by candy coloured walls.

My Sugarist, Cricel, greeted me with a smile and led me downstairs to the room of doom. I was nervous and my stomach in knots while I waited. Cricel was the best though! She explained the whole process to me and how sugaring works, the pain I could expect and the aftercare needed. She didn’t start until she was sure that I was ready.

I have to admit, if people tell you sugaring doesn’t hurt as bad as waxing, they are lying. Sugaring hurts! Badly! But Cricel made it all better. She was my lifesaver. She cracked jokes with me. She distracted me with jokes and stories and we talked about my dinner plans. She made this horribly painful experience actually enjoyable. Once we were done, and I was upstairs waiting to pay, she even gave me a Sugar Moon dark chocolate bar to make it all better.

My skin was a little sore for the rest of day, like she told me to expect, but I made another follow up appointment for a month later. I never do that. I always wait to make my appointment and then “forget”.

Despite all of the pain, Sugar Moon is my new go to spa and I actually can’t wait for my next appointment.