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Holiday 2017: Makeup Gifts

Makeup gifts are literally my favourite beauty anything. I love to see the different sets and minis. I find a ton of new favourite products this way every year and if I could only get makeup once a year, I’d choose December.

Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda

People constantly ask if I get certain products and if they can have them. This hands down the most requested thing all season. Everyone wants one of these pretty palette/agenda combinations. I actually think it’s such a great idea and a nice change from Too Faced’s holiday products from the past few years. The agenda is useable and the palette has some great shades. Plus you get a mini lipstick and mascara.

Benefit Eye Heart SF

Benefit released a bunch of these trippy snow globe shaped gifts this year, but this one is my favourite. It includes three full sized products (They’re Real! Mascara, Goof Proof Brow Pencil and Gimme Brow – both in shade 3) and two minis (the POREfessional and They’re Real! Tinted Primer). This is a great way to try Benefit for the first time and I love how fun the packaging is.

Artis Brush Craft The New Classics

These might not be makeup but you definitely need good brushes for your makeup. If you know someone who really wants to try Artis’ brushes but can’t afford them, Brush Craft is their more affordable sibling. For $100 you can get this brush set as well as the cleaning pad and cleansing foam, and if you’ve never tried cleaning brushes like this, it’ll change your life. These Brush Craft brushes are a little different from what we’re all used to but once you get the hang of them, you’ll never go back.

Kat Von D Everlasting Mini Liquid Lipstick Set

This is one of the few things I’ve bought myself this year. There were at least three shades I wanted to try and I figure why not try the minis so I know if I like them. With eight shades including one exclusive (Madrid), you get a ton of shade selection. Just keep in mind, these are all on the darker/neutral side of things. If you’re looking for bright lipstick, skip this one but there are some great winter colours in here. Also, Madrid needs to be a permanent shade.

Tarte Treasure Box

As far as I’m concerned, this might be the best gift set that Tarte has put out. With 24 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, a highlighter, a full size Sex Kitten eyeliner and a mini mascara and lipstick, you could be set for the whole year. I really love the shades in this box and if you know someone who’s just starting to use makeup or doesn’t know what colours to use, this is a great way to try things out.

Velvet 59 The Exotic Lotus Palette

Velvet 59 The Exotic Lotus Palette Box
We love trying new companies so when we were offered a chance to try Velvet 59 By Paris Manning, we were definitely interested. Then we found out that Velvet 59 is cruelty, gluten and paraben free and vegan on top of that and our interest level went way up. The first thing we got to try was The Exotic Lotus Palette. Just the packaging alone was enough to make me want to love this palette. Isn’t it gorgeous?
Velvet 59 The Exotic Lotus Palette Open
This palette has eight shades ranging from pinks to oranges to browns and there are different finishes as well (satin, matte, sparkle). The texture to these shadows are pretty incredible, they have a velvety feel (which is fitting considering the brand name) and the pigmentation was fantastic. Also, almost zero fallout.

Velvet 59 The Exotic Lotus Palette Swatches
Cherry Blossom, Tiger Lily, Sake Plum, Princess of China, Meiling, Kyoto Kimono, The Silk Road, Smoked Tea

I honestly haven’t seen another palette recently that’s more perfectly suited for fall (Tiger Lily is a personal fave) and I can already tell I’m going to get a lot of use out of this palette. I really can’t wait to try more products from Velvet 59 and see what other palettes they come out with.