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Parissa Brow Shaper Mini Wax Strips

parissa brow wax

The idea of waxing my own eyebrows seemed ridiculous to me. I imagined all of the horror stories that you hear about accidentally waxing off too much of your eyebrows. I figured this was something better left to the pros. I liked having two full eyebrows.

Sometimes, you convince yourself to do crazy things in the name of beauty. Waxing my own eyebrows at home is one of those things I have convinced myself to do.

When I opened the box I felt instantly more relaxed. I feel like Parissa understands that this is a pretty stressful decision to make, so they have made it a bit less scary.

It all starts with the instructions. Since I was so nervous, I was sure to read it all! The instructions come full of great tips, picture guides and different shape options for your face. It made it all seem a little more achievable.

The next step was in the strips. The Parissa wax strips are very small. This means there is less chance for me to accidentally pull off half of my eyebrow. They are easy to cut apart and separate for use. The small size allows me to get it right beside my brow without getting too much. My outlook was better to take too little and have to use another strip than take off too much. I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt, because waxing doesn’t feel great. But it’s no different than going to the salon.

The final step is to apply the oil, which only take a minute and soothes your tender skin.

I was shocked at how quick and easy it was. I don’t need a lot of work on my brows. If I did, I might not think this was such a seamless process. Parissa might have made me a convert. I don’t need to go to get my eyebrows done all of the time when I can do it at home in just a few minutes!

Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Body Mist Review

inhibitif advanced hair body mist

I hate shaving more than most people, so anything that helps make shaving easier or less frequent is important. I tried the Inhibitif Body Mist to try to help reduce the look and feel of hair, so I don’t have to shave so often.

It’s easy to use Inhibitif once it becomes a part of your routine. Spray the mist on clean shaved or waxed skin twice a day. That’s all. You don’t have to rinse it off or handle messy creams. It’s fast and easy to spray on the mist. It even has a nice spiced smell that is kind of nice unlike other gross hair removal products. It is wet when you spray it on, but it dries quickly. You don’t need to wait hours to get dressed and move on with your day.

As I used the Inhibitif Body Mist on my legs, it didn’t actually take long before I started to notice a difference. I don’t have to shave my legs nearly as often. The hair on my legs seems to grow at half speed. I love not having to shave so much.

Sugar Moon Salon: The Pain & Glory Of My First Sugaring


I had heard about Sugar Moon Salon and sugaring for a long time, but never taken the plunge. The whole idea of waxing was scary, but sugaring was supposed to be easier. The name sounds nicer at least.

Sugaring is when a trained technician uses a warm ball of sugary paste to remove your hair anywhere you want on your body. Sugar Moon Salon is the place to go in Toronto for sugaring. These ladies are supposed to be the best at getting the smoothest skin. So I made my appointment.

Walking in to Sugar Moon, I have to admit that I was nervous. I hate getting waxed more than the average woman, but not enough to stop doing it. I don’t know why I insist on putting myself through this pain. When I opened the door, I was met by the nicest spa receptionist that I have ever met. She made me feel instantly relaxed as I took of my shoes and waited surrounded by candy coloured walls.

My Sugarist, Cricel, greeted me with a smile and led me downstairs to the room of doom. I was nervous and my stomach in knots while I waited. Cricel was the best though! She explained the whole process to me and how sugaring works, the pain I could expect and the aftercare needed. She didn’t start until she was sure that I was ready.

I have to admit, if people tell you sugaring doesn’t hurt as bad as waxing, they are lying. Sugaring hurts! Badly! But Cricel made it all better. She was my lifesaver. She cracked jokes with me. She distracted me with jokes and stories and we talked about my dinner plans. She made this horribly painful experience actually enjoyable. Once we were done, and I was upstairs waiting to pay, she even gave me a Sugar Moon dark chocolate bar to make it all better.

My skin was a little sore for the rest of day, like she told me to expect, but I made another follow up appointment for a month later. I never do that. I always wait to make my appointment and then “forget”.

Despite all of the pain, Sugar Moon is my new go to spa and I actually can’t wait for my next appointment.